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How to get a Glowing Skin in Cameroon with Flabelle Skin Care Products


Gone are the days of Michael Jackson when many men were under the impression that only the fair-skinned people were beautiful; a misconstrued idea of beauty; which pushed so many gullible Cameroonian women to go for skin bleaching products in an attempt to look good in the eyes of men.

Nowadays focus has shifted from skin whitening products to skin glowing products (also known as skin brighteners).

In this 2020, the wish of every Cameroonian, is to get a radiant and glowing skin. Maintaining a bright, radiant complexion is now the focus of most Cameroonians (of all ages) as many Cameroonians (especially the ladies) now want to glow like the video vixens seen in the Afro pop music videos.

Unlike the skin whitening products, the skin brighteners (skin glowing products) are not meant to alter your natural skin tone at all, but only work to reveal healthier and glowing skin by removing dull, dead skin cells. They are more about increasing radiance and vibrancy to dull looking skin.

The dermatologist say as we grow older, our skin cells regenerate at a slower rate. Cells that don’t shed fast enough end up sitting atop the skin’s surface which creates a dull appearance.

Other factors like lack of sleep, stress, age, and even what you eat can rob your complexion of its radiance.

Skin glowing products were designed to transform a skin that looks dull and tired to a healthy, luminous and glowing skin thereby making it possible for your skin to glow naturally as the dermatologists always say, a healthy skin is a natural glow. SO THERE’S NO NEED TO BLEACH TO LOOK ATTRACTIVE!

It should be noted that every skin tone is beautiful in itself. However, we do want to get rid of dark spots, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and discoloration as these make our skin look unhealthy and dull.

Those products that brightens (not whitens our skin!) are designed to leave skin with a vibrant, “glow-from-within” look and prevents your skin from looking dull and dry. The treatments work to brighten skin through exfoliators, light-diffusers, antioxidants or a combination of these key ingredients, and they are appropriate for skin in every life stage.

Undoubtedly, we want to get glowing skin with the best skin glowing products for that.

A Face Glow Kit recently launched by a fast rising Cameroonian Skin care and Cosmetic brand; Flabelle (based in Douala) is currently working wonders in helping (people of all skin types who love beauty at its best) achieve a glowing skin within a short period of time without experiencing any skin issue.

Even though Flabelle Facial Glow Kit was specifically designed to be used on the Face, Miss Ndip-Agbor Flavine; the CEO and brain behind the fast rising cosmetic start up; Flabelle, says their Facial Glow kit (which consist of a luxurious body scrub, facial cleanser and face cream) can also be used on the whole body to get a glowing body.

As of July, 2020, the Flabelle skin glowing product is the most sought after skin brightening and “skin tone-evening product in the Cameroon skin care market…frequently used by Cameroonians who want to have a luminous skin (without bleaching their skin or altering their natural/God given skin tone).

Flabelle Face Kit produces result within a short period of time (many happy Flabelle customers have testified)

Miss Ndip-Agbor Flavine; the brain behind the trending skincare line, has also assured Cameroonians that their Face glow kit can solve all face issues and has urged anyone suffering from Acne, sunburn, people who doesn’t have a smooth face (Or people who have damaged their skin with the wrong lotions or who complains of a dull complexion) to get the Flabelle Face Smooth kit; which is currently being sold at a promotional price (8500 frs CFA) …and price likely to increase to 10,000 anytime soon.

Ndip-Agbor Flavine (via a Facebook post) also revealed that her brand; Flabelle deals with the best natural and industrially made products which have been tested and approved for all skin tones and skin types (be it Oily,dry or sensitive skins).

Flabelle Face Kit Package includes 3 skin care products which work collectively to ensure that you achieve a glowing skin within a short period of time.

The 3 skin care products includes;

1) A Luxurious Body Scrub (physical exfoliant); which exfoliates your skin.

The Dermatologists say one of the best ways to brighten skin and boost its glow both immediately and long term is by exfoliating; which is the process of removing skin’s outer layer of dead cells so its surface is smoother and clearer and reflects light.”

For those of you who don’t know, the surface of your skin is the home to thousands of dead skin cells that continually shed. When you are young, all of the dead skin cells shed or fall off in a pre-programmed fashion every 28 days.

That means that your skin isn’t the same as it was 28 days ago, which is a mind blowing thought on its own.

However, as you begin to age, some of those dead skin cells can stay on the surface of your skin for up to 80 days. And although they are invisible to the human eye, they make your skin appear dull, discolored, and perhaps even broken out as a result of clogged pores.

The piles of dead skin cells can actually prevent your skincare products (body lotions) from properly absorbing into your skin thereby rendering them ineffective and resulting to waste of money.

In other words, it’s needless applying skincare products on your body without exfoliating your skin because they won’t be 100% effective…that why many derms consider exfoliation as the first and most important steps in our skincare regimen/routine.

There are multiple benefits of exfoliation, but one of the most convincing is simple: your skin will feel fresher…and this leads to a brighter, clearer complexion that enables products to seep into pores easier.

Flabelle Luxurious Scrub (physical exfoliant) will enable you to effectively exfoliate your skin thereby making it easy for you to achieve a healthy glowing skin with Flabelle Skin glow cream.

According to the Dermatologists, physical exfoliation (via the use of scrub) is the most common way to exfoliate, since it’s easy to execute in your shower using a mitt or an old famous scrub that exfoliates the skin by physically scrubbing old, dead skin cells away and typically has a grainy or gritty texture.

No matter your skin type or your goals for exfoliation, Flabelle luxurious scrub will suit your need as the brand owner; Flavine Tabe has assured customers that their skin care products was designed for all skin types (dark, brown, fair or Metis skin).

2) A Facial Cleanser.

After exfoliating your skin to remove skin’s outer layer of dead cells using Flabelle’s luxurious body scrub, Flabelle Facial Cleanser will further help in clearing your skin by thoroughly removing debris like dirt, oil and pollution particles that may have clogged pores and cause dullness…thereby making your skin feeling immaculately clean, nourished, and ready for whatever.

Take Note:The purpose of the Flabelle Luxurious body scrub and the facial cleanser, is to prepare your body for the skin glowing cream by cleansing your skin from dead skin cells, dirt, oil and pollution particles that have clogged pores, to make it easy for the Flabelle Skin glow cream to seep in to your pores and work wonders.

The same thing also goes for makeup. A smooth and even foundation application is not likely to happen if the surface of your skin is rough due to the piles of dead skin cells.

Like i mentioned earlier, piles of dead skin cells, dirt, oil and pollution particles can actually prevent your skincare products from properly absorbing into your skin, thereby rendering them useless which when you think about it comes down to throwing your money down the drain. Clogged pores is one of the reasons why most skin care products don’t work on most people.

3) A Face Cream

After exfoliating and cleansing your skin using Flabelle Face crub and Facial cleanser, the Flabelle Face Glow creams seeps in to your pores to reduce skin pigmentation and lighten specific areas with discoloration (such as sun spots and acne scars) to ultimately even out your skin tone and keep your skin naturally glowing, soft, and healthy all year long.

Summarily, Flabelle Skin glow kit, is a complete skin glowing suite that will enable you to achieve a glowing skin within a short period of time without experiencing any skin issue as Flabelle products are dermatologically tested, organic, and hydroquinone-free) which makes them save for people of all ages.

It may surprise you to know that the 3 skin glowing products listed above, cost just 8500 frs CFA…as Flabelle Face kit is currently on promotion. The normal price is 10,000 frs CFA. So place your order now!

To order Flabelle Face Kit in Cameroon, you just need to send a message to the Flabelle brand via their Facebook page Or call/Whatspp: 676873239.

CEO Flavine Tabe; has also indicated that her Face kit can also be shipped to customers in America and other parts of the world via the DHL express shipping service, which indicates that Flabelle Face kit was designed to meet world standard and her brand slogan; “beauty with perfection”, is not a hype.

Apart from being the CEO of Flabelle, Miss Ndip-Agbor Flavine is also a YouTuber and runs the YouTube Channel; Lifestyle with Flavine; where she has published tons of educational videos on Skin care, Beauty, Product reviews, Health, Fitness, Food, Good living, Girl talks and everything about living great.

The above information indicates that Flavine is unlike the money minded cosmetic entrepreneurs who will cut communication with customers after buying their products.

As a skin care enthusiast and YouTuber, Flabelle customers world wide, stand a chance of benefiting from free lifelong advice on how to use/apply Flabelle products on their bodies, to get a smooth flawless face/body without scratching off their wigs.

Miss Ndip-Agbor Flavine has also set up Flabelle Skin Care and Beauty Facebook group, to enable Flabelle customers to easily share their experiences or ask questions regarding the Flabelle Skin care products.

In the video below, the CEO of Flabelle; Ndip-Agbor Flavine explains how you can use her Flabelle Face Glow Kit to achieve a glowing skin and also get rid of your Acne and dark spots.

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