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Do you need to lose some weight?

Are you ready to look better and feel more confident? Well there is help and there is hope!

Gone are the days when registering at the gym was the only option for people who wish to lose weight.

Nowadays losing weight has been made easy thanks to the the availability of effective weight loss teas that makes it possible for us to lose weight stress free.

Simply put, with the weight loss teas (also known as metabolism boosters) you can lose weight without you doing any weight loss exercise hence it is the best option for people who wish to lose weight but don’t have time to go the gym.

It will surprise you to know that our weight loss tea yield result faster than the gym option.

Our 14 days weight loss tea has helped our customers to lose more kg within 14 days than their peers who are going to gym on a daily basis.

Below are some of the reasons why our 14 days weight loss tea is the best in the market

*** It puts your body in constant metabolism 24/7

Our 14 days detox weight loss tea boost metabolism 24/7 and causes your body to burn huge amount of calories (fat) on a daily basis thereby causing you to lose weight without you doing any weight loss exercise.

So you can lose weight while sitting in that office or sleeping on your bed all day hence our weight loss tea are for people who rarely engage in physical exercise due to their busy lifestyle.

For those of you who don’t know, Metabolism is the process by which the stored calories (fats) in our body is being broken down to release energy to our system whenever we engage in physical exercises or activities and this process causes us to lose calories (weight) as the fat in our body is being burn (broken down) to provide energy for the activities (physical exercises).

That is how the natural way of losing weight with physical exercise works or how the gym option works (that many people are familiar with).

Now how does the weight loss teas enable us to to lose weight without us doing exercises???

Our Weight loss tea contains metabolism boosting ingredients which stimulates metabolism in the body without us engaging in physical exercises…. and the weight loss teas keeps your body in metabolism mode for hours and this makes it seems as if you are engaging in high energy activities during that period even though you may be sitting in your office working on your computer or lying on your bed.

Our 14 days weight loss tea contain 9 highly potent ingredients that are heavily linked to metabolism boosting and this makes the tea far more effective than other weight loss teas in the market as it can put your body in metabolism mode for more than 16 hours making you to lose calories like an athlete who has been running the whole day restlessly.

You can now see why weight loss teas are very effective in burning down fats than weight loss exercises???

With the gym option, metabolism will only last for 2 hours or as long as you keep working out at the gym. When you are done with work out for the day, metabolism slows down.

But our weight loss tea keeps your body in constant metabolism through out the day even when you are not doing any exercise.

So after taking our 14 days weight loss tea, you will keep losing calories through out the day.

Just imagine the amount of calories you can lose within 24 hours.

And if you also work out while taking the tea, the result would be supper fast.

*** It  Increase energy level

The benefit of metabolism boosting is increase in energy level.

Like i mentioned earlier, during Metabolism, fats in the body is being broken down to release energy to the system and this boost the energy level in the body making you energetic through out the day.

When I started taking the 14 days detox weight loss tea, I notice that it gives me a lot of energy. In fact, I could run a whole laps at the field continuously. Unlike before, I can only ran half way then I have to just walk because I ran out of breath and energy.

You won’t experience any muscle cramp.

So after drinking 1 tea cup of our weight loss tea you will notice the following things

-Raised body temperature (sweating more or sweating more frequently)
-Increased energy level (you will feel very energetic)
-increased or more frequent feelings of hunger
-Experiencing better sleep
-Feeling stronger and more alert

Those are the tell-tale signs that indicates that metabolism is increasing and the fats in your body is being broken down.

*** Suppress Appetite…

Another thing about our 14 days weight loss tea that makes it super effective is the fact that it suppresses appetite.

We all know that a huge appetite is the greatest obstacle to our weight loss journey.

For us to be able to lose weight, our calories intake must be less than the amount of calories burnt during metabolism.

If you are taking in an amount of calories that is equal or greater than the number of calories burnt down during your metabolic activities in a day, you will find it difficult to lose weight.

So many Cameroonians go to the gym and burnt 300 calories during their work out session in a gym, only to return home to consume foods that gives them twice the amount of calories that they lose during their gym session hence they end up gaining weight instead of losing it.

Our weight loss tea will suppress your appetite while boosting your metabolism to provide your body with energy and these will enable you to carry out your daily activities feeling stronger and more alert during your weight loss journey.

It suppresses your appetite and you don’t feel weak or have cravings for food during your 14 days weight loss journey. I mean, you don’t feel weak like somebody who is starving.

I have personally used this tea….so i know exactly how it works.

When you get up in the morning, first thing you need to do is to take a tea cup of the weight loss tea. After you have taken the tea, you will notice that you don’t even have any desire for break fast and you can go the whole day feeling energetic due to increase in metabolism.

Because this weight loss tea works effectively as an appetite suppressant, you will consume very little amount of food during your 14 days weight loss journey and this help in the weight loss.

Even your cravings for juice and snacks will also reduce after taking the weight loss tea.

You can just be drinking water all day to stay hydrated and you would be fine.

*** Reduces fat absorption in the diet.

Another feature of our 14 days weight loss tea that makes it stand out in the market, is the fact that it also prevents the body from converting calories into fat during the 14 days weight loss journey.

So even the little quantity of food that you will eat during your 14 days weight loss journey won’t cause you to gain weight.

It should be noted that during my 14 days weight loss journey, i was eating on a daily basis but that didn’t have any effect on my body since my body was in constant metabolism during the 14 days.

With our 14 days weight loss tea, losing weight is a must.

  • *** It Detoxify

An added benefit of using our weight loss tea, is that it will detoxify your body, boost your immune system and make you less prone to sicknesses.

Detoxification refers to internal cleansing of the system.

Most Cameroonians are only concern about the external cleaning of the body like taking our bath and ensuring that we use the best skin care products but rarely detoxify our system (clean their internal system).

The beer we drink, juice, medicines, food we eat on daily basis and water we drink leave behind toxins in our body that causes sicknesses, hormonal imbalance and other health issues.

Some of this toxins are removed from our body via Urine and sweat….but that’s not even enough.

How often do you even engage in activities that makes you sweat???

Aside boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite for weight loss, our 14 days tea will also cleanse (detoxify) your system and make you less prone to sicknesses.

Some of our customers have also testified that our 14 days weight loss and detox tea has also reduce their sugar level.

Our weight loss tea is highly recommend to anyone needing help with their slow metabolism and detoxing all in ONE!

Looking for something to help you lose weight that also fit into my busy lifestyle???

Our 14 days detox weight loss tea was specifically designed for you and its super effective.

Why our 14 day weight loss tea is the best available in Cameroon

**** There’s no side effect associated with our 14 days weight loss tea as it was made from plants.

Unlike other weight loss teas in the market, While taking our weight loss tea, you won’t experience any stomach cramping, no running to the toilet, no headaches, no nausea, no heart racing.

It will only boost your metabolism and increase energy level, decrease your appetite, decrease craving for sweets, juice, snacks, and enable you sleep better.

You won’t experience any stomach issue hence its good for people with sensitive stomach.

The pack our 14 days detox weight loss tea have the name of all the ingredients included in the tea along with pictures of what the items look like.

You can google the name of the ingredients if you are still skeptical.

*** Our 14 days Weight loss tea is not a laxative tea.

This weight loss tea doesn’t contain senna leaves (a natural laxative) found in other weight loss tea that makes people to purge a lot (run to the toilet) and it doesn’t also cause you to pee a lot.

Before i took the first tea bag, i was nervous at first and afraid that I would be running to the bathroom. So I started it on a weekend since my job during the week would not allow me that privilege of running to a bathroom if needed. But I did not need to run to a bathroom which was nice.

So you can drink a cup of the weight loss tea and go to work like you normally do and feeling energetic.

**** Our 14 days weight loss tea was made from 9 potent herbs that keeps your body in metabolism mode for up to 16 hours causing your body to burn lots of calories during that period without you doing any exercise.

In other words our 14 days weight loss tea will enable you to lose weight without stress.

**** Our Weight loss tea doesn’t taste bad unlike other weight loss tea.

A major thing that I often look for in a weight loss tea is good taste because I am really not much of a tea drinker.

Our 14 days weight loss tea has a smooth taste and pleasurable to drink.

It tastes like herbs (not harsh and not sweet).

Unlike other weight loss tea, it won’t leave any bitter or sour aftertaste in your mouth after drinking.

However if you don’t like the taste, you can add lemon juice or local honey.

Don’t add sugar pls!

When i was taking the weight loss tea, I really didn’t add any sugar. I would heat up the water in the microwave and let the tea bag steep for 20 minutes. Once cooled down, I add a little honey or lemon juice. Most of the times, i add a little honey but even without it the taste is comforting.

In fact after drinking the tea for 3 days, you will become use to the taste and won’t see any need to add any sweetener.

It’s also gentle on your gut.

Frequently asked questions about our 14 days weight loss tea

How does the 14 days weight loss tea actually work???

This is the question that i get ask by most of my customers.

So many Cameroonians are skeptical about our weight loss tea.

They still can’t figure out how somebody can lose so much weight without exercise using a weight loss tea.

The 14-Day Detox Tea is designed to speed up Weight loss by boosting metabolism in the body which leads to increase in energy levels thereby enabling you to burn calories without you doing any weight loss exercise.

Its often said that we eat to live and this is because food provide our body with calories to enable us carry out our daily activity (for metabolism).

For those of you who don’t know, calories are the energy we get from food and “FAT” is excess calories stored in the body for future use (when need be).

When we consume more calories than our body can use for energy, the excess calories get stored in our body in the form of fat in your arms, your belly, face, your hips butt,, your neck etc causing an increase in the size of those areas.

So we can also describe fat as calories stored in the body for future use.

Eating lots of high calories food like carbohydrates and engaging in little exercise will cause fat (calories) to keep accumulating in your body till you become Obese.

Most Cameroonians faced with unnecessary weight gain, register with the gyms where they are engaged in routine weight loss exercises designed to boost metabolism and burn the excess calories fast. However some people are still unable to loss weight because they are unable to control their food intake and diet.

So how does our 14 days detox slimming tea makes it possible for you to loss weight without you engaging in any physical exercise???

The detox weight loss tea contains plants extracts which signals the body to produce two hormones’ (Epinephrine & norepinephrine).

These two hormones are often release by the body naturally during stressful situations and they work together in to increase blood flow throughout your body and they break down fat and increase blood sugar (glucose) levels to give your body more energy when doing high energy consuming activity like running, pounding, climbing etc.

The presence of the two hormones signals the system that the body needs more energy and this stimulate the breakdown of fats stored in the adipose tissue and this leads to reduction in excessive fat in the body (weight loss).

As you keep taking the 14 detox slimming tea, it will keep boosting metabolism and you will end up burning more calories than you take in thereby leading to reduction of the stored fats.

*** What amount of KG will i lose within 14 days???

Most of our customers have testified that they lose more than 5kg within 14 days.

So after 14 days of taking our weight lose tea consistently, most people who know you will start noticing a great change in your body and start asking question.

Our weight loss tea is super effective.

To lose weight extremely fast, you can also work out and do dieting while taking our weight loss tea.

Every time you drink the tea, you can workout for about 45 – 1hr or you can drink it before you go to the gym.

When i did that i couldn’t help but to notice I was sweating wayyyyy more than what I usually sweat ( figured it was the detox part)……. so along with the tea I began to work out and with working out, I began to diet (portion size all meals and only two meals a day and two snacks that are 100 calories or less).

Dieting simply mean that you should eat less carbohydrate and in small quantity during your 14 days weight loss journey.

*** Will the 14 days weight loss tea also cause me to lose weight at around the tummy???

Of course, our weight lose tea will burn down that stubborn tummy fat to enable you to have a flat tummy.

However you will achieve your goal after taking about 8 tea bags of our weight tea.

If you want to get rid of the tummy fat fast, you can buy the tea together with our miracle seed for weight loss.

A sachet of 100 miracle seed cost just 3500frs.

*** How does your weight loss tea taste???

While many weight loss teas available in Cameroon are very distasteful, our 14 days weight loss and detox tea is very inviting/desirable.

Our weight loss tea doesn’t have a bad taste hence drinking it won’t be a problem at all.

In fact after drinking it for 3 days consistently, you will get use to the taste.

Unlike other weight loss tea, it won’t leave any bitter or sour aftertaste in your mouth after drinking.

*** How many tea bags should i take per day???

A pack of our 14 days weight loss tea contains 14 tea bags meant to be taken during a period of 14 days.

Take 1 tea bag per day.

Pls don’t take more than 1 tea bag.

*** How many packs do i need to achieve to get a slim figure???

Depending on your current weight, most people will need 2 or 3 packs to achieve a slim body.

So if you want to achieve a slim body, you will need to engage in a 28 days weight loss journey.

No matter how fat you are, 3 packs would be enough for you.

*** How do i use the weight loss tea??

Put one tea bag of our weight loss tea in to a cup of hot water and let it steep for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, remove the tea bag from the cup and drink.

NOTE: Drink it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

The longer you let the tea bag steep in the hot water, the stronger it gets.

*** Does this weight loss tea causes one to purge or run to the toilet frequently???

Unlike other weight loss tea, our 14 days weight loss tea is not a laxative tea.

It won’t cause your to purge like other weight loss teas in Cameroon do.

*** What’s the price of your 14 days weight loss tea???

WhatsApp us to get the price.

Below are some of the benefits of weight loss

When you lose weight….

*** You will fit into those clothes you’ve kept in your wardrobe awaiting the day that your body will fit into them.
*** “You are looking sexier”. Those would be the EXACT words your spouse/partner will say to you when they see your body transformation.
*** Your fear of losing your spouse to that younger, slimmer sexy, attractive man/woman will be gone forever!
*** You will wear those short sleeve tops that draws attention to you and makes you feel like a show stopper!
*** You will wear any “body hug” dress without worrying if your belly is protruding or not!
*** Your complaints about your fat thighs, big tummy, Christian mother arms, will be gone forever and become a thing of the past!
*** You won’t be at risk of high cholesterol, hypertension, heart attack, infertility, stroke and excess body sweating.
​*** When next you attend a function, your friends, colleagues, extended families will be overtaken by surprise at your sudden body transformation and ask you… “How did you do it?”
​*** You will never ever have to shop for a bigger or plus size dress ever again!
*** You will look a lot younger and fitter and have a super attractive, perfect hour-glass figure that will make everyone who walks past you to turn around for a second look.

Another reason why weight loss is extremely important is because excess fat veils the beauty of a a human (especially the ladies) and make one look older especially the belly and face fat.

Tired of hearing girls far older than you call you Mami or grand soeur???

Do people often think you are lying about your age???

Do you get upset when people make fun of your belly…calling it pot belly, pregnant man etc. Weight loss is the ultimate solution to body shaming.

And if you still haven’t gotten the hour glass figure after weight loss, you can get our body enhancement products to put an icing on the cake.


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