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How to Make Money Online As a Student in Cameroon


Wondering how to make money online as as student in Cameroon without scamming any one online??? if yes, then this article was specifically written for you.

In this article, i will reveal 5 legitimate ways that any student in Cameroon can easily make money online to take care of his or her basic needs without totally relying on parents (allowances).

I don’t even need to justify, almost every student in Cameroon (especially those from a poor background) already know why an online hustle is necessary for a student.

Unless your parents are rich and very caring, life as a student in Cameroon can be extremely tough as you have to depend on a small weekly allowance from your parents to cater for both academic and basic needs.

Sometimes even the small weekly or monthly allowance that you even receive (by the grace of God) from your parents don’t often come on time and you have to STARVE or live on garri and sugar for days while waiting for your allowance. Nowadays garri and bread which used to be the life saver of the university students in Cameroon has become a food for the rich as a cup of garri is now being sold for 150frs and a loaf of bread now cost 175frs.

This tough times that some students in Cameroon go through due to lack of cash, sometimes cause most female students to become preys to the sugar daddies and end up jeopardizing their future with accidental pregnancies. The boys start looking for menial jobs and this sometimes affect their academics.

Some student students resort to scamming and committing petty crimes in their mini cite/neighborhoods in order to make earns meet.

Even if your parents are rich, they won’t obviously give you money to buy whatever you want as your weekly or monthly allowances may only cover food, hand outs and other basic needs.

What if you desire to put a flat screen in your hostel or desire to buy the trending fashion clothes, sneakers, handbag, jewelry, play station, Xbox etc. Can you boldly call your parents and tell them that you need money to buy those stuffs???

Just try to do this prank with your parents and share the reaction of your parents at the comment section below.

Call your parents and tell them that you need money to buy the latest playstation station or Xbox one.

For some students, even if they use “kayamata”/juju on their parents, that kind of request can never be granted.

When i was still in secondary school and university level, one of the ways that i and my schoolmates often use to get extra cash (aside monthly allowances) is by lying to our parents about the prices of text books, work books and GCE registration, school fees.

Some students even use ridiculous motives like lying to their parents that they mistakenly damaged “photosynthesis” in the laboratory and their uneducated parents will hastily give them money to pay for the items cuz they don’t want them to be sent home.

But how long does this money that we extort from our parents last???

Just for a month or even weeks and we start looking for another motive to extort money from them.

Some students (known as the big boys on Campus) who were computer savvy, resort to internet scamming just make ends meet.

Nowadays you don’t need to extort money from your parents, resort to internet scamming (419) or look for sugar daddies to get extra cash (aside your allowance).

There are innovative, trusted, and quick ways of making money online as a student in Cameroon without soiling your credibility and still record a good performance in your academics as the online jobs won’t consume much of your time.

And with most of the method listed in this article, you would be able to make money online without any need for a laptop and without capital.

So this article is all about how to make money online in Cameroon as a student without capital or investment.

How much Can Students in Cameroon make online???

One of the questions that most students in Cameroon often ask is, how much can i make online as a student in Cameroon???

The amount of money you can make online as a student in Cameroon, varies from 10,000frs to 200,000frs (you can make even more).

One thing you should take note of is that, the amount of money you would be able to make online as a student in Cameroon will depend on your skill and how smart you are.

Smarter and creative students in Cameroon will obviously make more money online than the copy and paste students.

Without any further delay, let’s get down to business.

1) Online surveys (How to make money online via Online Surveys in Cameroon)

Completing online surveys is one of the ways that most students in Cameroon make quick cash effortlessly online.

So whenever you hear a group of students in Cameroon talking about making money online, they are probably discussing about making money via the online survey method.

With the online survey method, students in Cameroon make money online by simply answering a series of basic questions (known as surveys). There’s no right or wrong answer…..and you can earn 0.10 cent to a dollar for completing one survey, which often takes less than 5 minutes.

The series of basic questions are posed by companies who want to sample the opinion of the public about a particular product or service in order to further refined their products or decide on whether to start producing a particular product or get the opinion of the public about their service.

For example, on the paid survey websites, a company may submit a survey which include the following questions;

  • Do you like online games???
  • If no, what makes you hate online games???
  • How often do you play online games???
  • What’s your favorite online games???
  • If no?? what stopping you from playing it???
  • Can you buy online games???

Like i mentioned earlier, there’s no right or wrong answer as the companies just want to get unbiased feedbacks from their customers or the public.

Surveys are often completed in less than 5 minutes depending on the number of questions in the survey.

Once you have completed the survey you will earn from 0.1 cent to $1 per survey.

The websites where students in Cameroon can sign up to make money online via this method are called PAID ONLINE SURVEY WEBSITES for Cameroonians.

And nowadays there are lots of paid online survey websites that students in Cameroon can sign up at and start completing surveys and getting paid petty cash.

Somebody may say OH NO! the amount is too small!

No, its not small.

Just imagine that you are making $1 per day from 1 survey website.

This means that you will make 30 dollars per month from that single survey website and if you have an account in 2 or more online survey websites, you will definitely make lots of money per month.

How does the Paid survey website work??

Let’s take for example that ENEO Cameroon wants to get feed backs of the public about their products and services. And want to sample the opinion of 100 Cameroonians.

They will definitely go to the paid survey websites which has tons of people ready to give their feedbacks about products or services in Cameroon.

ENEO will tell the admins of the paid survey site, their objective, their number of target audience and their budget for the survey.

For example ENEO may want get the opinion of 1000 Cameroonians and make an offer of $500 to be shared amongst the 1000 people who will answer the survey (survey participants).

The survey website Admins will normal take $100 from the $500 as its their platform and share the rest with the survey takers (respondents).

The ENEO survey may contains a series of questions like;

  • Do you like Eneo services in your area?
  • Do you think ENEO electricity bills are too high??
  • Have there been any fire incident in your area caused by Eneo electricity??
  • How often do you get power outage in your area???
  • Has the new Eneo prepaid meter been installed in your home???

As you can see, the questions are typically straightforward.

Once you have answered the questions, you will get your own small slice of the cake.

How will you get paid???

Once the amount of money you have made from the online survey websites have reached a particular payment threshold, you will be allowed to cash out your earnings from the paid survey website.

The payment threshold range from $10 to $100 (it varies from one paid survey website to another).

After the amount of money in your account has reached the payment threshold, you can withdraw your money via PayPal, Amazon Gift cards and other payment options.

If you don’t know how to cash out your earnings, you can simply WhatsApp me and i will help you cash out your earnings via PayPal in Cameroon.

One secret about making money online as a student from the paid survey websites is that, you have to be on high alert so that when a company submits a survey to the paid survey sites, you will be amongst the target number of people (participants) designated for that particular survey.

If you are not on high alert, you will miss out or find it difficult to get a survey as the sharp guys must have completed it before you know.

Secondly, you need to create an account on 2 or 3 paid survey websites in other to boost your monthly revenue.

2) Drop Shipping (how to make money online via drop shipping in Cameroon)

Another feasible means that most students in Cameroon can easily make money online in Cameroon is via drop shipping.

Drop shipping is a form of eCommerce practiced by online vendors (internet entrepreneurs) who don’t have any stock (products in hand to sell).

This may sound like scamming to some people, who are currently wondering how its possible for one to sell products and service that they don’t have.


With drop shipping, you simply advertise products which has been listed for sale in a shop in your city and when people place an order (issue payment via Mobile money), you simply use their money to purchase the item from the shop and get it delivered to the customer.

The drop shippers make their profit by advertising products at a price that is higher than the price of the product at the shop.

Let’s take for example that the Romis clothing brand has a clothing store in your city where they sell all kinds of clothes and fashion accessories.

To make money online as a student in Cameroon via drop shipping with ROMIS, you just need to set up a Facebook page and list the same products found on the Romis fashion shop but at a higher price.

For instance if a pair of sneakers was listed at the Romis fashion store for 5000frs, you can list that same sneaker for sale on your Facebook page for 7000frs.

When a customer buys the pair of sneakers at 7000frs and issues payment via Mobile Money, you can then go to the Romis store and buy the piece of clothing for 5000frs and get it delivered to the customer.

When this is done, you will gain 2000frs.

You can call this type of business strategy, the Parasitic business model; where you lean on the stocks in stores to make profit and don’t have to stock products in your house.

One barrier to this online business model is that many people have trust issues in Cameroon due to the scamming wahala in Cameroon hence the best way to do drop shipping in Cameroon is by offering cash on delivery.

To offer cash on delivery you will need a small capital.

With cash on delivery, if someone who is interested in purchasing a product but is afraid of getting scammed, you can use your money to purchase the product and take it to the customer.

Lastly, when doing drop shipping, you need a high level of credibility.

Gather enough knowledge about the products you are advertising online so that when a customer calls you to make inquiries about the products, you would be able to answer any question without stammering.

Engage in video calls with your customers; this will boost your credibility and easily cause them to issue payment without being skeptical.

All you need is a smartphone or a laptop to be able to make money online in Cameroon as a student via drop shipping.

NOTE: Don’t run away with people’s money or else you risk going to jail as its very easy for your victim to track your number and fish you out of your small hostel in Molyko.

3) Drop Servicing in Cameroon

Drop servicing works like drop shipping.

But with drop servicing, you simply advertise services online and when you get clients, you simply transfer the work to people who can render the service at a cheaper fee (than the fee that you advertised the service online)

For instance you can advertise a logo design service on your Facebook page at 10,000 frs per Logo.

When you get a customer who is interested in the service and issues payment in advance, you simply look for somebody who can get the job done for 5k.

When the logo designer renders the service to the satisfaction of the client, you gain 5k from the service.

Some clients may want to issue payment after the job has been done.

In this case, you can get a logo designer who accepts payment after service OR you can use your own money to get the job done.

Nowadays there lots of platforms where you can get skillful people to do a job for you at very cheap fee which makes drop servicing one of the best method for students in Cameroon to make money online.

With drop servicing you can even make more money than with drop shipping as there are services that can fetch you more than 200k.

If you are interested in making money online as a student in Cameroon via drop servicing, WhatsApp me and i will throw more light on this online business venture.

4) Freelancing (How to make money online as a Freelancer in Cameroon)

Another easy means that most students in Cameroon (especially those in the professional schools) can easily make money online in Cameroon is by selling their services online.

If you are in year 2 of the professional schools in Cameroon, then you must have acquired enough skill to make money online.

Let’s take for example, that you are studying web designing in a professional school, within 6 months you must have acquired enough knowledge to be able to create a website.

What are you studying in school??? is computer programming, Linguistics, Transcription, graphic designing, painting, music production etc

Nowadays there are lots of freelance marketplaces where you can sell your services and get paid huge amount of money.

5) Acquire a Skill and use it to make money online as a student

One of the easiest way you can make money online as a student in Cameroon is by acquiring a relevant skill and use it to make tons of cash online.

Nowadays there are lots of free courses online that you can download and acquire a particular skill.

It will surprise you to know that i learnt how to create a website from a free course i downloaded online.

YouTube is now a platform where one can learn almost anything.

Dedicate about 2 months to acquire a skill and use that skill to make money online as a student in Cameroon.

5) Affiliate marketing (how to make money online via affiliate marketing in Cameroon)

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and oldest way that most students in Cameroon have been making money online from the comfort of their homes.

Making money online in Cameroon has never been easier than through affiliate marketing.

This is an excellent strategy for earning passive income, as you can earn any time of the day.

With affiliate marketing, you just need to promote other people’s products or services via an affiliate network. If people purchase because of your marketing, you earn a commission of the sales.

If you are a university student in Buea, a guy or lady dressed like a Jehovah witness Christian and carrying a huge backpack full of products, must have come to knock on your door and tried to persuade you to buy a wide variety of products.

Those guys or ladies are working for a company and help the company to market their products just to earn a commission of the sales of the product. For example when they succeed to sell a toothpaste which cost 6000frs, they may get 200frs as their commission.

What those people are doing, is not different from affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you simply do that online and don’t need to walk from place to place and be knocking on people’s doors.

The best platform to do affiliate marketing online is via Amazon.

Amazon has an affiliate marketing program which allows people to market the tons of products found on the online shop and receive commissions from the sales of the products. Amazon affiliate commission range from 8 to 10%.

Its one of the ways that i make money online in Cameroon.

Amazon pays its affiliate marketers via bank transfer, cheque and Amazon Gift card.

If you are interested in making money online as a student in Cameroon via affiliate marketing, simply WhatsApp me and i will guide you.

Just like the other methods, you don’t need any capital.

What you need is just a smartphone or a laptop.

6) Influencer marketing (how to make money online as an influencer in Cameroon)

Social media platforms are a great way of earning massively online.

The logic is simple: more followers, more money. You can create an advertising enterprise with your social media handles as giant companies are looking to reach a bigger audience to advertise their products or services. All you have to do is have massive followers on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tiktok account.

7) Freelance Blogging and Google Adsense in Cameroon

One of the quickest way that students in Cameroon can make money online without investment or capital is via freelance blogging.

Nowadays there many popular Cameroonians bloggers looking for talented writers to hire.

For instance popular UK based Cameroonian news blogger; Mimi Mefo recently published a job advert in which she announced the she’s in need of writers.

You can become a freelance blogger to a popular blog and get paid per article.

If you don’t want to become a freelance blogger, you can decide to set up your own blog and make money via Google Adsense Ads.

With Google Adsense, Cameroonian bloggers make money online by allowing Google to place their ads on their blog posts and they earn money whenever the Google Ads are clicked by their blog visitors.

If you succeed to create a popular blog as a student, you can earn from 45,000frs to 200000frs via Google Adsense in Cameroon.

Wondering how to create a blog for free in Cameroon??? is the best site to create a free blog and make money online as a student in Cameroon via Google Adsense.

8) Online courses

If you have a passion for teaching, you can set up an online course that teaches people in any subject.

Online courses are a lucrative way to make money online in Cameroon as a student. Meanwhile, it is crucial to choose suitable platforms to upload your course material, manage your clients, and accept payments.

If you need guidance on this, WhatsApp me.

9) Start a YouTube channel in Cameroon as a student and make money online

Are you one of those asking, “How can I make money fast in Cameroon fast?” This is one of the easiest ways to make money online, and it does not require any startup capital.

All you need is to start your YouTube channel and choose a specific niche, e.g., making a comedy skit and the latest happenings around campus, etc.

If you need more info about how to start a YouTube channel in Cameroon as a student and make money online, WhatsApp me and i will throw more light on this.

10) Sell notes online

As a Cameroonian student, you can sell notes and past GCE questions online and make tons of money from them.

There are lots of GCE students in Cameroon who are desperately in need of those materials hence your target market is huge and can make not less than 5k per day from the comfort of your home.

How to get the past GCE questions, is the million dollar question that you need to get an answer to.

11) Write and publish a Kindle eBook

This is another simple way to make money passively and consistently as a student in Cameroon.

If you are a good writer, you can research and write a 30 page ebook about an interesting topic and sell online.

Amazon is one of the best platform to sell eBooks.

Amazon has over 197 million people worldwide that purchase digital products from its online store. You can write and publish an eBook on any subject with the Amazon Kindle store and make money from it.

Ok those are the 10 ways that most students in Cameroon can make money online without any investment.

With the methods listed above, all you need is a laptop or smartphone and time (3 hour per day).

As for the method to cash out your earning, WhatsApp me and we will discuss about that.

Making money online as a student in Cameroon will give you an urge to be independent and this would enable you to quickly leave your father’s house after graduation.

You know, after graduation you will be considered as a big boy or girl and as such your parents will stop giving you that small allowance that they have been given you.

So its very essential that you start looking for something that will give you money for you to take care of your basic needs as you await the golden opportunity or government matricule (which is the dream of most Cameroonians after graduation).


Don’t resort to alcoholism when you start making tons of cash.

Pray to God for inspiration and to protect you from your village people.


  1. This document is very excellent….it has gone a long way to open the minds of young people on how to be creative inorder to make an independent living of themselves. More thanks to the writer.
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