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Best electrical company in Cameroon for house wiring services & Electrical Installations


Looking for reliable electrical companies in Cameroon for house wiring and other electrical installations??? if yes, then worry no more, because you just found the No.1 and most reliable electrical company in Cameroon.

Just in Time LTD is a reliable Cameroon company which offers a wide range of construction services with electrical engineering being its core domain.

We do house wiring both bungalow and story building. We install cameras we also install Solar power systems , Automatic change over for power supplies and many more

Our house wiring services covers conduit wiring, trunking wiring & surface Wiring… offering maximum convenience and safety for our clients using the best wire for house wiring available in Cameroon.

Here at Just In Time Limited, we also draw house wiring diagrams/plans which will greatly facilitate maintenance and rewiring of your house in future when wiring is outdated (after 50 years).

Why you should choose us

What differentiate Just In Time Cameroon electrical services from that of other electrical engineering companies, is that we put the safety of our clients first when rendering our electrical services.

Other electrical companies (amateur electricians) in Cameroon just focus on getting the electrical job done by any means neglecting the safety aspect; which is very important.

Wondering why???

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), home electrical fires resulting from bad house wiring, account for an estimated 51,000 fires in the world each year, nearly 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage

Have you ever imagined your multi million francs mansion completely razed down by fire in 30 minutes due to electrical short-circuit??? or a loved one getting electrocuted due to poor house wiring???

All the aforementioned disasters/damages can be avoided today if you choose the best electrical company in Cameroon for your house wiring and other electrical installations.

A good house wiring and electrical installation is equally as important as a solid foundation.

Just in Time guarantees safety and convenience as we render our services following the national electrical code.


• Domestic electrical wiring and fitting in Cameroon (both bungalow and story building)
• Industrial electrical wiring and installation of cameras
• House wiring plan/diagram drawing in Cameroon
• Fault finding & maintenance of House wiring and electrical installations in Cameroon
• Solar Panel Installations
• Auto systems for security & change over

NOTE: Just In Time also offers consultation services related to house wiring
so if you are an Engineer or just anyone who is building a house in your urban or rural area and wants to wire the house but don’t know what materials to buy and how much the products will cost in the market, you can also contact us for electrical house wiring estimate in Cameroon.

Just in Time LTD Cameroon can handle excellently your house wiring and Other Electrical Installation Systems effectively and with pocket friendly service charges.

The success of our business is strongly grounded on clients safety, satisfaction …and not profit centered hence our goal is not only to render house wiring and other electrical installation services in Cameroon, but also to establish a lifelong relationship with our clients.

Just like people always say, MAN LIVE BY MAN.

We at Just In Time LTD, strongly believe that if a client is satisfied with our service, he or she will likely recommend us to another person who is also in need of our house wiring services in Cameroon. This is the principle we have been using and it has been working wonders for us and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

We have been able to thrive in this competitive electrical engineering business in Cameroon for the past 8 yrs because of the help of a huge word-of-mouth advertisers (most of whom are our satisfied clients).

Most of my clients were referred to us by my previous clients through word-of-mouth recommendations.

So we don’t joke with my clients and our projects.

Putting smiles on your face is our ultimate goal.

It’s noteworthy that Just in Time LTD is made of humble employees with a good communication skills. They don’t speak to people rudely, no matter your profession or social class. We believe our clients are our bosses.

So what are you waiting for??? Contact us today for electrical quotation for house wiring in Cameroon

To get in touch with us, you can contact us via Whatsapp/Call

We are ready to receive calls from 7 AM to 6PM. Business calls will not be received after the aforementioned period.

Tell us your requirements and we will deliver according to your need taking in to consideration the safety aspect which is our selling point.


Do you know anyone that may be looking towards a career as an electrician in Cameroon???

Just in Time LTD also offers basic to advance level training in Electrical engineering.

So if you are a complete novice, a fresh graduate or an electrical engineer student and you are interested to learn about the electrical system in the houses and buildings, Just in Time LTD Cameroon electrical engineering course in Cameroon will be a good choice for you because of what listed below :

What you’ll learn

1) Just in Time LTD Cameroon electrical engineering course will let you understand how the electrical wiring is done in our houses, buildings such as offices and so on.

2) You will learn how to wire several light bulbs to switches, also how to wire power sockets and a fan.

3) How to calculate the loads (current and power) for each equipment you would fix it.

4) How to draw and read electrical drawings and plans such as light layout, power layout, single line diagram and load schedule.

5) Circuit breakers will be considered in this course (MCB and MCCB).

6) Types of wires and cables will be considered also (how to chose the best wire for house wiring in Cameroon).

7) Moreover you will also learn about types of switches and power sockets.

8) What is the meaning of 3-phase and single phase in our real life.

9) What’s the real benefit for earthing and why do we use earth leakage circuit breaker.

10) You will understand how electricity works, how it is generated, transmitted to, and distributed throughout your home.

11) Safe practices are covered in detail, including the use of circuit testers.

12) The course also includes an in-depth look at rough-in wiring, and explains the role, use and importance of ground fault circuit and arc fault circuit protection.

Benefits of Just in Time Electrical Engineering Training

1) At the end of the course you will be familiar with wiring (lights with switches and power sockets) and you will have the courage to read and understand the electrical plans for buildings.

2) After completing the course you will be qualified to apply for a job to work as a site and a designer electrical engineer with us or any electrical engineering company in Cameroon.

This course is also for homeowners in Cameroon with an interest in learning how to complete small electrical projects and repairs throughout the home, both safely and competently.

Anyone with a general interest in, or curiosity of how electricity works, and how it is put in use in the home would also benefit from this knowledge base.

Learn How to Wire Power Sockets, Light Bulb to Switches also How to Read Electrical Plans (House Wiring) with 3 months of intensive training.

So if you are curious to learn about electrical wiring in houses, this course will give you a good experience.

Summarily Just in Time Limited is an all in our Electrical solution for Cameroonians.

We are readily available to deliver Just in Time paying attention to every little detail !!!

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