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If you are desperately in need of a house to rent in Limbe, Cameroon, but can’t go through the stress of trekking from one street to another in Limbe, in search of vacant houses which suits your need, you can contact me (John Okha) and i will do the house search on your behalf for “just” a little token.

Have you just been transferred to Limbe and you are badly in need of a house to rent in Limbe, Cameroon??? Do you want to move to a convenient or more convenient neighborhood in Limbe???. Have you been given an unexpected quit notice by your landlord/lady in Limbe???

Maybe you just wish to move to a new house which befits your current status because level don change.

Maybe you have searched for a house to rent in Limbe for days but can’t find one (probably because you are a “Johnny Just Come” in the city).

Maybe you are too busy to search for a vacant house in Limbe by yourself due to your tight work schedule.

Whatever be your case, I (Johh Okha) will make your house hunt in Limbe hassle-free with zero stress/headache.

So if you are too busy to search for vacant houses in Limbe or don’t know where to start searching for vacant houses for rent in a big city (as a stranger), you can transfer your burden to me for just a little token. Contact me and l will do the house search for you.

I (John Okha) will walk from street to street to make sure that you get a house in a wahala/gossip-free and secure neighborhood in Limbe within a short time frame.

How does it work??? (Houses for rent in Limbe)

If you are in need of a vacant house to rent in Limbe, all you need to do, is to call/contact me via the Whatsapp number below and tell me the type of house in Limbe that you wish to rent.

Are you looking for an apartment, studio ,single room ,guest houses, hall, business premises etc???

As a professional real estate agent in Limbe, I (John Okha) often parade the city of Limbe in search of vacant houses (of all types) so as to promptly meet the demands of my clients (most of whom are always in urgent need of a house to rent in Limbe).

So i already have a list of vacant houses in Limbe. When you contact me, i will go through my diary to see if there’s a vacant house which suits your need. If there is/are any available, we can then make arrangements for visitation of the vacant house after you must have paid the required house hunting fee below.

If none is available on my list of houses for rent in Limbe, i will personally & specifically launch a search, to find a vacant house in Limbe which suits your need. This process may take 48 hours maximum.

Please take note !

My job is to enable you to locate vacant houses for rent in Limbe, Cameroon and not houses which suits your budget or responsible for any negotiation between you and the landlord/lady.

For instance, if you wish to rent a 1-bedroom flat in Limbe, i will enable you to locate 1-bedroom flats in Limbe and you have to pay me for helping you to locate the vacant house(s) (something you couldn’t do by yourself).

If you don’t end up renting the house “probably” because the cost of house rent is too high or maybe the landlord/lady is asking for 12 months payment in advance (which exceeds your budget), that is not my business. In fact i won’t be present when you and the landlord/lady are negotiating/bargaining except i’m invited to take part for an extra payment(fee).

Bear in mind that, you will have to pay for my house hunting service before you are even taken to the vacant house in Limbe. Money can only be refunded if the house didn’t match your description i.e. for instance, you asked for a vacant 1-bedroom flat but you were instead taken to a 2-bedroom flat OR if upon arrival at the site, we find out that the house is no longer vacant (has already been taken) and you are not willing to consider other available options/alternatives in other locations in Limbe and you won’t permit me to search for another suitable house for you within 48 hours.

In a case where money needs to be refunded, that will be done instantly on the site and in cash. You can still contact me later, in case you change your mind.

Please for the sake of peace! you are therefore obliged to carefully and detaily described the type of house you wish to rent in Limbe, so as to avoid any dispute (altercation) between you and i. I beg i di over fear police.

I’m extremely patient and can listen to the demands of the worse stammerer.

House Hunting fee for the Limbe Clients

Like i mentioned earlier, my job as a real estate agent in Limbe, is to enable you to locate vacant houses.

Below are the quotes for my service…

Fees may vary based on the type of house and location.

1 house (2 bed room, kitchen, toilet)=5000 per visitation and additional 5000 frs if you end up securing the house.

After you’ve paid the above fee and a receipt issued, you will be taken, to the vacant house(s) for rent in Limbe.

Who is John Okha???

John Okha is a well known real estate agent in Limbe with a long experience and good track record in house hunting in Limbe.

My long and priceless experience as a real estate agent in Limbe (coupled with the fact that i have the contacts of so many landlords in Limbe) has made locating vacant houses in Limbe for my clients, a piece of cake.

Above all, as a God fearing person, my real estate business is strongly grounded on credibility and customer satisfaction and not profit.

In addition, as an empathetic real estate agent, i don’t search for vacant houses in Limbe for my clients in places which are insecure and inhabitable simply because i wish to get a token at the expense of someone’s life (by hook or by crook).

Take NOTE! My goal is not only to “help” people to locate vacant houses in Limbe, but to establish a lifelong relationship with my clients.

Just like people always say, MAN LIVE BY MAN.

I strongly believe if a brother or sister is satisfied with my service, he or she will likely recommend me to another person in Limbe who is also in need of a house to rent in Limbe. This is the principle i have been using and it has been working wonders for me and i don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Most of my clients were referred to me by my previous clients through word-of-mouth recommendations.

I have been able to thrive in this competitive real estate business in Limbe because of the help of a huge word-of-mouth advertisers (most of whom are my previous clients).

So i don’t joke with my clients.

Putting smiles on your face is my ultimate goal.

It’s noteworthy that i’m a very humble person with a good communication skill. I don’t speak to people rudely, no matter your profession or social class. I believe my clients are my boss.

If wuna no contact me, i go go back to the slums. Na so nor???

How to contact me if you are in need of a house to rent in Limbe

To get in touch with me, you can contact me via Whatsapp/Call via

I am ready to receive calls from 7 AM to 6PM. Business calls will not be received after the aforementioned period.

Use the money you were suppose to use as transport fare to search for houses (which you may not succeed) to pay a real estate agent to locate a house for you. A little token can save your time and energy.

Relax while we search for a house for you in Limbe; the town of friendship.


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