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If you have ever done a research for the best product for buttocks and hips enhancement in Cameroon, then you must have heard about Ultimate Maca plus capsules, serum oil and cream.

And if you do a search on YouTube for the best body enhancement product for buttocks and hips, you will find tons of videos of YouTubers around the world, talking about the body enhancement product.

You must have wondered why Ultimate Maca plus is so popular in Cameroon and why everyone wants to buy it even though its far more expensive than other body enhancement products in the Cameroon market.

The reason for the mad rush over Ultimate Maca Plus is because its arguably the most effective body enhancement product available at the moment. Yes!, its super effective.

It could be the reason why most girls in Cameroon in this 21st century look slim thick (curvy).

Its amazing how a girl with a flat butt can turn in to banging body queen after two weeks of using the Ultimate Maca Plus.

For those of you who are hearing about this body enhancement product for the first time….

Ultimate Maca Plus pills is a butt and hip enhancement supplement known for its big butt and hip enhancement magic…formulated with all natural butt enhancing ingredients like Aguaje, Fenugreek, Black Maca and Chinese Dong Quai medicine, which are known for increasing size of butt, hips and for their hormonal balancing abilities.

In addition to increasing buttocks and hips size, Ultimate Maca body enhancement pill, cream and serum will also eliminate cellulite and firm your butt to make it look so sexy in your jeans and other dresses.

Here are the reasons why Ultimate Maca Plus should be your No 1 choice when it comes to butt and hips enhancement pills in Cameroon.

1.Ultimate Maca was specially formulated for big butts and hips that gives that big, bouncy booty in just a few weeks. Results begin to show as early as 2 weeks and the result is permanent.

2. Ultimate Maca, contains not just Maca, but other powerful natural butt and hips enhancement ingredients like aguaje, fenugreek, black maca, dong quai extract tribulus (google search for more information on the above ingredients) if you are a doubting Thomas.

3. 7500mg dose makes Ultimate Maca work 3x faster and more powerful than any Maca pills on the market, makes you see results in weeks.

Ultimate Maca Plus Ingredients:

Maca Roots 7500mg, Aguaje, Dong Quai (25% extract), Herb Powder, Wild Yaw (25% Diosgenin), Black Maca, Fenugreek, Tribulus.

The most active ingredient in Ultimate Maca that makes it super effective is Aguaje which provides the body with high amount of phytoestrogen which is responsible for the development and defining of the buttocks, breasts and hip.

The other organic ingredients in Ultimate Maca help to shape and plump the butt to make it big, round and sexy.

How to Use Ultimate Maca pill (dosage of the Ultimate Maca pill):

Take just 1 capsule of Ultimate Maca Plus daily.

The new version of the Ultimate Maca Plus bottle contains 120 capsules that will last for 4 months and enough for most ladies to get their desired result.

Remember to eat alot of protein rich food or simply buy the Winstown isolated whey protein powder; its a rich source of protein.

Store in a cool, dry place after opening. For adults only. Consult physician if pregnant/nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Keep out of reach of children.

How Ultimate Maca causes butt and hips to grow

Ultimate Maca Plus enhances curves by providing the body with high amount of estrogen that necessary for growth of butt and hips.

Ever wondered why some women, but not all, have the “pear” shape considered by many to be desirable? or why women have bigger butt than men????

That is caused by Estrogen.

Estrogen (also known as the “female” hormone) is one of the things that makes a woman more feminine and enhances her curves. It’s the one that turns you from a child to a woman once puberty hits. It also kickstarts and regulates a woman’s menstrual cycle and gives women that beautiful healthy skin and feminine glow.

Just like the hormone in men; Testosterone (also known as the “male” hormone) also cause males to start developing the manly features like development of big cucumber, beards, deepening of the voice, sex drive, sperm production etc when they hit puberty.

To simply put it, estrogen is the one that is responsible for everything that has to do with a woman’s femininity (just like testosterone for the men)

Hence an increase in estrogen level causes the growth of butt, hips and breast.

The biggest estrogen producer in the body are the ovaries, which starts working and producing estrogen as soon as a lady hits puberty and ends its work during menopause.

For those of you who don’t know, Puberty is the age at or period during which the body of a boy or girl matures and becomes capable of reproducing.

It usually happens between ages 10 and 14 for girls and ages 12 and 16 for boys.

So estrogen is the hormone that gets the lady ready by giving girls that curves that makes them attractive to the opposite sex.

It signals how big your breasts get during puberty, increases the size of the butt and increases the metabolism for a smaller waist line.

As soon as a girl hits the puberty age, the ovaries starts producing the hormone estrogen and when the body sense the presence of Estrogen, growth of the butt, hips and breast becomes the main focus of the body. And during puberty, the level of estrogen in the blood stream is very high causing fast growth of the womanly features.

How does estrogen effect the buttocks????

It affects your breasts and buttocks in a simple enough way: estrogen triggers the body to store more fats on the butt, hips and breast.

When someone says “fats” it might sound horrible and bad, but in this instance, fat cells are the ones the fills out your curves and makes the breasts, butt and hips bigger.

When a girl clocks 18 (which marks the end of puberty for most ladies), the level of estrogen drops and ladies start experiencing slow growth of the female assets.

And when a lady gets pregnant, the level of estrogen in the body increases again.

During pregnancy Estrogen in the body is at its it peak as its being produced by the ovaries and later by the placenta to help the uterus grow, maintains uterine lining, regulates other key hormones and triggers the development of baby’s organs. And when it’s time to breastfeed, estrogen promotes the growth of breast tissue and helps milk flow.

Consequently the butt and hips of ladies also increases during pregnancy due to the estrogen increase during pregnancy.

Some ladies may experience a huge increase in butt and hips size during that period than others and this is due to difference in Genetic make up and sexual activity.

The scientist also say women who have more sex have higher levels of estrogen hence have a high chance of developing a curvy body.

Another important factor which determines how fast you will get results with the Ultimate Maca body enhancement products, is your body type.

It should be noted that there are two types of body which include the “pear” body type and the “apple” body type.

Ladies with the pear body type tend to gain weight in their butt and hips easily while people with the apple body type tend to gain weight in their belly fast.

The pear body type ladies (that naturally appear curvy) often have a high level of estrogen in their blood stream.

If you have the pear body type, storing fat in your hips will be a breeze leading to fast result.

By Simply eating more food you can gain weight in your butt, hips and breast without using the body enhancement products.

Now what if a lady is not satisfied with the size of butt, hips and breast achieved after puberty??? And you obviously can’t desire to get pregnant just to boost your estrogen and butt size or engage in sexual activities in order to boost estrogen level.

Now this is when body enhancement comes in to the scene.

Body enhancement is any improvement done to the body with the aim of achieving bigger butt, hips and breast.

There are two types of body enhancement options that ladies in Cameroon can go for, in order to achieve a bigger butt, hips and breast. The two options include;

— Artificial body enhancement achieved via body enhancement surgeries and boob jobs (very expensive with life threatening side effect)
— Natural Body Enhancement method which involves using organic body enhancement products made from natural plant rich in phytoestrogen.

Body enhancement products in Cameroon includes products (like creams, supplements) rich in estrogen that stimulates increase in buttocks, hips and breast size (those assets) giving a lady a sexy look.

How natural ways to enhance your buttocks and hips works

Since estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for your curves, the best natural way to enhance your curves will also be by taking estrogen.

Phytoestrogen, or the estrogen from plants are the safest form of estrogen that you can take. It’s all natural, unaltered and completely safe to take.

Phytoestrogen replenishes the estrogen that the body needs in order to enhance and emphasize your curves. By taking oral phytoestrogen supplements (like Ultimate Maca plus), it will signal your body to store more fats ONLY on your buttocks, Hips and breasts. The good thing about it is that it does not make you gain weight in your tummy, face etc, so you can put your mind at ease.

Phytoestrogen derived from the Body enhancement herb, aguaje in Ultimate Maca Plus – is a 100% natural source of estrogen, known to be identical to the body’s own estrogen (produced by the Ovaries) hence it’s easily assimilated into the body. This hormone (phytoestrogen) is then responsible for the development and defining of the buttocks, breasts and hip.

So with the Ultimate Maca body enhancement products, you are sure of getting a bigger, firmer butt and hip. Ultimate Maca also increases sexual drive and balances hormones.

Another thing that you can do to enhance your buttocks and hips is by applying creams that are high in phytoestrogen such as the butt and hips enhancement cream.

Ultimate Maca cream for butt and hips stimulates the production of adipose cells or fat cells ONLY to the part of your body where you applied the cream, in this case, the buttocks. It does not cause you to get fat on the other parts of the body.

Ultimate Maca Plus and Food goes together like bread and butter

Before using the Ultimate Maca plus capsules, one thing you need to know is that the product only provides your body with high amount of phytoestrogen.

And the Phytoestrogen hormone only signals your body to store fats at your butt and hips.

The fat that will get stored in the target areas to give you the banging body, will come from the food you eat i.e. it will not move from move from other parts of your body to those areas.

Body enhancement for a curvy body is all about gaining weight in your butt, hips and breast.

You obviously can’t gain weight if you don’t eat well. It’s food (calories) that forms the fat that gets stored in those areas.

So while taking the Ultimate Maca pills, eat a lot of high quality protein food like eggs, chicken, fish, whey powder smoothies, and peanut butter.

Protein is the building block of all the stuff on/in your body.

A good source of rich protein for building the butt and hips fat fast, is the Winstown Whey Protein Powder.

To help with the formation of fatty tissue in your breasts while taking these pills, also take a high quality fish oil supplement and cod liver oil.

If you are taking any body enhancement pill and don’t eat enough food, you will find it difficult to get result and if you get result, it won’t be permanent.

I repeat Ultimate Maca Plus and food goes together like bread and butter.

Will i develop a big tummy is i eat too much???

The presence of phytoestrogen in the blood stream, makes the butt, hips and breast the prime focus for weight gain. So as long as you are taking the pills, you will only gain weight in those areas.

Like i mentioned earlier, Phytoestrogen simply tells your body to store fat in those areas.

So whatever food you eat while taking the Ultimate Maca, fats get stored only in those areas to give you that slim thick figure that you have been craving for.

However if you are too afraid of developing a big tummy, you can always wear a waist trainer while taking the Ultimate Maca to completely eliminate any possibility of getting a big tummy.

Frequently asked questions about Ultimate Maca Plus

How long does it take for one to get result with the Ultimate Maca Plus???

Most ladies get visible result after 15 days of consistent use.

It should be noted that during the 15 days, the customers were not only taking the pills but also eating a lot of food especially protein rich food together with the isolated whey protein powder.

Food is very essential in forming the fats that gets stored in the target areas.

If you are finding it difficult to eat, i suggest you take an appetizer like Apetamin to boost your appetite or buy 2 bottles of the isolated whey protein powder.

Ultimate Maca Plus goes with food and the good thing is that no matter how much quantity of food you eat, you will only gain weight in your butt and hips.

That’s why most people describe the shape that Ultimate Maca gives as Slim thick figure i.e. the rest of the body remains slim while your butt and hips pops out to give you a perfect banging body that turns head wherever you go.

*** Is the result permanent???

This is another common question about the Ultimate Maca Plus that i often get asked.

About 40% of the Cameroonians who have bought the Ultimate Maca from us, always ask:

When i stop using the Ultimate Maca, won’t i lose my butt inches???

No sweetheart, the result is permanent.

But its important to note that the components that gets stored in your butt and hips to give you that big and round butt is fat (not rubber or iron LOL).

And fats get broken down when we engage in stressful activities that burns lots of calories and cut us down.

When you lose weight, you may lose some inches of your butt.

However that shouldn’t be something to worry about as you can always get another bottle and get your body back to shape.

What are the side effects of the Ultimate Maca Plus???

This is the question that that i get asked always and don’t get tired of answering the question because its very important for everyone to look out for their health.

You obviously don’t want to get that banging body that you have been craving for and then end up in a hospital bed later.

The original Ultimate Maca doesn’t have any side effect.

The original Ultimate Maca was made from natural plants that provides the body with phytoestrogen that’s closely similar to the estrogen produced by the ovaries in the body.

Make sure you buy the original Ultimate Maca in Cameroon and take the right dosage (1 pill per day) and you won’t experience any side effect.

Mind you, there are life threatening side effects associated with the fake Ultimate Maca in the market.

So you may buy a fake Ultimate Maca in Cameroon for 15000frs but end up spending more than 200k on severe health issue like kidney disease.

*** Can a pregnant mother take the Ultimate Maca Pill???

Pregnant women, breast feeding women and girls under the age of 18, shouldn’t use the Ultimate Maca plus.

*** Where can i buy original Ultimate Maca Plus in Cameroon???

You can buy Original Ultimate Maca from us or other sellers in Cameroon.

If you can’t buy from us, then follow the guidelines that i have provided to ensure that you buy the original Ultimate Maca from other sellers in Cameroon.

*** What’s the retail and Wholesale price of the Ultimate Maca products in Cameroon???

WhatsApp me to get the price of Ultimate Maca in Cameroon.

*** Origin of Ultimate Maca Plus

Based on the ingredients one can easily tell that the Ultimate Maca Plus originates from China.

However most sellers in Cameroon import Ultimate Maca Plus from Nigeria and Ghana.

*** Can i take two capsules of the Ultimate Maca per day to get fast result???

Take just 1 pill per day and eat alot of food to get enough calories for fat formation.

If you want to see result very fast, then you need to get the isolated whey protein powder.

WhatsApp us if you need it.

The original Ultimate Maca has a high potency with 7300mg.

With other low mg body enhancement pill, you are required to take 2 pills per day.

But even the two pills is not even up to half the strength of the Ultimate Maca plus.

Just be taking just 1 capsule per day and watch your body gets transformed without you going under the knife.

How can i identity a fake Ultimate Maca Plus pill in Cameroon???

There are lots of fake Ultimate Maca pills on the Cameroon market with packaging and bottles that looks exactly like the design of the original Ultimate Maca plus hence everyone who intends to buy the Ultimate Maca needs to be extremely cautious.

Below are factors that you can use to identify a fake Ultimate Maca Pill in Cameroon

1) Price of the Ultimate Maca Plus pills in Cameroon

This is the first sign that raises a red flag that a particular Ultimate Maca Plus pills (advertised online or offline) could be fake (not original).

Ultimate Maca is arguably the most expensive body enhancement product in Cameroon.

An original Ultimate Maca pill is sold for 25000 frs CFA and above.

The whole sale price could be 20,000 frs CFA or slightly less.

Any Ultimate Maca plus for butt and hips enlargement in Cameroon with a price tag that is less than 15k is likely fake and as such you may not get the desired result with such product.

I often received messages from Cameroonians who claim they have used the Ultimate Maca pill for more than a month but haven’t seen any result and when i ask them how much they bought the product, they mention a very ridiculous price.

Original Ultimate Maca Plus in Cameroon is expensive (but its worth the price cuz its super effective)

We often recommend the product for the boss ladies who can afford it and not for the students.

Don’t throw away your money on stuff that don’t work. Invest in the right stuff.

2) Strength 7500mg Max with a high potency of 15:1 concentrate

The strength of the original Ultimate Maca pill is 7500mg Max and its clearly written on the bottle.

Ultimate Maca has the highest mg amongst the butt and hips enhancement pills available in the Cameroon market…and this explains why its super effective.

Some Cameroonians call it the final bus stop when it comes to butt and hips enlargement.

Any Ultimate Maca Pill with an mg that is less than 7500mg is not the original Ultimate Maca plus hence won’t give the desired result.

For those of you who don’t know, mg (milligram) indicates the potency of a body enhancement pill.

The mg of most effective body enhancement pills for butt and hips in Cameroon range from 900mg to 1500mg but the mg of the Ultimate Maca Plus goes as high as 7500mg with a high potency of 15:1 concentrate.

Comparing the Ultimate Maca Plus with other body enhancement products in the Cameroon market, is like comparing Francis Nganou to Grand P. The difference is clear and this justifies the huge price tag.

So always pay attention to the mg of a body enhancement pill as it tell us the strength of the body enhancement product. The higher the mg, the lesser the time it will take for you to get result.

So it will obviously take a long time for you to get result with the fake 1500mg Ultimate Maca plus on the market.

3) Verification code (bar code)

Another easy way that Cameroonians can spot a fake Ultimate Maca plus pill on the market is by checking the verification code of the Ultimate Maca plus.

Mindful of the fact that there are many harmful fake Ultimate Maca plus in the market, the Ultimate maca company has inscribed verification codes on their product which their customers can use to check if a particular Ultimate Maca is original or not.

And its clearly written on the bottle of the original Ultimate Maca that “IF NO CODE, DON’T BUY”

To determine if a particular Ultimate Maca plus is original or not, you simply scan the bar code on the Ultimate Maca Plus.

Most sellers of the fake Ultimate Maca will even tell you boldly that the Ultimate Maca that they are selling doesn’t have any code…insinuating that its not the original Ultimate Maca.

So before buying an Ultimate Maca Plus from any seller in Cameroon, one of the questions you should ask, should be, does your Ultimate Maca have a verification code (E-Verify)??? if the answer is no, then case closed, he or she is not selling the original Ultimate Maca Plus.

4)  Number of Capsules in a bottle of the Original Ultimate Maca Plus is 120 Capsules (No Longer 90 Capsules).

Another key factor that you should pay attention to, when shopping for the original Ultimate Maca, is the number of capsules in a bottle.

The newer version of the Ultimate Maca plus has 120 Capsules with 7500mg.

The old version had 90 Capsules 7800mg max.

The quantity of capsules was recently increased from 90 capsules to 120 capsules to ensure that people stick long enough with the product till they have achieved the best result.

The 120 capsules is meant to be taken for a period of 4 months (1 pill per day)

120 capsules will definitely yield the desired result for most women..except you want a gigantic butt.

If you want a gigantic butt, 2 bottles of the Ultimate Maca plus would be enough.

On the other hand, the fake Ultimate Maca plus bottles that contains 60 capsules and 100 capsules with 1500mg strength, will take a longer time for you to get result.

So once you see 60 capsules or 100 capsules on the bottle, know that its not the original Ultimate Maca plus.

5) The Original Ultimate Maca Plus comes in a dark brown bottle

The original Ultimate Maca comes in a dark brown bottle.

If an Ultimate Maca plus bottle is in a white or any other color other than dark brown, then its not the original Ultimate Maca plus, period!

6) Ultimate Maca is also sold as a set

When shopping for the original Ultimate Maca in Cameroon, its important to note that the product is also sold in a set.

The set includes;

*** The Ultimate Maca Plus capsules (that comes in bottles that contains 90 & 120 capsules)
*** Ultimate Maca Oil Serum (300ml) for Hips and Bums Enlargement
*** Ultimate Maca cream.

The Ultimate Maca Oil Serum and cream will eliminate cellulite and firm your butt (by increasing collagen production) to make it look round and sexy in your jeans and other dresses.

Consequence of buying the fake Ultimate Maca

Not only will you lose money buying an ineffective product, you are also risking having
a polycistic kidney health issue.

We all know that any issue related to the kidney is life threatening and expensive to treat.

Buy the original Ulmate Mac plus and achieve a banging body without any health issue.

Somebody may likely want to ask, is a banging body really essential in this 21st century???

The answer is simply YES!

Even though a handful of men will never agree, buttocks, hips and breast are the 3 female assets which attract men (to the opposite sex) more than any other asset (legs, hair, height etc).

Whenever you see a group of men stirring and talking about a girl passing by, they are probably talking about gorgeous her behind and boobs look hence the women who were naturally endowed with big buttocks, hips and breast, are eye candy to the 21st century men.

The women with those attractive assets don’t also find it difficult to attract and retain men in a relationship as most men view them as full package.

Aside attracting the attention, we all want a body that makes up look good in dresses.

If you weren’t born with big buttocks, hips and breasts, you don’t need to envy the ladies who were naturally endowed with those assets OR allow them to snatch your man, you can simply upgrade yourself to the 21st century standard using the affordable body enhancement products in Cameroon.

Body enhancement products are an affordable and easy way to get the look you crave for with NO SIDE EFFECT i.e. they will enhance your butt, hips and breast naturally, without you experiencing the side effects associated with body enhancement surgeries (without implants).

Gone are the days when women had to spend a fortune on breast and buttocks enlargements surgeries in order to achieve their dream banging body.

Today you don’t need to risk your life by going under the knife as there are lots of effective natural body enhancement products (creams & pills) in Cameroon that will enable you to achieve your desired boobs, hibs and butt size without you experiencing any life threatening side effect and without you spending up to a fraction of the amount of money you would have spent on body enhancement surgeries in order to achieve a similar result.

Just like i use to tell many of my friends, in this 21st century, beauty and sexiness has become a commodity.

If you weren’t not born with the enhanced/attractive features seen in Nicky Minaj, the Kardashians, Blanche Bailly, and the Instagram models or video vixens, you can use your money to get those assets and become slim thick overnight.

Yes you heard me right, if you want to get that curvy shape of Blanche Bailly (including the fair glowing skin), there are body enhancement products combination that we can recommend to you, that will give you the exact banging body.

It will surprise you to know that most of the celebrities in Cameroon with banging bodies were not naturally endowed with it.

The fans of Blanche Bailly who have been following her since the early days of her music career, will agree with me that there has been a marked transformation in the body of the singer over the past 4 years.

It will surprise you to know that Blanche Bailly who has been label by many bloggers as Cameroon’s most shaped female artist wasn’t born with the banging body you see in her music videos.

Blanche Bailly (AKA Queen Mimba) was just like an ordinary girl with a normal (less attention seeking) body that most guys wouldn’t look at twice when walking on the street i.e. her butt and hips weren’t that plump, boobs looked flat and her skin wasn’t glowing.

Now everything on her body just looks so perfect.

Her buttocks and hips look so gorgeous, breast now looks firm (no more sagging boobs), she’s glowing, has whitish teeth, hair is on point, nails etc everything just looks excellent.

Was she naturally endowed with those assets which has made her a talking point amongst the male folks???

The simple answer is NO! Your girl actually worked on her body (not in the gym though) but using affordable body enhancement products available in Cameroon.

For those of you who don’t know, Body enhancement products in Cameroon includes products (like creams, supplements) that stimulates increase in buttocks, hips and breast size (those assets) giving a lady a sexy look. The slim ladies who wish to look curvy (like Queen Mimba) can also use weight gain products available in Cameroon.

Body enhancement products in Cameroon offers a safe and affordable way to achieve a banging body without going under the knife and without getting any side effects unlike body enhancement surgeries.

WhatsApp me if you are interested in purchasing the Ultimate Maca Capsules, serum and cream.

We are based in Cameroon but ship world wide.

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