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What is Cameroon For Sale Blog all about???


So many of my blog visitors often ask me, why do you always request for payment before providing an answer to the queries of your blog visitors UNLIKE other Cameroonian bloggers.

I will like to make it very clear that (CFS blog) is a business blog which i created to market my products and services as well as the products and services of other Cameroonians.

As a business blog (which operates like the consultancy offices and shops in the streets of Cameroon), you don’t expect to get free information or free products from us.

Since you were born, how many times have you gone to a hospital to consult for free??? Or request for information from the chambers of a barrister for free??? have you ever walked in to a cooking school and ask how to bake bread?without enrolling in the school???.

Just like you can’t walk in to a shop in your neighborhood, collect items and leave without paying, you don’t also expect to get free products from an online shop or free information from a business blog.

The only difference between the business blog and business premises is their platforms i.e. business blogs are based online while

Simply put a business blog is an online business.

You can either choose to set up an online business or an offline business OR decide to market your products online or offline.

I have chosen the online platform and set up my business (

It may surprise you to know that just like the people running offline businesses, we (the internet entrepreneurs, bloggers and online merchants) also pay rents.

For our blogs to be accessible on the internet 24/7 for 365 days, we pay monthly hosting fees and yearly domain name fee.

You don’t expect me hire a web designer to create a business blog for me, pay monthly hosting fees to keep the blog up and running….and still offer free information. I can’t be altruistic to this extent.

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