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Set Up a Website for your Church in Cameroon for just 52,000frs – Operation One Church, One Website in Cameroon


Looking for a Church Website designer in Cameroon to set up a website for your church/ministry in Cameroon at affordable price??? if yes, then this article was specifically written for you.

In this 21st century, a website is one of the most cost effective tools which the men of God in Cameroon can use to effectively spread the gospel and win millions of souls around the world.

With a church website, a pastor in the most remote village in Cameroon can easily enable his sermons to reach millions of people across the globe with just a single click of a mouse… and create a bigger impact in the world than a pastor in Douala and other big cities of Cameroon; whose church has thousands of members (with no website or Satellite TV channel).

As a pastor, having a good church website can also help improve your contact with the community, bring new people into your church, and ensure everyone is informed about your great activities.

According to Wikipedia, there are over 5,580,465 active internet users in Cameroon and a total number of 4.66 billion people around the world were active internet users as of October 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population.

A report published by also revealed that smartphones have now become the most important channel for internet access worldwide as mobile internet users account for 91 percent of total internet users. This presents a golden opportunity for the clergy men to easily spread the gospel to the nooks and crannies of every region of the world.

However, despite the numerous advantages of having a church website, its shocking that only a handful of churches in Cameroon have a website (especially the Pentecostal churches).

Before writing this article, i Googled the names of some of the popular Pentecostal churches in Cameroon to find out if they had a website, to my greatest surprise only a handful had a website and 40% of the few which had a website rarely update their website.

Its funny that nowadays some men of God whose churches doesn’t have a website (or a branch in any foreign country) or a TV channel, label their churches as a “CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS” OR append INTERNATIONAL to the names of their churches; which is similar to a trader in marche Mokolo, labelling his shop as a shop of all nations. How is the shop benefitting the people in USA and other parts of the world???

In my opinion, a shop can only be labelled a shop of all nations if its products are accessible to people in other countries. The same rule also applies to our churches.

A few days ago, i asked a man of God (who has labelled his church as a church of all nations), the efforts he has made to ensure that the gospel of Christ or his sermons reaches a person in Sri Lanka, Mauritius and other unpopular nations of the world… and he was dumb founded for seconds and later started quoting scriptures…

Rather than setting up a church website that will be accessible to billions of internet users around the world, some men of God in Cameroon prefer to set up a local TV channel whose reach is limited to people in a particular city or a handful of subscribers of a particular cable TV network in Cameroon.

For the gospel of Christ to be propagated to the four corners of the earth, every church needs to have a website. I mean every single branch of a particular ministry/church, deserves to have a website.

The good new is! nowadays the cost of setting up a church website in Cameroon, has drastically reduced over the past few years. It may surprise you to know that it will cost you about 200,000frs CFA to set up a website for your church in Cameroon.

I just recently launched a project themed “OPERATION ONE CHURCH, ONE WEBSITE” to enable 7 churches in Cameroon to get a website for a fraction of the cost mentioned above.

The required budget for this project is $650 (i.e. 354,317 frs CFA).

Each of the 7 participating churches, will need to contribute 52,000 frs CFA each, to fund this project and in return get a fully functional and accessible website with features that will enable each church to effectively spread the gospel to the four corners of the globe and also receive donations from Christian faithful around the world via PayPal (for those who have a PayPal account).

Key Benefits of the operation ONE CHURCH, ONE WEBSITE PROJECTS….

The 7 participating churches of the OPERATION ONE CHURCH, ONE WEBSITE PROJECT will stand a chance of enjoying the following benefits…

1) With just 52,000 frs CFA, i will register a domain name (web address) for your church and host your church website for 3 yrs. This simply means that your church website will be accessible on the internet for 3 good yrs (after which you will be required to pay another 52,000FRS for the renewal of the project).

NOTE: A church website is an on-going commitment, not a one off project to enable you to tick a box saying ‘website done’.

2) I will equip your church website with all the necessary features that will enable you to effectively spread the gospel to the four corners of the globe. For example, there will be a blog section, shop section, live stream section , booking section for appointment/visit, prayer line registration section, Live chat feature and a donation button for receiving donations from Christian faithful.

3) If offered a small token, i can also train you or any individual on how to manage your church website like a pro. There are lots of YouTube videos; which you can also watch to learn how to manage your church website by yourself.

Who am I???

My name is a Solowayne Tabe; a Cameroonian website designer and internet entrepreneur based in Limbe.

Over the past 4 yrs, i have created lots of websites (including this one) for myself and lots of clients hence i have all it takes to bring this project to realization to the satisfaction of the participating churches.


Any pastor who is interested in subscribing to the ONE CHURCH, ONE WEBSITE PROJECT, can register his/her interest by sending me a message on WhatsApp. This will enable me to evaluate your seriousness and secure a spot for you.

I’m also going to create a WhatsApp group to enable all the stakeholders to keep abreast with the project.

After i have gotten the 7 participants, all the 7 stakeholders will be expected to send their 52,000frs quota for me to initiate the project.

If a participant is skeptical, he or she should come to Limbe to handover his own quota in cash and for further clarification.

Each participant will be given a 7 days period to issue the 52,000frs quota or else he or she will be excluded from the project.

The delivery time for the project is 1 month i.e. after the 30 days the website of all the 7 participating churches will be ready. Like i mentioned earlier, your website will be accessible on the internet for 3 good yrs without you paying a dime (after the 3 yrs period, you will be expected to pay $52,000 again to renew the project).

What are you waiting for??? take action now to secure a space for your church for just 52,000frs CFA.

I will like to conclude, by highlighting the fact that, a website, is indispensable to every church in Cameroon in this 21st century. Creating a Facebook page or a YouTube channel for your church, will not give your church maximum exposure on the internet. You need to set up a website for your church where your target audience can focus on your church sermons and activities without getting distracted. Apart from that, with a Facebook page and Youtube channel, only Cameroonians on the those social media platforms will be able to follow up your church activities …just like only those who go to marche Mokolo will be able to see the shops of the traders selling there.

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms are just like marche Mokolo i.e. there are lots of noises (distractions) over there and competition too.

But a website will give your church maximum exposure and make it possible for your target audience to focus on your church contents/activities.

Another huge benefit of setting up a website for your church (which i almost forgot to mention), is the fact that internet users will easily find your church website via Google and other search engines. This simply means that when people go to Google and other search engines to look for churches in their area to attend, get deliverance, prophesies and offer donations, they will likely find your church website pages on the first page of the Google search result.

Your church website can receive more than a thousand web visitors via the search engines per day; which you can lead to Christ and convert to your regular members.

Additionally having a church website will enable you to build a huge email list/phonebook of dedicated Christian faithful which you can easily invite to your crusades, fund raising projects or market your books to them.

Your church website can also pave the way for you to launch your church app and gain more social media followings.

In fact the benefits of setting up a website for your church are enormous. Take action now before the 7 spots get filled up.

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