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How to receive Google Adsense Payment in Cameroon via Wire Transfer


Wire Transfer is currently the fastest, simple, and most secure method for receiving Google Adsense payments in Cameroon.

For those of you who don’t know, a wire transfer is a method of electronic funds transfer. It allows Youtubers and bloggers in Cameroon (Google Adsense partners) to receive their Google Adsense paychecks directly into their bank accounts.

Wire transfer is 10 times faster than the Western Union option and can handle large sums of payments.

Unlike the Western Union option, you don’t need to queue up at a bank every month to receive your Google Adsense payment.

With the Wire Transfer option, you just need to relax in your house and wait for a bank alert…confirming that Your Google Adsense payment has been credited in to your bank account. It often takes (3 business days from the payday) for funds to be deposited in to your bank account.

Once your Adsense payment has been deposited in to your account. You can go to your bank’s ATM Machine and withdraw your Google Adsense payment for the month. As easy as ABC right???

One thing i love so much about the Google Adsense Wire Transfer payment option, is the high level of secrecy/privacy which it offers. Simply put, you can make huge amount of money online while working from home without even your close friends figuring out your source of income…thereby reducing your probability of attracting the attention of your village people haha.

Nowadays about 60% of the bloggers and Youtubers in Cameroon receive their Google Adsense due to the above benefits.

Apart from the above benefits, a few months ago, Google announced that as from the 10th of August 2020, Youtubers and bloggers will no longer be able to select Western Union as a new form of payment and recommend that publishers currently using Western Union, should switch to another available payment method before payments through Western Union stop in early 2021.

So having a bank account for Adsense payment in Cameroon, is not only essential but will become compulsory as from January, 2021.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed

In this article i,m going to tell you how you can receive Google Adsense payment in Cameroon via Wire Transfer.

Ok without any further delay, let delve in to the main topic.

How to Receive your First Google Adsense Paycheck in Cameroon via Wire Transfer

After the amount of money in your Adsense account balance has reached €70.00 (Google Adsense Payment threshold), Google will send you a paycheck.

Payment is issued by Google on the 21st of the following month.

For example if your  blog or Youtube channel generates €70.00 this month (October, 2020), on the 21st of November, 2020, you will receive a Paycheck from Google and if your Youtube channel generates €70.00 in the month of November,  you will receive a Youtube Paycheck on the 21st of December.

Google Adsense payments are issued on the 21st… unlike the salary from our day jobs which are paid on the 1st of every month.

So if you have reached the €70.00 minimum payment threshold, you will receive a Paycheck.

From the screenshot below, you can see that, the amount of money in my Google Adsense account hasn’t reached €70.00. So Google will not send me a Paycheck…until i have earned €70.00.

How Cameroonian Bloggers and Youtubers Receive Google Adsense Payments in Cameroon.

Google pays Youtubers and bloggers in Cameroon using 3 payment methods which include;

  • Western Union Quick Cash
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cheque

You can either choose to receive your Youtube paycheck via one of the 3 payment methods listed above.

Please take note that you will only be allowed to choose a payment method after you have reached the Google Adsense payment threshold (after you must have earn at least €70.00).

Like i mentioned earlier, the Wire Transfer payment option is the best Google Adsense payment method to receive Google Adsense payments in Cameroon.

So i,m going to focus on the wire transfer option in the post.

  • How to Receive Google Adsense Payment in Cameroon through Wire Transfer to your Bank account.

With the Wire transfer payment method, your Paycheck will be deposited directly to your bank account.

According to Google, funds usually take about 3 business days to arrive in your bank account.

I often receive my Google Adsense payment in Cameroon via Wire Transfer and it usually takes about 2 business days “maximum”, for my Adsense fund to be deposited in my account.

With some banks in Cameroon, it may take 24 hours (it depends on the efficiency of the Bank)

As soon as funds is deposited in to your bank account, you will receive a bank alert confirming that your Adsense fund is now available in your bank account. You can now go to your bank’s ATM machine and withdraw your Google Adsense payment and start enjoying the fruit of your labour.

How your Google Adsense earnings is Deposited in to your bank account.

To receive your Google Adsense payment in Cameroon wire transfer, you need to have a bank account.

If you already have a bank account, you can link it with your Google Adsense account and start receiving your Google Adsense payments via Wire Transfer.

If you don’t have a bank account, you will need to open a bank account.

Like i mentioned earlier, if you are interested in opening a bank account in Cameroon to receive your Google Adsense paychecks, you can contact me on Whatsapp and i will tell you how Youtubers and bloggers in Cameroon can open a bank account and also recommend the best bank in Cameroon to open a bank account for Adsense payment. I will also tell you the documents you will need to submit to the bank for them to open a bank account for you (as a Youtuber or blogger).

One of the documents all the banks in Cameroon request for,to open a bank account for a client, is, proof of source of income.
I will tell you the documents you need to provide as a source of income.

If you already have a bank account, follow the simple procedures below to choose Wire Transfer as your Google Adsense payment method and link your bank account to your Adsense account.

How to Add Your Payment Method In AdSense Dashboard

Follow these steps:

  • Login to your Google Adsense Dashboard
  • Click on Menu and then scroll to payments
  • Click on Payment as seen in the screenshot below.
  • Under how you get paid, click on Add new payment method

  • Under the add payment method in the new page, tick wire transfer.

Next Choose wire transfer as your payment method…

Fill the required Wire Transfer Bank Details.

Fill your information into the form provided below and when adding your bank account information, enter the details exactly as they appear on file with your bank.

If you are finding it difficult to fill this form, contact me via Whatsapp and i will help you to fill the form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Adsense Wire Transfer Payment in Cameroon.

A. What is SWIFT-BIC?

A SWIFT-BIC, often just called BIC, is an 8 or 11 character identification code for a particular bank.

What it looks like: Your bank’s SWIFT-BIC may be printed at the top of your bank statements. If you cannot locate it, contact your bank to get their code.

What it’s for: Banks use SWIFT-BICs when they transfer money or send a message to another bank.

B. What is Intermediary SWIFT-BIC?

SWIFT Bank Identifier Code (BIC) is a unique identification code for your bank’s intermediary bank or branch. It should contain 8 or 11 characters. For more details, contact your bank.


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