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How to Start Mini Importation Business in Cameroon [Import from China to Cameroon]


Are you considering starting a mini importation business in Cameroon in 2022?

Do you want to make tons of money without much stress doing mini importation business online in Cameroon from the comfort of your home using your Android phone or laptop?

Are you employed but still looking for a side hustle that can boost your monthly income and you think mini importation can help?

Looking for free mini importation training in Cameroon???

Maybe you have joined many mini importation WhatsApp groups with a hope of acquiring this highly relevant knowledge but didn’t succeed or couldn’t afford the fee charged by the Cameroonian mini importation gurus for their masterclass??? or maybe you are already a sub mini importer in Cameroon but wants to learn how to buy directly from the manufacturers in China.

If you fit in to any of the categories mentioned above, then cheers, you are finally at the right place.

In this a-z of mini importation guide for Cameroonians, I will to take you step by step on the process of starting a mini importation business in Cameroon. This mini importation guide is completely free.

So at the end of this article, you will be able to successfully buy products online and ship to Cameroon from the comfort of your home.

Gone are the days when importers had to travel abroad to buy goods to sell in Cameroon.

They will spend tons of money to pay flight from Cameroon to Nigeria,China,Gabon and other places just to buy goods in person and still pay for the goods to be transported to Cameroon.

Nowadays you don’t need to do that.

You can simply order goods online at cheap prices and get them shipped to Cameroon from the comfort of your home. So the money you would have spent on transportation can be used to buy more goods.

In this article, you will learn how to import your first batch of products with very little capital and how to market them “sharp sharp” online.

So are you ready for this life changing lesson??? Ok let’s get started!

Before delving in to the main topic, let me first of all begin by explaining what mini importation is all about for the benefit of Cameroonians who are hearing about it for the first time.

Mini importation stems from the term IMPORTATION, which can be defined as an act or instance of bringing in goods into Cameroon from other countries with the aim of selling them in Cameroon and making good profits.

There are two types of importations which include MINI AND MACRO importation.

Macro importation is what most Cameroonians are aware of, hence when somebody says my brother or sister is an importer, the mental image that first comes to our mind, is a business man with tons of cash who often import a container load of goods from USA, China, Turkey, Germany, UAE and other countries to sell in Cameroon at whole sale.

…but what most Cameroonians don’t know is that importation can also be done in a small scale and we call this type of importation, MINI IMPORTATION.

Mini importation practically involves buying products in small quantities from other countries to sell in Cameroon with the aim of making good profits.

You can buy (in small scale) items like hair extensions, clothes, shoes, bags, wrist watches, wigs, kiddies stuff, kitchen utensils, household gadgets, electronics etc at cheap prices and sell in Cameroon at huge prices thereby making more than 200% profit.

Yes, you can also describe mini importation as the 200% profit business.

So importation is importation whether it be MINI or MACRO… and no matter the type you choose to engage in, you are sure of making 200% profit as you would be buying directly from the manufacturers abroad at very cheap prices.

From the above definition you can see that anyone in Cameroon can be an importer.

You don’t need to go to a professional school or acquire license from the government to start mini importation in Cameroon. And apart from custom duty (which is included in the cost of shipping), you won’t be expected to pay any other tax to the government as a mini importer.


In mini importation, majority of the work (including custom clearance) is done by the shipping companies and you (the mini importer) after ordering your products from the manufacturers, just need to pay the shipping fee to collect your =goods when they arrive Cameroon and start marketing online or offline. Yes! this is just what the mini importation business is all about.

As you can see, importation is not just a game for the dons and millionaires or a business for the genius or logistics experts.

So don’t let anyone deceive you that you need tons of cash to become an importer in Cameroon OR need to obtain an authorization from the government in order to start importing products to sell. It is a calculated attempt to keep you where you have always been that is why no one ever told you this truth. If only you knew this 3 years ago, I promise you, you would have transcended to the next level all along.

But somebody may likely want to ask, IS MINI IMPORTATION STILL RELEVANT IN CAMEROON IN 2022???

The simple answer is YES!

There are tons of reasons why many Cameroonians are now increasingly engaging in mini importation business in 2022. Some of the reasons include;

  • The desire to make 200% profit stress-free

Somebody may likely say that “i have been buying products from Douala and making good profit, why should i waste money by trying to import products to sell in Cameroon.

Listen up.

You can easily make more than 200% profit if you engage in mini importation.

So if you are a retailer in Cameroon and really want to make profit stress-free or increase your profit margin easily, then mini importation would be a great boost to your business.

Most retailers in Cameroon often go to Douala to buy products in whole sale from the macro importers but end up struggling to make even a 300frs profit from the products… and this is because some selfish MACRO importers in Douala do buy products at very cheap prices (per piece) from China, Turkey, Germany, USA and other countries…but sell the products to the buy and sellams (retailers) in Cameroon at prices that makes it very difficult for them to make a huge amount of profit.

In fact in Cameroon most business transactions appear like tug of war between the sellers and the buyers as most sellers often spend huge amount of time trying to persuade buyers to purchase a product a particular price (last price) in order to make little profit. This explains why the Cameroon markets are very noisy.

The Macro importers in Douala set their prices without wondering how the buy and sellams will make their own profit…and since most retailers in Cameroon are not aware of the mini importation business, they just need to dance to the tunes of the MACRO importers and keep engaging in a tug of war with their customers.

In Cameroon, its very common to see business people fall out with their customers after a tough bargain. Some will end up insulting their customers or make statement like, YOU THINK SAY I TIF THIS PRODUCTS??? as they get angry over the low offer that customers make for their products.

Listen my bro or sis!!!

When you engage in mini importation, you will get items at very cheap prices directly from the manufacturers abroad and set moderate prices for your items thereby making 200% profit without headache. At the end of your business transactions, your customers would be happy and you, happier. This will cause them to to keep ordering products from you. MORE CUSTOMERS=MORE MONEY.

  •  Mini importation gives you the opportunity to become a monopolist.

In Cameroon its very common to hear people who want to start a retailing business say that they are looking for a unique hot selling product to sell.

If you are a successful business man in Cameroon, somebody who wants to start a business in Cameroon may have approached you asking GRAND SOEUR/FRERE NA WHICH KIND THING WAY I FIT START SELLAM WAY E NO TOO COMMON BUT E DI SELL FAST????

The truth is that if you are not an importer, you can’t get a unique product to sell in Cameroon as most retailers in Cameroon buy from the same MACRO importers in Douala and the MACRO importers determine what is sold in our markets as they are the ones who source and import products in to Cameroon. This explains why everything that is sold in our markets looks similar…cuz they are all buying from MR X,Y and Z in Douala.

Starting a mini importation business in Cameroon, gives you the privilege to carve out a niche for yourself as you would be able to select and import unique hot selling products that you can easily sell in Cameroon and at a good price since you don’t have any/many competitor(s).

Other retailers would be like, “WHERE IS THIS GIRL/BOY getting these charmy products and she’s even selling them at affordable prices. NO BE JUJU BE THIS??? LOL

Except they go Gambe house, dem no go ever know where you di buy your products.

As a mini importer, you will be able to handpicked unique hot selling products at extremely cheap prices from China, Turkey, USA etc and this will give you the privilege to sell the products stress free with 200% profit since you bought them at peanut prices directly from the companies …and still sell your goods faster than the retailers sourcing products from the MACRO importers in Douala.

Carving out a niche for yourself is one of the fastest way to easily increase your profits with little to no extra effort.

  •  Mini Importation is relevant as it also serves as a starting point for every Macro importer i.e. you can’t just start a huge scale importation business…by importing a full container load of a particular product(s).

As a wise importer, you begin by importing samples (few pieces of the items and this is mini importation).

Why do you need to import samples???

* To check the quality of the products and determine how much profit you can make
* To determine if you would be able to sell the products (let me explain this below) or check the salability of items (TO TEST THE PRODUCTS IN THE CAMEROON MARKET).

Before engaging in large scale importation in a particular product, you need to test samples of the product in the Cameroon market.

And one of the ways you can assess the level of demand of a particular product, is by running Facebook ad for the product and see how people will react. If many people are asking how they can get the product, then you know the product is saleable or there’s demand for the product.

Running Facebook ads for product testing will cost you 10k. Some people may find this expensive but just 10k will prevent you from spending hundreds of thousands on products that will get stuck in your hand.

Start small by doing mini importation and scale up the business if you notice the demand for the product is high.

So hear me and hear me very well, you that is listening to me now, you can become an importer in the next 7 days.

I’m sure at this juncture you are almost scratching off your wig and wondering how much it would cost you to start engaging in mini importation business in Cameroon.

I bet you probably think you need to have hundreds of thousand to start mini importation business in Cameroon. Trust me, that’s not the case anymore. Starting an importation business in Cameroon does not cost lots of money.

You’ll be surprised that with as low as 50,000frs CFA you can become a mini importer and start making 6 figures within few months doing mini importation in Cameroon. Yes!, You just need to be educated about this business and go about it the right way and in this free guide, you’ll learn how to start mini importation business in Cameroon. And most importantly what’s required to be successful at it.

Another thing I must tell you is that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme like MMM where you put in 50,000 frs CFA and expect 800,000 frs CFA the next week.

Of course you can easily become a millionaire doing mini importation but this won’t happen overnight OR without you doing any work. Its a gradual process and requires hard work.

So, if you’re the type who is lazy and looking for a get rich quick opportunity, please stop reading, close the window now and go continue with what you were doing.

This is a REAL business guys. A business that can take you from zero to being a hero if you put in to practice the information in this article.

Ok without any further delay, let’s get down to business.

Fasten your seat belt and adjust your seat properly for the real deal.

How to Import products from China to Cameroon

Like i mentioned earlier, in this article I’m going to focus on how to import products from China to Cameroon.

You probably might be scratching your head right now and thinking why China? Well, China is the number one source for hot and fast selling products around the world.

On the contrary, most Cameroonians think products from China are always inferior (low grade or doesn’t last long).

Seriously, that’s very far from the truth.

Please look around you’ll bet 80% of the product around you are either manufactured or assembled in China. Your flat screen, phones, generator, freezers even the popular Apple products are all coupled in China.

The fake Chinese products that have flooded Cameroon markets today were imported by selfish Macro importers who specifically buy very low grade products from China and easily ship them to Cameroon since the country has an ineffective/corrupt quality control (QC) department.

The China mini importation websites that I’m going to recommend you buy products from, contains 90% quality products hence you won’t buy low grade products…and in addition to that, the china sites for mini importation, have a review feature which enables customers to leave their feedbacks about the products on the sites. By reading the feedbacks from previous customers, you can determine the quality of the products.

If a product has low ratings or previous buyers are complaining about a product, then its not a good product to import as you will also receive a similar complain from your customers.

As a credible mini importer, its always important that you strike a balance between quality and price. Don’t buy and import a particular product just because its cheap and you think would be able to make 800% profit.

Of course if you import low quality products that you bought at extremely cheap prices, you would be able to sell them at give away prices in Cameroon…but one thing you should be aware of is that you won’t be successful in business as you will find it difficult to build a customer base.

Listen to this!

The success of a business lies in your customer base. How large is your customer base???

A customer can simply be defined as somebody who regularly buy stuffs from you…and the primary thing that will gain you customers, is the quality of your products.

If your products are not of good quality, no matter how nice you treat your customers (even if you like give people food when they come to your shop), they will not order products from you the second time and many will end up returning your items for a refund and if you refuse to collect, the business transaction will end in the police.

So to avoid any headache in business and easily build a huge customer base, I strongly recommend you buy strictly from the mini importation websites that I’m going to recommend in this article.

You will not only buy quality products from the mini importation websites but also at very cheap prices.

Requirement For Starting A Profitable Mini Importation Business in Cameroon.

Just like any other business, the mini importation business has its own requirements…but thank God the requirements are very basics.

Below are the basic requirements…

1) A personal computer (PC) or mobile phone.

Like i mentioned earlier, in this article, I’m going to show you how to market any product effectively using internet marketing hence you will need a laptop or a smart phone in order to engage in internet marketing.

2) Fast internet Network – Modern, Mifi etc.
Nowadays internet connection in Cameroon is very fast so this will not be a barrier to anybody who wish to start a mini importation business in Cameroon.

MTN arguably offers the fastest and reliable internet connection in Cameroon.

Nexttel 3G which was formerly my first choice, has recently become epileptic…going on and off like Eneo electricity.

3) A valid email address.

You will will need a valid and accessible email address which you will use to create an account on the china mini importation websites that you are going to be buying products from Cameroon.

It’s nothing difficult, if you can create your Facebook account then you should be able to create one with those too.

Once you are done with the registration, you can start browsing around the mini importation websites and check for products you can buy and resell in Cameroon.

With an email address, you will also be able to receive notification from the China shipping companies and eCommerce websites regarding the state of your shipment.

4) Credit Card & PayPal account

You will need a credit card which you are going to be using to issue payment on the mini importation websites and also issue payment to your shipping agent (freight forwarder) and procurement agent in China.

You will also need a PayPal account to buy products from the China mini importation websites and to issue payments to shipping agents. Some suppliers and shipping agents accept payment via PayPal only. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily create one on the PayPal Cameroon website.

It should be noted that some manufacturers receive payment via Western Union. To pay via Western Union, you just need to send money to the companies and send proof of payment.

5) Alipay account…

Some China mini importation website (like accept payment via Alipay.
For those of you who don’t know, Alipay is like the Chinese version of PayPal.

I will write an article on how to create an Alipay account in Cameroon.

6) Some few cash to get started (as little as 50,000frs and above).

Just like any other legit business, mini importation business requires a capital.

Like i mentioned earlier, you can start mini importation with as little as 50k and still get a good quantity of items to sell in Cameroon. I’m going to show you how.

7) Translation Apps

The reason you need to download a translation App, is to translate the default Chinese language on the China mini importation websites to English.

It should be noted that some China mini importation website are solely in Chinese hence without translation Apps, you won’t be able to order products from the website since you don’t understand Chinese.

If you have a smartphone, i recommend you download the Google translate App from the Google Play Store. The Google Translate App will automatically translate the Chinese language on the site to English.

If what you have is a laptop, i recommend you download the Google Chrome translation extension. If you need step by step instruction on how to do this, WhatsApp me.

8) Facebook or Instagram Account (For internet/digital marketing).

Like i mentioned earlier, the strategy that almost every business man can use to make tons of sales effortlessly is via internet marketing (Facebook and Instagram ads to be precise).

For those of you who don’t know, Digital marketing means using digital channels and platform like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, YouTube and so on, to advertise your business to a targeted audience to simply get more visibility, sales and paying customers.

Nowadays, internet marketing is extremely profitable and cost effective.

An online seller can easily sell 10 times what a shop owner will sell in a day as their target customers are not only limited to the people living close to their shop but people located in any part of their city/country and the world at large. This means you can showcase your products to millions of potential customers per day and stand a chance to make hundreds of thousands per day.

And to be able to do internet marketing, you will need a Facebook and Instagram account as well as YouTube account.

If you are willing to engage in this business and start making hundreds of thousands per month, you need to buy your passcode to my mini importation masterclass article where i have provided a step by step procedure on how to start a mini importation business in Cameroon.

The passcode to the complete mini importation guide cost just 10000 frs CFA.

Below is the link to the article…

After you have purchased your PASSCODE, i will also answer any question related to mini importation in Cameroon.

I bet you, this would be the most profitable 5k that you will ever invest on anything.

Mind you, 10k is not up to the amount that you spend on your hair and nails on a monthly basis and also not up to the amount you spend on beer on a daily basis.

With just 10k you can get access to the life changing article and say good bye to poverty.

If you are willing to buy your passcode, just WhatsApp me and i will guide you on to issue payment.


  1. Hello madam this is not just a post but a master class.
    I once imported shoes from china through a friend who in china. When the shoes got to me in Bamenda l sold and made no profit because others were selling same shoes at a price that was equal or less than my importation cost.
    After reading your master piece I now have the courage to go back to my drawing board and start again. God blesssssssss you

  2. Hello Mr Solowayne…I’m interested in your importation guide but can’t seem to get to you via your WhatsApp

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