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How to Create a WhatsApp Ecommerce Store Website with WordPress


The Ecommerce experts will tell you that the average conversion rate of a successful online shop (especially the small shopify/woocommerce store) range from 2 to 5%. To an average Joe that is a great mile stone worth aiming for; which is not the case.

What that simply mean is that for every 100 prospective customers that goes to an online shop, only less than a quarter ends up buying an item from the shop.

Shocking right???

The bitter message that the Ecommerce experts are indirectly trying to pass is that most online shop owners finds it difficult to make sales…this is due the fact that most online shop owners have chosen to run their online shop the automated way.

Despite the laser targeted traffic from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads etc and the low ticket items sold on the small online shops, only a handful of potential customers ends up purchasing an item.

Current statistics also put shopping cart abandonment at 70% across the whole web. This means out of 100 potential customers that add products to their cart, more than 70 of them leave without transacting on the store.

You may likely wanna ask, why is the conversion rate of most online shops (especially the Shopify dropship stores) very low???

The simple answer is that, many people have trust issues when it comes to online shopping.

When shopping online, many people are concern about factors like losing money to the scammers, exposing their credit card details to the hackers, concerned about quality of products, concern about shipping speed etc

In addition to the above aforementioned fact, generally, people love buying from people they trust!.

This is one truth you need to be aware of before launching your online shop.

Trust is the critical factor in any business transaction.

Most people often ask one question from the very first time they land on an Ecommerce website:

Can I trust this Ecommerce website owner?

Unfortunately majority of the online shop owners are not able to answer the above question because they are busy lying on their couch eating cookies and waiting for alert from PayPal (after creating their online shop).

Creating a conversion optimized website like Amazon with top quality images, SSL security and product descriptions written by the most experience copywriter with moneyback guarantee, won’t still guarantee you a 12% conversion rate if people don’t trust your online shop (brand).

Listen up!

Amazon, Walmart etc are able to make tons of sales per hour, thanks to their millions of affiliate marketers who work tirelessly marketing their products, building trust on their behalf and referring ready made customers to Amazon for a commission of their sales….without which the conversion rate of Amazon and other well known online shops will also be low.

Now consider capturing the 90% percent that abandoned cart and managing to convert even half of them? your sales will bring Christmas everyday.

Creating a WhatsApp Ecommerce Store will enable you to connect with prospective customers, gain their trust and answer any question that would have caused them to abandon cart. This will increase your online shop conversion rate to more than 60 percent and make it easy for you to grow your brand.

Connecting with your customers via WhatsApp, is like pushing the cart of your customers, guiding them on what to buy and proposing alternatives/complements while they shop at your supermarket. With this kind of intimacy, 80% will definitely buy something from your online shop.

And to make it easy for you to achieve an 80% store conversion rate, i will create you a conversion optimized WhatsApp Ecommerce Store Website with WordPress WooCommerce plugin which you can use to sell any product online.

With over a billion WhatsApp users worldwide, there’s a high probability that majority of your target customers (between the ages of 16 to 65yrs old) already have WhatsApp installed on their smartphone and won’t have any issue with placing orders on your Ecommerce website via WhatsApp.

My goal is to take you closer to your customers for them to easily connect with you and place an order after which your success will be determine by your communication skill.

Below are the WhatsApp Functionalities that i will add to your WhatsApp Ecommerce website.

On your WhatsApp Ecommerce store, potential customers will be able to…

  • Place an order for specific (single) products via WhatsApp.
  •  Add products to their cart and send you the list of products they wish to buy at the check out page.
  •  Potential customers (website visitors) will be able to contact you to make inquiries about your products (i will place a sticky WhatsApp chat button on your WhatsApp Ecommerce website).
  •  I will place a WhatsApp chat button above or beneath your shop cart to enable potential customers to easily contact you if they have any doubt. Most customers would like to ask pre-purchase questions before buying products and sometimes just a little doubt can cause a prospective customer to change his or her mind and abandon cart).Sometimes customers want to buy many products and would request a quote and ask for discounts.. and they need to get informed as soon as possible.
  • You will be able to place WhatsApp chat button any where in your product description using short codes.
  •  By using WhatsApp on your Ecommerce website, you will be able to build a contact list of millions of customers which you can retarget later to sell your products or related products. I will install a WhatsApp plugin on your WhatsApp Ecommerce website that will enable you to send bulk WhatsApp messages and marketing materials to your WhatsApp contact list. With 1.3 billion people actively using WhatsApp to communicate on a daily basis, you can leverage WhatsApp to grow your business within a short time frame.

By doing WhatsApp marketing, you stand a high chance of making your products or services go viral and get potential customers as your customers can share with family and friends.

  • I will also place a WhatsApp share button on your site so that your customers can easily share your products to friends and families as well as WhatsApp groups.
  •  Apart from WhatsApp functions, i will also add Facebook functionalities (Facebook chat, share) on your site to completely transform your Ecommerce website to a social shop to ensure that no customer leaves without connecting with you.
  •  I will install a social cart abandonment plugin on your WordPress Ecommerce website so you can retarget the handful of customers who abandoned cart without sending their order.
  • I can also install social proof Woocommerce review plugin on your WhatsApp Ecommerce site to enable your customers to leave product reviews with photos. This will greatly boost the conversion rate of your WhatsApp Ecommerce website.

Its often said that only less than 10% of customers come back to leave review on most online shop…BUT this isn’t the case with the WhatsApp Ecommerce store.

By selling products and services via WhatsApp you can make any of your customer to leave a feedback about your product and your customers can easily send you photos.

  • WhatsApp notification is also the best way to give customers information about their order. Example – if after purchasing your favorite product, you would receive a custom text message right away including personal thanks and the information that your purchase has been successful, you know what would happen? A careful touch will greatly increase customer’s trust towards the company.
  •  With WhatsApp functionalities on your Ecommerce website, you can easily grow your social media audience range as you can easily tell your customers to like your Facebook page and follow your brand on Instagram.
  • I will also tell you the things you need in order to be able to communicate effectively with your customers via WhatsApp.
    ***How to install WhatsApp on your PC via Bluestacks for effective communication.
    ***How to collect payments via PayPal
    ***How to receive credit card payments with this business model
    ***Don’t know how use WhatsApp for business??? there are $12 there courses on Udemy that will enable you to master the WhatsApp App overnight.
  •  I can also help you to get a US WhatsApp number if you wish to target US audience.
  •  I can also show you how to use WhatsApp contact button when advertising on Facebook.
  •  I can also be your virtual assistant and help you run targeted Facebook ads and grow your brand.

Note: If you want anything extra Feature which is not listed here please feel free to contact me.

Summarily, I want you to bear in mind that I’m not only ready to create you a WhatsApp Ecommerce Store, but also willing to work with you as a virtual assistant to grow your online shop in to a 6 figure business.

Take the first step towards creating your first 6 figure brand, by creating your WhatsApp Ecommerce website today.

As somebody who has been using WhatsApp for business for more than 3 yrs now, i can authoritatively say that a WhatsApp Ecommerce website is the best way for anybody to start an online shop and quickly grow it in to a reputable 6 figure brand within a short time.

Using this WhatsApp Ecommerce model, i have sold my services to lots of clients and collected sensitive info and payments without any of them ever hearing my voice or see what i look like. This is because i was able to gain their trust via effective WhatsApp communication.

As an Ecommerce website owner, you don’t expect people who don’t have any info about your online shop to buy items which cost more than $50. This explains why most of the so called winning products are low ticket items as people are willing to risk that amount.

To ensure that your customers have complete trust when it comes to spending their money on your products, you need credibility.

Once your online shop is well known, you can then switch to the automated system as potential customers will no longer have trust issues when shopping on your Ecommerce website.

Enough of all this TALKING TALKING TALKING, if you are ready to take action today, send me message and let’s talk about your future.

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