How to Apply & Get a Credit Card in Cameroon from Home with an ID only

Wondering how to get a credit card in Cameroon for online shopping or pay for an online subscription, but don’t have time to go to a bank and spend hours there just to get a credit card??? Or may be you don’t have 50,000frs to open an account with a bank in Cameroon in order to be issued a credit card (Visa or Mastercard)???

Does the long list of requirements for obtaining a visa or mastercard prepaid card from the banks intimidates you or is frustrating???

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then this article was specifically written for you.

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to get a credit card in Cameroon from the comfort of your home.

In case you didn’t get what i just said…

In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can sit on the couch in your parlor or lie on your bed with your pajamas and apply for a credit card and get it delivered to you same day, for you to start shopping online or paying for an online subscription service like Netflix and for Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc.

Nowadays (in 2021) getting a credit card in Cameroon (for online shopping, payment of online subscriptions, services and PayPal verification and withdrawal) is now one of the easiest things anyone can do in Cameroon.

With close competitors (of the banking service) like MTN and Orange Mobile money services gaining grounds in Cameroon by the day, the banks in Cameroon are now involved in a tug of war as they are now dragging clients with the Mobile Money service providers as most Cameroonians find it very easy to create a MoMo or Orange money account than opening a bank account and they prefer issuing payment for products and services via Mobile Money due to the inaccessibility of credit cards owing to the high requirements set by the banks in Cameroon.

To win the fierce thug of war with the Mobile Money service providers, most banks in Cameroon have reduced their requirements for opening a bank account and obtaining a prepaid card in order to gain more clients and stay in business.

I remember, in the 2017, i had to provide the following documents in order to get a prepaid card from the UBA bank..

  • A photocopy of your National Identity card (ID card).
  • A Photocopy of your birth certificate.
  • 4 passport size photographs (taken on red background).
  • A photocopy of one of your utility bills like electricity bill, water bill or any bill that clearly indicates your house address.
  • 12,000 frs (card issuance fee) i.e. in other words, it will cost you just 10,000frs to obtain the UBA Africard visa card.

In addition to the long list of requirements, i had to fill an application form, which made me felt like i was writing an exam LOL…and also draw a Localization plan.

Nowadays the procedures to get a credit card for online shopping/payments in Cameroon is very simple and hassle free.

Nowadays, to get a UBA prepaid visa card from the UBA partners, all you need to provide, is a photo or photocopy of your Cameroon National ID card, Email, Phone Number and House Address.

After you have provided the above documents, a prepaid card will be issued to you within 20 minutes without you filling any application form.

This simply means that you can now apply for a prepaid card in Cameroon while sitting on the couch in your parlor or lying on your bed….and your prepaid card will be created (within 20 minutes) by the UBA partners and delivered to your house for you to start shopping on any online shop of your choice or pay for any service or subscriptions online. OR you can go to their office to pick up the credit card if you are located in the same city as the UBA partners.

Somebody, may likely want to ask, why is it so easy to get a prepaid card from UBA and other banks in Cameroon.

Apart from the low requirements set by the banks , another reason why people of all walks of life can now easily get a prepaid card from the banks in Cameroon is because you don’t need to open a bank account with the banks in Cameroon in order to be issued a prepaid card (unlike the debit cards).

For those of you who don’t know, prepaid cards are online shopping wallets that anybody can buy from the UBA bank with just 12,000frs to store cash (without opening an account with the UBA bank). The cash deposited in your prepaid card, can be used to pay for products and services online.

For example if you wish to buy a 25000frs ($50) Android smartphone from the US Amazon online store today, you just need to go to your nearest UBA bank with the 12,000frs application fee and apply for the UBA prepaid card and you will be issued an empty UBA prepaid card.

After obtaining the bank card, you just need to deposit 25,000frs in to your card and then use the funds in your UBA prepaid Visa Card to buy the 25,000frs smartphone on Amazon or any online store. As easy as ABC.

Like i mentioned earlier, your prepaid card is just like your online shopping wallet (your e-wallet). Whenever you want to buy any product or pay for any service online, you just need to deposit an amount in to your card which is equivalent to the price/fee of the product or service you wish to pay for and then use your prepaid card to pay for the product or service.

One of the reasons why prepaid cards are common among the internet entrepreneurs and online shoppers in Cameroon is because its very easy to get a prepaid card from any of the banks in Cameroon with very little amount of money and the application process is hassle free and fast.

Its noteworthy that most banks in Cameroon issues prepaid cards instantly.

This simply means that you can apply and get prepaid card today.

If you are interested in getting a prepaid card in Cameroon from the comfort of your home, you can simply contact me and i will help you to get a prepaid card today.

To get a UBA prepaid card, you need to send us the following items

  • Send us a Photo of your Valid Cameroon National ID via WhatsApp.
  • ¬†Email
  • Phone Number and
  • ¬†House Address

After you have sent the requirements, we will create your UBA prepaid card within 20 minutes.

You will then be expected to issue pay the card issuance fee so that we can send your UBA prepaid card. The card issuance fee is 16000frs (including the cost of delivery).

We deliver cards via the travelling agencies and your UBA prepaid card comes in a sealed envelope.

After you have pick up your UBA prepaid card from the travelling agencies, you can then go to the UBA branch in your city to fund your prepaid card and start shopping online on any online shop or eCommerce website that accepts payment via credit cards.

So if you are interested in obtaining a UBA prepaid card in Cameroon today, just WhatsApp me with the required items and within 20 minutes your card will be created.

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