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Blanche Bailly Secret Body Enhancement Products LEAKED – Get that Banging Body Now !


Blanche Bailly AKA Queen Mimba has long been labelled by some of her fans and bloggers as arguably the most sexy and curvy female artist in Cameroon with the most shaped body.

Many will quickly agree with that, but have you ever wondered why everything on her body just looks so perfect?? Her buttocks and hips look so gorgeous, breast now looks firm (no more saggy), her glowing skin, whitish teeth, hair, nails etc everything just looks excellent.

Was she naturally endowed with those assets which has made her a talking point amongst the male folks???

The simple answer is NO! Your girl actually worked on her body (not in the gym though) but using body enhancement products available in Cameroon.

In case you didn’t get me right, your curvy beauty queen, Blanche Bailly is looking this gorgeous today thanks to body enhancement products in Cameroon which help her acquire those assets.

This won’t come as a surprise to some of her fans who have been following her since the early days of her music career as well as her school mates.

It will surprise you to know that Blanche Bailly (AKA Queen Mimba) was just like an ordinary girl with a normal (less attention seeking) body that most guys wouldn’t look at twice when walking on the street i.e. her butt and hips weren’t that plump, boobs looked flat and her skin wasn’t glowing as it is now.

However in 2018, Blanche’s fans noticed an overnight transformation in the body of the singer as those assets started popping out…and this sparked rumor that she had undergone body enhancement surgeries as most of her fans were stunned by her overnight transformation.

In fact there was so much speculation surrounding her sudden body transformation in mid 2018.

Some bloggers alleged that she now had fuller breasts because she wore a foam bra to give more volume to her breast, others were of the opinion that she wore a regular bra, and added silicon beneath her breasts to make them appear fuller and other claimed she did a breast augmentation surgery.

However the allegation of breast augmentation surgery was ruled out by popular Cameroonian gossip blogger; Clarisse Ndinge of Beta Tinz who argued that if Queen Mimba had a boob job, she would have had to be on bed rest for some weeks to recover but this wasn’t the case as during the period of the sudden transformation, the singer was very active on her Europe tour doing performances, public appearances and press runs.

Nevertheless, just like most Cameroonians always say, THERE’S NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE AND THERE’S AN IOTA OF TRUTH IN EVERY RUMOR.

Blanche Bailly was actually using body enhancement products…and the singer even admitted that she has been working on her body.

In 2018 (when she began using body enhancement products and started seeing results), the singer published a throw back photo which clearly shows her stunning transformation from a slim girl to a curvy girl….and she wrote…

“My former look hehehe . I really hated my shape and structure and worked at all cost to get rid of it and be who I am today. I wanted to look more like my cousins.”.

Blanche Bailly used to have saggy boobs that most of fans used to make fun of (body shame her) and buttocks was not that big. But today, everything just looks perfect thanks to body enhancement products.

For those of you who don’t know, body enhancement products in Cameroon offers a safe and affordable way to achieve a banging body without going under the knife and without getting any side effects unlike body enhancement surgeries.

Body enhancement products in Cameroon includes products (like creams, supplements) that stimulates increase in buttocks, hips and breast size (those assets) giving a lady a sexy look. The slim ladies who wish to look curvy (like Queen Mimba) can also use weight gain products available in Cameroon.

How Blanche Bailly began her banging body journey with organic body enhancement products in Cameroon

Blanche Bailly began her banging body journey in early 2018 (like any ordinary Cameroonian lady) using body enhancement products that increased the size of her butt, hips and boobs.

Back then (in 2018), only a handful of Cameroonians (especially the Ajaja’s) knew about existence body enhancement products in Cameroon. What we were all aware of, was body enhancement surgeries and this explains why it didn’t occurred to many Cameroonians that Blanche Bailly could be using such products.

And by march 2018, Queen Mimba was able to achieve the curvy body she was craving for as her buttocks, hips and breast appeared big during that period.

Many of her fans and bloggers quickly took notice of the changes in the size of her buttocks, hips and breast.

This sparked rumour that she has undergone a plastic surgery to gain all the Boobs and butts as her Instagram pictures suggest her assets (especially her breasts) have grown bigger overnight.

However not everything looked good on Blanche Bailly new banging body as some of her haters (body shamers) were very quick to notice that even though her boobs appeared big, it was looking very saggy….and this became the focus of haters who gave so many names to her saggy boobs.

Some said her boobs were praying, some said it looked like slippers etc…

If you are a lady in Cameroon, then you already know what it means, when a guy tells you that YA BOBBI DON FALL!

You can read the weired reactions to Blanche Bailly saggy boobs via this link below…

The drama surrounding Blanche Bailly and her breasts started in March, 2018 after she posted a picture of her about to go on stage for a performance and people started reacting to the photo, saying that her breasts had fallen.

Popular Cameroonian social media influencer, Valery Atia went as far as publishing a photo on Facebook which shows the saggy boobs of Blanche Bailly and wrote…Na boobs or na bobbys this??? and this attracted so many comments with many of her followers also giving funny names to her boobs.

View the reactions of Facebook users below….

The post published by Valery greatly annoyed Blanche Bailly who reacted to the post saying …

“Body shaming in 2018 from a MAN who himself comes from a WOMAN and probably has SISTERS.
Definitely one of the most hilarious thing I’ve seen on the internet lately Na another form of promo too that i guess v We out here putting in work, doing our best for 237″.

It believed Blanch Bailly later  bought an effective breast firming product (creams) to make her breast look firm and perky in order to put an end to body shaming.

And it was money well spent as in 2022, body shaming has now become a thing of the past as Blanche Bailly is now regarded as the most sexy female artist in Cameroon and the body goal of every girl who wants to achieve a banging body.

But which body enhancement products did Queen Mimba actually used to achieve that banging body without going under the knife??? I know this is the question you are dying to have an answer to right now.

In this article i will reveal Blanche Bailly secret body enhancement products which transform her from a normal slim girl to the girl that’s turning heads wherever she goes.

Below is a list of some of the body enhancement products in Cameroon that we strongly believe Blanche Bailly use to achieve the banging body that almost every girl in Cameroon is craving for.

*** Ultimate Maca plus butt and hips enlargement pills

Queen Mimba began her body enhancement journey using an effective body enhancement product which increased her buttocks, hips and boobs within a space of 2 months.

*** Breast enhancement cream

After butt and hip enlargement product, her boobs was visibly larger but sagging and this made her a target for the bodyshamers who gave her boobs so many hilarious names.

Queen Mimba had to use breast enhancement cream to firm and plump her boobs.

*** Weight Gain supplement 

Blanche Bailly also used a weight gain supplement which increased her body size for her to be able to accumulate huge amount of fat around her butt and hips giving her the “thick” or curvy body.

*** Glutathione pills/injection (Vitamin C supplement)

Its alleged that Blanche Bailly also used Gluthathione pills/injection which is currently the safest whitening skincare product, highly sought after by Cameroonians who wish to get a glowing skin without facing any risk of damaging their skin or falling prey to the Njansa products in the market.

NOTE: Blanche Bailly is a fair lady, but with the Guthathione supplement she was able to brighten her skin.

And with the Glutathione pills/injection, any dark skin person can achieve a fair glowing skin within 14 days without experiencing side effects like dark knuckles, green veins, uneven skintone, stretch marks etc, which is associated with most cheap skin whitenning creams in Cameroon markets.

Ok those are the 5 body enhancement products that we believe Cameroon Afropop female artist; Blanche Bailly (AKA the Nicky Minaj of Cameroon) used to gain the banging body that many Cameroonian ladies are dying to have.

NOTE: This article is not intended to body shame Blanche Bailly, but to serve as an eye opener to the Cameroonian ladies who are still not aware of the secrets of achieving a banging body in 2022.

It will surprise you to know that 70 percent of the instagram models with banging bodies that you know, were not born with those assets.

So no matter how you look, with the body enhancement products you can give yourself what ever shape you desire.

What aspect of your body lowers your self esteem???

Is it that flat belly, small boobs, saggy boobs, flat buttocks that doesn’t fit well in jeans and other dresses, hip dips, slack/saggy butt, big belly, Acne, hairloss, stretch marks or what ever has kidnapped your self esteem or made you a target for the bodyshamers.

Rejoice my sister, your prayer has been answered!

Nowadays, there are body enhancement products in Cameroon that will give your body the desired shape and size you have been craving for and ultimately boost your self esteem (confidence).

WhatsApp Us if you are in need of body enhancement products and let’s help you start your own banging body journey this 2022 and by the end of this year.

Yes! it can also get this big and cause Grand P to start chasing after you

In this 2022, the beauty and sexiness has become a comodity…so if you weren’t born with those assets or wish to become like your favorite female celebrities in Cameroon, body enhancement products are what you need and has been the most guarded secrets of the banging body girls.

Come and let’s pimp you up. Let’s make you the baddest girl in the neighboorhood, school, campus etc.

Rush now before you hear sold out as the rush is real.

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