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How to get a bigger butt, hips and breast with Flabelle Body Enhancement Syrup


Wondering how to get a big/bigger butt, hips and breast??? Looking for the best body enhancement product in Cameroon that can increase the size of your boobs, hips and buttocks with zero side effect??? if yes, then this article was specifically written for you.

Even though a handful of men will never agree, butt, hips and boobs are the 3 female assets which attract men (to the opposite sex) more than any other asset (legs, hair, height etc). And the women who were naturally endowed with big buttocks, hips and breast, are eye candy to the 21st century men hence they often receive tons of compliments from them and easily attract thousand of followers on Instagram, likes and comments on their Facebook posts.

The women with the attractive assets don’t also find it difficult to attract and retain men in a relationship as most men view them as full package.

If you weren’t born with big butt, hips and breasts, you don’t need to envy the ladies who were naturally endowed with those assets OR allow them to snatch your man.

Nowadays there are very effective body enhancement products in Cameroon that will increase the size of your breast, hips and butt (within a short time frame) so you can achieve the look you’ve been craving for without countless hours in the gym or going for expensive body enhancement surgery.

Body enhancement products are an affordable and easy way to get the look you crave for with NO SIDE EFFECT i.e. they will enhance your butt, hips and breast naturally, without you experiencing the side effects associated with body enhancement surgeries.

In this post, I’m going to introduce you to Flabelle Body Enhancement Syrup; which is currently the Number 1 best selling body enhancement product in Cameroon (as of January, 2021).

Flabelle Body Enhancement Syrup will make your dream of getting a fuller Brazilian bum and big firm boob, come true within a short time frame!.

One of the reasons why Flabelle Body enhancement Syrup is highly sought after by Cameroonian ladies and customers worldwide, is the fact that, it is a 4 in 1 body enhancement product i.e. it contains natural ingredients that will enhance your butt, hips, breast and also glows your skin. So we can also call it a body enhancement and beauty product; a must have for any lady who wish to look as sexy as a screen goddess; the type that will make guys halt their discussion when passing by.

Simply put, Flabelle body enhancement syrup will plumps your rear to encourage a beautiful butt that’s soft & supple, enable you to have big perky boobs and ultimately make your skin glow, so you can get a smooth & flawless stretch mark free butt….so you can love how you look even more.

Another interesting thing about the Flabelle body enhancement syrup, is the fact that it will only enhance your boobs, hips and buttocks without you gaining weight in untargeted areas like the stomach.

It is strictly a butt, hips and boobs enlargement syrup.

Stop worrying about flabby, sagging, and flat buttocks and small boobs. All you need, to get the butt, hips and boobs, which you have been craving for, is Flabelle body enhancement syrup. It will give you the curves you want, make your butts and boobs look bigger, sexier and more beautiful.

You no longer need to wear artificial butt lifter shapewear thanks to the availability of Flabelle body enhancer syrup.

Nowadays beauty and sexiness has become a commodity i.e. if you were not born with the enhanced/attractive features seen in Nicky Minaj, the Kardashians, Blanche Bailly, and the Instagram models or video vixens, you can use your money to get those assets.

Do you think you can’t become a model or music video vixen in Cameroon because of your small boobs and flat buttocks??? Are you struggling to attract the attention of your dream guy or wish to receive tons of likes on your Facebook and Instagram posts and attract followers/get compliments from friends??? No worries! Flabelle body enhancement syrup will give you the look you have been craving for in just two weeks with no side effect. So you don’t need to get a boob job (breast augmentation) or undergo body enhancement surgery which often presents life threatening side effects.

Flabelle body enhancement syrup improves flabby, sagging or flat buttock, enables you to get a bigger firm buttock and effectively shapes the hip line to create a confident and beautiful look…. without you spending up to a quarter of the money other people are spending on body enhancement surgery and skin tightening.

How to Use Flabelle Body Enhancement Syrup to get a Bigger, Firm butt, Hips and Boobs.

Flabelle body enhancement regiment is very simple and straight forward.

Take one tea spoon of the body enhancement syrup early in the morning, one hour before you take your breakfast.



Simply put, when you get up in the morning, just take one table spoon and wait for about one hour before you go and take your breakfast.

So all you need to do to get a bigger butt, hips and breast, is by taking 1 table spoon of Flabelle body enhancement syrup following the procedures mentioned above.

You just need to take one tablespoon per day.

After two weeks of using the body enhancement syrup, you will observe changes in your body and start receiving compliments from close friends and family.

How does Flabelle Body Enhancement Syrup taste like???

Contrary to what you think, its not bitter!

Flabelle Body enhancement syrup has a sweet pleasant taste (but not too sweet)…so you can take your body enhancement syrup with a smiling face.

How to use Flabelle Butt Enhancement Cream (massage lotion)

Flabelle body enhancement syrup is frequently bought together with the butt enhancement cream; which enhance your bottom curve and effectively shapes the hip line to create a round and beautiful looking butt.

To use the butt enhancement cream, all you need to do, is to apply a generous amount of the butt enhancement cream on the butt evenly, and massage for 1-3 minutes until it is absorbed fully.

So if you don’t only want to get a big backside but also want to give your butt that nice, round fit shape, I strongly recommend you buy the body enhancement syrup together with the butt enhancement cream (complete set).

How Long Does it take to get result with Flabelle Butt, Hips and breast enhancement Syrup???

Like i mentioned earlier, it will take about 2 weeks (of consistent use) for you to see result.

However the time it may take to get result may vary from one person to another due to difference in our skin types and body system hence some people may see result earlier than others i.e. what may work for you in two weeks, may work for me in one month.

Nevertheless, after two weeks, you will start seeing result no matter how resistant your body is.

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The manufacturer has warned against using their body enhancement product together with weight loss products (like slimming tea) as these products may affect the potency of the body enhancement syrup.

Will the Size and shape of my butt, hips and boobs return back to normal size after i have stopped taking Flabelle body Enhancement Syrup ???

No ! the result is irreversible i.e. after you have gotten the hips, butt and boob size you want, you just need to stop taking the body enhancement syrup.

How many bottles of body enhancer syrup do i need to get my desired result???

The number of bottles you will need will depend on the size of butt and boobs you want. After taking a bottle of the body enhancement syrup, if you are not satisfied, buy an additional bottle and keep following the body enhancement regiment till you have gotten the result you want.

After you have received compliments from almost all your friends and most of your jeans don’t fit you anymore, then its time to stop LOL.

Can Pregnant Women also take Flabelle Body Enhancement Syrup???

Pregnant women are not allowed to take Flabelle Body Enhancement Syrup (only after they have put to birth and are no longer breast feeding their child)

Body enhancement syrup side effects

One of the frequently asked questions about Flabelle Body enhancement syrup is, What are the side effects of Flabelle Body enhance syrup???. This is  a question i always encourage my audience to ask before buying any product (whether its from a reputable or unknown brand).

Flabelle butt, hips and breast enhancement syrup (as well as the butt enhancement cream) has been tested and confirmed safe with no side effect. The tons of positive feedback from existing customers, is enough evidence to erase every doubt from your mind.

What is the price of Flabelle Body enhancement syrup and butt enhancement cream (Body enhancement set )???

Contact Flabelle on WhatsApp to get the price.

Where to buy Flabelle Body Enhance Syrup in Cameroon.

Flabelle (the manufacturer of Flabelle Body Enhancement syrup and butt enhancement cream) is a Cameroonian brand  based in Douala, Cameroon, with distributors in major cities of Cameroon hence its very easy to get a bottle of the body enhancement syrup in Cameroon.

Flabelle also has distributors in Nigeria (precisely in Abuja), so Nigerians can easily buy Flabelle Body Enhancement Syrup and butt enhancement cream without paying shipping fees (From Cameroon) and custom duties.

Does Flabelle Ship their Body Enhancer Syrup World Wide???

Yes Flabelle ships their body enhancement product worldwide via DHL. However customers are responsible for the cost of shipping and the payment of custom duties in their respective countries.

Contact Flabelle on WhatsApp to get the cost of shipping, if you are outside of Cameroon and Nigeria.

Below is a screenshot; which shows a customer in USA, confirming that she received her body enhancement syrup and butt enhancement cream on time.

What are you waiting for??? You’re the only one stopping yourself from having that butt and hips of your dream.

All you need, to get the sexy body you have been craving for, is Flabelle body enhancement set.

If you are Mrs Doubting Thomas, get a bottle of the body enhancement syrup and become the next marketer (you won’t stop wondering how nice looking your butt and boobs have become) and keep recommending it to your friends.

Below is a YouTube video which shows Flavine (CEO of Flabelle brand) educating prospects about the benefits of the body enhancement syrup. Watch video below.

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