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9 Best Cars for Taxi Business in Cameroon & Where to buy


Have you ever wondered how to start a taxi business in Cameroon??? if yes then this article was specifically written for you.

Starting a taxi business in Cameroon in 2021, is one of the easiest ways that anybody in Cameroon (entrepreneur) can become a millionaire.

The transportation business is one of the most lucrative in Cameroon and in any part of the world because movement from one place to the other is a necessity and the growing human population in Cameroon makes taxi business highly profitable and an evergreen niche for entrepreneurs in Cameroon who are looking for a profitable low risk business in Cameroon to invest on.

So whether you intend to start a taxi business in Cameroon for intra or interstate travel, you will still make lots of money.

However just like any other business, you need the right tool for the trade in order to succeed.

Some people wonder why they can’t make lots of money in taxi business even though their peers are making lots of money, building houses and buying new cars.

The main reason why most people don’t succeed in taxi business in Cameroon is simply because they choose the wrong car for the business.

Listen! not all cars are suitable for a commercial transportation business in Cameroon.

So if you are looking to buy a car for the transportation business in Cameroon, there are some factors (taxi business requirements) that need to be considered and will determine the success of your business.

Below are some factors to consider when shopping for a car to start a taxi business in Cameroon.


You would not want to use a car that is fuel thirsty for commercial purposes as it will eat deep into your profit and you will end up running at a loss.


Some cars have high maintenance factors.

Since all cars develop faults from time to time, you must choose one that has low-cost maintenance.

For example most people have stopped using Toyota Lexus ES330 for taxi business in Cameroon due to the high cost of maintenance which eats a huge chunk of their profit.


There are cars whose spare parts cannot be easily found on the Cameroonian market.

Avoid buying these types of cars as you will find it problematic later on when you need to replace old, damaged or worn-out parts when they need replacement.


It does not necessarily have to be a brand new car but ensure you buy a car in Cameroon that does not have faults as it will put lives and your business at risk.


You need a rugged car to ply Cameroonian roads because of how damaged they are. Only a car that can drive through and stay sound should be used.

Summarily the 3 words that should be at the center of your mind when searching for a good car for Taxi business in Cameroon are durability, fuel-efficient, and low maintenance cost.

So Which Car Is Good For Taxi In Cameroon?

Following years of experience in Cameroon’s transportation industry trends, we have identified
9 best cars for taxi business in Cameroon that will enable you to spend less amount of money on fuel and repairs thereby enabling you to maximize your profit.

Below are the best cars to use for Taxi business in Cameroon.

  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Accord
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Toyota Avensis
  • KIA Rio & Hyundai Accent
  • Honda City
  • Volkswagen Vento

1) TOYOTA COROLLA For Taxi Business in Cameroon

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars in Cameroon which has been used for taxi business for so many years and there are reasons why Toyota Corolla has become the standard vehicle for taxi business in Cameroon. The Toyota Corolla car has much to offer.

First, Toyota Corolla is a well-built and well-designed car hence it is very durable and the durability of the Corolla has been tested and proven over time as you will find many Toyota Corolla users who have been using it for Taxi business in Cameroon for years

Furthermore, the cost of maintenance and repair for the Toyota Corolla is cheap which makes using them for taxi business in Cameroon very profitable.

For instance, an owner can replace a Toyota Corolla 2005 model side mirror with 7000 frs CFA at the famous Douala auto parts market. Still, a Toyota Lexus ES330 side mirror of the same model year costs as much as 16,500 to replace.

So if you choose the Toyota Corolla for your taxi business, your car won’t spend days in a garage in any part of Cameroon due to unavailability of spare parts.

Corolla spare parts are readily available in any part of Cameroon and also cost-effective.

Another reason why Toyota Corolla car is highly sought after for taxi business in Cameroon is because it also very fuel-efficient. In fact some people consider this as the number one selling point for the Toyota Corolla.

Do you know that the Toyota Corolla is the most popular fuel-efficient Toyota brand on Cameroonian roads today? Its famous fuel economy earned it its reputation.

It is recorded that the 2004 model of Toyota Corolla with a 1.8L engine delivers an impressive combined fuel economy of 31mpg. What that means is that its 1.8L 4-cylinder engine will get you as far as 31miles (city/highway) on just 1 gallon of fuel.

The Corolla for its ability to deliver good fuel efficiency without compromising engine performance, makes it more suitable for a taxi business in Cameroon.

The car also has a great sound system and cool air conditioning. This car will surely give you a run for your money. It is no wonder it is the most used car in transport businesses.

Prices of Toyota Corolla in Cameroon

2005 – 2009 Toyota Corolla model in Cameroon cost: 1.2 million – 3 million frs CFA
2010- 2013 Toyota Corolla model in Cameroon cost : 3.7 million- 5 million frs CFA
2014- 2016: 5 million- 8 million frs CFA.

A used Toyota Corolla can be a great way to save. You don’t have to buy a brand new model to get enjoy the reliability and excellent gas mileage. You may even find yourself with extra money left over for a road trip.

If you’re tight on money but prefer using a Toyota Corolla for your Taxi business, any of the models from 2005 – 2009 will be good as we have noted that the models are more affordable than newer model year in the 2015 to 2020 range.

In addition to that, Toyotas 9th generation which goes from 2003 to 2008 tops all the generations in fuel efficiency with 28-37 mpg in a city or on a highway.

2) Toyota Yaris for Taxi Business in Cameroon

Over the past 2 yrs you must have noticed an increase in the number of small taxis on the road of our major cities.

Those are Toyota Yaris cars.

I personally called the Toyota Yaris vehicles “small but mighty cars”.

Don’t let their small size turn you off as it may give you the impression that it may not be able to carry enough passengers. However, getting on the inside will completely change your mind.

Toyota Yaris can comfortable convey 4 passengers at the back seat and it is spacious with enough legs and headroom for even tall passengers.

I like to think of the Toyota Yaris as the eco version of the Toyota Camry. Owing to having a smaller engine, the Toyota Yaris is 3ft shorter but 1inch taller than the Camry.

Having a smaller engine compartment gave it a smallish-looking exterior.

The 2007 Toyota Yaris1.5L 4-cylinder engine delivers an excellent combined fuel economy of 32mpg city/highway. However, there are complaints by some drivers that the engine power is limited.

Overall, the Yaris is a reasonably reliable car for city driving and taxi business in Cameroon.

Its commonly replaced spare parts are readily available in spare parts markets across Cameroon.

Did we mention that the maintenance cost for this vehicle is equally low? It is an excellent choice for a driver to save much on fuel consumption to maximize his profit.

The price of a Toyota Yaris in Cameroon varies from 1 million to 2 million frs depending on the condition of the car.

3) Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry is arguably the next popular car for Uber business in Cameroon after the Toyota Corolla. Not only is it durable, but it is also spacious and has a very friendly fuel economy.

Its spare parts are readily available in the market ranging from commonly replaced spare parts to less widely replaced ones. Let’s say if you were to lose a door in a crash, you could find a replacement readily at most spare parts hubs.

If you’re thinking of using a Toyota Camry for Taxi business, you should consider buying 2002 down to 2006 models popularly known as Big Daddy in Cameroon.

Depending on the model year, this Camry comes loaded with a 2.4L 4-cylinder or 3.0L/3.3L V6 engine. Its overall fuel economy is quite decent for the Uber taxi business.

The Big Daddy 2004 model delivers a combined fuel economy of 24mpg city/highway while the older Toyota Camry models do not meet Uber model year requirements.


The Honda Accord is not far behind Toyota when it comes to its popularity especially among transport business owners. Just like the Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord gives you the best driving experience without having to break the bank. Honda Accord is very fuel- efficient.

The car is also known to be durable as you will find many Honda Accord users who have been using it for Taxi business in Cameroon for years. It is therefore a good choice for people who want to start an interurban transport business (commonly called Clando)

It has a great sound system with enough space in the interior for passengers.

Depending on the auto- dealership you go to, you can get a 2007 Honda Accord in Cameroon for 1.9 million frs CFA while a 2009 model would go for 3 million frs CFA.

The state of the car is also put into consideration when determining the price.


Toyota Avensis is another car from the factories of Toyota Just like the Toyota Corolla.

This car has good fuel economy…the engine options in Avensis models include 1.8L 2.0L and 2.4L.

With the 1.8L you could go as far as 27miles (about 36 minutes at 45 mph) on just one gallon of fuel. Generally.

Just like other Toyota cars, Toyota Avensis do not cost much in repair and maintenance…and this makes them very fit for transportation businesses in Cameroon.

he prices of Toyota Avensis depend on the year of making. Whats App us to get the current prices

6) Toyota RAV4 for Transportation business in Cameroon

Toyota RAV4 is one of the most popular, durable, easy to maintain, and fuel-efficient SUV in the Cameroonian marketplace. Its 2002 – 2005 models are great cars for the Uber or Bolt ride-sharing business in Cameroon.

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact SUV with a seating capacity for four passengers. It is among the top durable cars in the Toyota lineup. Just like the Corolla and Camry, one can readily buy its spare parts from any auto spare part market in the country.

Its engine is a high-performing 2.0L 4-cylinder engine paired against a 4-speed automatic transmission. Overall, the Toyota RAV4 has good handling and offers a smooth ride to its occupants.

RAV4’s fuel economy is one anyone would enjoy. Its 2005 model delivers an impressive 22mpg for city/highway driving. It is an ideal ride for people who would rather ride in an SUV while saving as much as possible on fuel.


The 1.5L engine of a Honda City can take you to a distance of 32miles in just one gallon. In addition, the car has a sleek look which is another reason it is the favorite of many. You can find an already used Honda City 2009 model for about 3 million frs CFA.


The Volkswagen Vento model is an example of the regular commercial 5 seater cars.

It has become a popular car model in Cameroon and other parts of the world. The Vento’s interior design is unique very suitable for commercial purposes.

This car is also fuel-efficient. This means that transport business owners and drivers are able to make enough profit when using it for commercial purposes.

Generally, the cost of maintaining the Volkswagen Vento is averagely low. Remember, the cost price of a new Volkswagen Vento is always higher than an already used car. The prices for VOLKSWAGEN VENTO vary from models.

9) KIA Rio & Hyundai Accent

The duo of KIA Rio and Hyundai Accent are notable rides among Taxi drivers in Cameroon. Although they have reported feeling a little too light to the hand for some drivers, they still get the job done. Both are with a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine mated with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed optional automatic transmission.

KIA Rio’s fuel economy is barring none of the cards mentioned on this list, save for its close ally, the Hyundai Accent. The 2006 KIA Rio delivers an exciting combined fuel economy of 33mpg for city/highway driving. It is a significant affront to the Toyota Corolla, which has touted to be the most fuel-efficient vehicle for Uber business in Cameroob.

Maintenance-wise, KIA RIO and Hyundai Accent spare parts are readily available in the marketplace in Cameroon. Although they can be a little pricier than Toyota and Honda brands, it is most affordable for an average Uber driver to buy.

Ok those are the cars you should consider if you are in need of a good car for transportation business in Cameroon.

Taxi business plan in Cameroon

Average Price of car for Taxi business 1.5 million frs CFA.

Toyotas 9th generation which goes from 2003 to 2008 tops all the generations in fuel efficiency with 28-37 mpg in a city or on a highway.

Spraying of the car, insurance and other paper works may cost you 130k.

Price of 1 Gallon of Fuel in Cameroon in 2,176.611…like i mentioned earlier, the 2004 model of Toyota Corolla with a 1.8L engine delivers an impressive combined fuel economy of 31mpg. What that means is that its 1.8L 4-cylinder engine will get you as far as 31miles (city/highway) on just 1 gallon of fuel.

So with 1 Gallon of fuel you can make about 15,000frs in profit with a fuel-efficient car.

If you employed somebody to drive your taxi, you can expect at least 10,000frs depending on the number of gallons of fuel used by your driver as you will be expected to pay your driver atleast 4k per day or you guys can make agreement on a balance you will be receiving per day.

The aforementioned profit indicates that if you have 4 taxis on the road, you can make not less than 60,000frs per day from your taxi business in Cameroon. 60,000 frs per day for 30 days gives you a whooping sum of 1.8 million frs CFA per month.

So instead of allowing millions in your bank account that won’t yield up to 150k in interest per year, you can invest your hard earned money in a taxi business and recover your capital in no time.

How the taxi business works in Cameroon

As a taxi driver, you are going to make money in Cameroon by conveying people from one area to another for a fixed taxi fare set by the taxi drivers associations within the city.

Taxi drivers also make money when their taxis are hired for special assignment.

Taxi owners often receive a fixed balance from their drivers (chauffeurs) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as agreed by both parties.

Like i mentioned earlier, the average amount the most Taxi drivers give to their boss as balance is 13,000frs CFA depending on the gallons of fuel used.

Where to buy good cars for Taxi business in Cameroon

One of the question we often get ask on a daily basis is where can i buy a car for taxi business in Cameroon???

Unlike in the past, its very easy to find cars (both used and new ones) for sale in Cameroon and at affordable prices.

Below are platforms that you can easily find cars for sale in Cameroon.

1) Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace has suddenly become the favorite spot for most car sellers in Cameroon.

On the Facebook marketplace you can easily find both new and brand new cars listed by car sellers across Cameroon (some of which are listed at insane prices by people who need cash urgently to solve a pressing issue).

Search the Facebook marketplace for your desired car…and if you find suitable car for Taxi business in Cameroon which suits your budget, you can contact the seller to find out if the car is still available and if its still available, you can book an appointment to see the vehicle before issuing payment.

Make sure you go along with a mechanic who will check the vehicle to make sure that its in good condition.

All also check the papers of the car to ensure that you are buying from the rightful owner (and not a stolen car).

If everything is ok, you can then issue payment and collect your receipt.

Meet with the seller in a public place (a secure area) to avoid case of robbery.

2) Facebook Groups

You can also buy cars for sale in Cameroon from the Cameroon Facebook groups for cars.

Freshly imported cars are often listed for sale in the Facebook groups.

3) Jumia Deals (

Jumia deals is also popular online platform where anyone in Cameroon can easily find tons of cars for sale.

Just like the Facebook market place, also Search the Jumia deals website for your desired car…and if you find suitable car for Taxi business in Cameroon which suits your budget, you can contact the seller to find out if the car is still available and if its still available, you can book an appointment to check the vehicle before issuing payment.

4) Car Cameroun (

Car Cameroun is a popular car classified website where Cameroonians can find lots of cars for sale in Cameroon.

5) Cameroon For Sale

You can also purchase the listed cars from us.

Cameroon For Sale links car sellers with their prospective customers. So if you are in need of a car to start a taxi business in Cameroon, simply contact us and we will link you to car sellers in Cameroon.

Interested in Taxi business for sale in Cameroon??? WhatsApp us.

Whatever car you prefer to use for your taxi business in Cameroon, it is important to note that the right car for a taxi should be a reliable brand, have a perfect fuel economy, and most importantly, have a low maintenance cost. More so, Taxi business in Cameroon is all about making money for the parties involve and at the same time providing excellent value for money spent by the customers.

You will agree that using any vehicle that lacks any of the features mentioned above could cause you to spend more money which otherwise would have saved as your profit.

Ok we have come to the end of this article, if you have any question, send us a message via WhatsApp for more info.

If you are in need of a car for Taxi business, also contact us and we will present you with a long list of suitable cars.

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