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Best 4G LTE Universal USB MODEM With Wi-Fi Hotspot for sale in Cameroon


Even though internet connection has been made affordable by the Mobile Network companies in Cameroon, getting an internet modem for browsing the internet on a laptop or PC at home, has never been easy in Cameroon.

If you have ever gone to the offices of the mobile networks to make inquiries about the prices of internet modems in Cameroon, then you already know what I’m talking about.

The mobile networks in Cameroon sells Internet modems for as high as 25,000 frs and above (non-negotiable).

I have personally bought an internet modem from Camtel for 40000frs.

The worse of it all is the fact that the internet modems sold by the mobile networks in Cameroon are LOCKED to their networks i.e. you cannot use an MTN Simcard with an Orange Internet modem and vice versa.

Today we present to you an affordable Universal LTE 4G Internet modem that works with all the mobile networks in Cameroon.

This 4G LTE Universal 3-IN-1 USB MODEM With Wi-Fi Hotspot is your one purpose Wi-Fi router of 150 Mbps browsing and download speed with plug and play technology.

Key features of our LTE 4G Internet Modem Available for Sale in Cameroon

*** Its a universal 4G LTE Internet Modem that works with all the Mobile Networks in Cameroon (MTN, Orange, Nexttel and the Camtel Blue Sim).
*** Supports FDD/TDD-LTE, HSPA+ HSPA Network bands which makes it compatible with all networks.
*** Provides high speed wireless internet connection of up to 150Mbps speed (lightening speed).
*** Its very easy to use i.e. it uses a plug & play Technology – Just connect to a power source and start browsing.
*** This device serves as a hotspot and supports up to 10 Wi-Fi devices all connected at once for internet sharing. This makes it good for office environment.
*** Provides 4G/3G+ Wi-Fi wireless access for phones, laptops, PCs, ipads, ipods, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.
*** Has a microSD card slot with up to 32GB memory card support

How to use our LTE 4G Internet Modem for browsing with any mobile network in Cameroon

Like i mentioned earlier, our USB 4G internet modem is a hotspot device.

To use it, first you need to insert your SIM card in to the device.

After you have inserted your SIM, plug it to a power source like the USB port of your PC, laptop, power bank, charger head, or from a direct USB power source, and it is ready to use.

Once plugged in, you can connect through Wifi and start enjoying superfast internet browsing speed.

You can connect up to 10 different Wifi devices all at once including phones, laptops, PCs, ipads, ipods, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.

How to configure Our 4G Internet Modem

1. Push the back cover down.
2. Insert the SIM card with the core facing down.
3. Plug the USB port into a power source for WiFi.
4. Connect to WiFi, you can surf the Internet.
5. Connect to WIFI, open in the browser to enter the background, the background can modify the WIFI name and
password to add APN.

Best Mobile Networks for browsing with our 4G Internet Modem

If you are still wondering what mobile network to use our 4G Internet Modem with, then we strongly recommend that you get the CAMTEL Blue Sim.

In case you don’t know, CAMTEL offers the most affordable internet connection in Cameroon and their network is lightening fast.

Just get our 4G Internet Modem and buy the CAMTEL BLUE SIM, then you can can browse the internet at home or office with your loved ones or colleagues with peace of mind.

If you are interested in purchasing our 4G Internet Modem, Simply WhatsApp us.

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