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Best Butt Acne Clearing Lotion in Cameroon for Pimples on the buttocks & thighs – Get rid of Butt acne fast


Wondering how to get rid of your butt acne (annoying pimples on your buttocks) and achieved a flawless butt that looks as smooth as a baby’s butt within 2 weeks??? Do you want to start rocking your bathing suit with so much confidence at the beach??? if yes, then rejoice cuz you finally arrived at the final bus stop for butt acne.

Butt acne is one of the most embarrassing issue that most women in Cameroon (and world at large) are battling with and some even find it hard to seek for solution as they don’t want other people to know they have pimples on their bum. Not even their sisters and close friends.

In fact one of my customers even ask if would be possible for me to remove/hide the label of our butt acne clearing lotion which indicates the product is for butt acne treatment. She obviously didn’t want her friends to easily figure out what the product is for when they spot the packet in her house.

I told her not to worry about that cuz the label of our product can be taken off of the bottle super easily so she can keep it discreetly without anyone knowing what it is for “Butt Acne”. I didn’t know the label of our product was even putting off some of our customers.

You can now see that “Buttne” is one of the biggest insecurities that ladies in the world battle with and it always makes some ladies extremely self conscious. I know this cuz i have been in your situation.

Butt acne is something that had always made me self conscious and it’s such a relief not having to be embarrassed anymore. I couldn’t wear a bathing suit and not feel embarrassed about my backside.

Indeed its actually embarrassing as those who have pimples on their bum and thighs are often afraid to wear a thong bikini, regular swimsuits and other short clothes that exposes their butt….and don’t often feel sexy in their bikinis anymore cause of the bumps on their bum.

Some ladies may say “well, at least it’s not on my face!” But regardless, it makes you feel insecure and uncomfortable.

Another annoying thing about having pimples on your buttocks is that its hard to pop them.
Not to mention how itchy it can be dealing with a butt acne.

Anyone who has butt acne knows they’re almost impossible to pop and when you do, you’re left with a dark spot on your butt or even cause hyperpigmentation around your butt area making your butt look unattractive (taking the situation to another level).

Scratching it is not also a good thing to do.

We understand how uncomfortable and itchy it can be, dealing with a butt acne. But trust us, scratching and scraping the inflamed area will not help solve your problem. Some think that they’re doing themselves a favour by over-exfoliating/scrubbing the infected area, but really it will trigger the inflammation more, leading to scarring hyperpigmentation. So, please drop the loofah.

When you scratch there’s a greater chance of infection, bigger bumps that spread, and a combo of discoloration and dark spots.

Getting a lasting solution for butt acne is not easy either.

In my case, i got so sick of trying every exfoliating mitt/scrub/lotion under the sun without being satisfied.

What everyone seeking for a solution to butt acne should know is that Butt acne is often times different from the normal Acne(pimples) that appears on the face. Acne on your backside sometimes is more than acne. it can be bacterial, it can be ingrown hair.

In most cases, what we call Butt acne is folliculitis, an inflammation of hair follicles resulting in bumps that are commonly mistaken for acne. This explains why you must have used numerous soaps and creams to get rid of your butt acne without getting any result.

Many of my clients tell me how they have tried everything from prescription medications to over the counter products but didn’t succeed to get rid of their butt acne. Most Acne cream, scrub, antibiotics, or ointment will only keep your butt acne under control.

However some Dermatologist prescribed products that contains Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide work but they it takes months for you to see results.

So what is Butt acne???

Okay, butt acne is not truly acne—it is, in fact, a clogged pores or trapped dead skin that are caused by inflammation around the hair follicles. Think of a sweat or dead skin cells being clamped together in a confined space. Yes, that’s how a butt acne was formed. So basically the acne on your ‘’asset’’ is a product of skin irritation, bacteria, sweats and fungus mixt together and infecting your hair follicles.

How to know if you have butt acne

Itchy and discomfort is the way to describe the infamous butt acne. And it’s pretty easy to spot them, too.

If you were feeling the skin all over your butt and suddenly felt tiny bumps which tend to be itchy or painful, that’s the acne. And when left untreated, best believe they will develop into larger, cyst-like clusters.

What causes pimples in your bum (why pimples occur on buttocks)

One of the questions that most people often ask is what causes pimples on the buttocks???

So, What Causes Butt Acne Anyway?

“There’s a number of reasons that people can suffer spots on the bum; the main one being a common condition called folliculitis whereby hair follicles become blocked often leading to inflammation.

Other causes of bum acne include;

*** Sitting Too Long

Let’s not beat around the bush, since we’re spending more time at home—giving us much more time sitting than standing—hello WFH, this could be one of the reasons why. And since the skin surface on your buttocks tends to be thinner, it can also get a lot of pressure by just sitting down.

*** You’ve been sweating a lot

Excess sweating from exercise, wearing skinny jeans and non breathable activewear can all contribute to spots in this area. Always be sure to wash your leggings and trousers after sweating a lot in them, and shower quickly after a workout to avoid sitting in that bacteria.

*** You’re wearing the wrong underwear

Wearing certain types of underwear can cause local irritation or accumulation of sweat, for example nylon underwear as opposed to cotton underwear.

*** Wearing Tight Fitting & Uncomfortable Clothes

Next, wearing clothing that is too tight or uncomfortable fabric like lace can also lead to butt acne. Underwear is meant to be comfortable, so if you’re wearing a fabric that can restrict airflow and damage hair follicles, that can also lead to clogged pores. Not to mention if you’re an active exerciser, wearing tight yoga pants while working out is a big no-no! Yeah, understandable that it’ll look sexier but why don’t try to swap it with baggy pants which are more comfortable, breathable and sweat-friendly.

*** Hormones

Hormones play a major role in acne growth, everyone knows this. Hormonal changes such as menstrual cycle or puberty can affect the condition of your skin. Your skin tends to be more sensitive during the time of the month so it makes it easier for the pores to get clogged and trapped inside of your skin. This is because hormones called Androgens take up the lead during your menstrual cycle.

*** The Chemical In Your Waxing

FYI, an excessive amount of waxing appointments should be avoided. It can lead to further obstruction of hair follicles and inflammation. You should only do waxing once every 2 or 3 months. For the in-betweeners, we recommend you shave using a reusable razor. A chemical inside your waxing paste is actually not good for your skin.

*** You don’t care for the skin on your bum as much
This is normal, of course! While you spend 💰 on pricey products for your face, and even chest, it’s unlikely you do the same for the skin on your bum.We tend to take much greater care of our faces compared to the bum in terms of applying skin care, cleansing etc

So, how do one really handle a butt acne?

In this article, I’m going introduce you to the best butt acne treatment lotion in Cameroon; our butt acne clearing lotion.

Our Butt Acne Clearing Lotion gets rids of pimples on the butt like magic. I mean within two weeks. It also treats cystic and fungal acne effectively. It can get rid of a stubborn case of folliculitis.

Not only does it get rid of your bum pimples but also moisturizes, fades darkspot and Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Other uses of our acne clearing lotion include;

*** Fading of darkspots on the bum hence its good for women who also suffer from pcos acne scars and if you are dark between your thighs, this works wonders!
*** It also get rids of after shave bums in your bikini area hence you can use the cream on your pubic area after shaving to keep razor bumps away. No itching no bumps
*** You can also use our butt acne clearing lotion to prevent pimples on the butt hence after you have gotten rid of your bum acne, its adviseable to use this our butt acne clearing lotion once in a while for prevention of butt acne so you no longer need to worry if sitting at your desk, or couch too long is going to make your butt sweaty and cause another breakout. When you see signs of it coming back (new breakouts), just use this and instantly gone.

So you can use our butt acne clearing lotion once in a while as a “prevention” only.

Its good for people suffering from acne on their buttocks and thighs,

How long does it take for butt acne clearing lotion to get rid of butt acne (pimples on the buttocks)???

Most of our customers were able to get rid of their butt acne after two weeks of using our butt acne clearing lotion. Yes you read that right. After 2 weeks of use – twice a day, morning/night, your bum will become as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Just give this lotion a week and a half or so and boom your butt acne will become a thing of the past. Put it on every night after your shower and be consistent till your butt is clear !! No more pimples or bumpy skin.

How to use our Butt Acne clearing lotion

Take an appropriate amount of this butt acne treatment lotion and apply it evenly on the acne-producing area of the buttocks. Apply it 3 – 4 times a day Or apply it 4 – 6 times a day if the condition is serious.

And after removing the acne, keep using the acne clearing lotion for a period of time so that the acne does not reoccur. You can also use it on your healthy skin for prevention.

Our Butt acne clearing lotion is also good for the sensitive skin hence this would work without making you breakout in hives. This product will not irritate your skin at all!. It doesn’t have any side affects.

The ingredients are boldly written on the packet.


I had an extremely sensitive skin and just like you, I was a little nervous trying this product…but it works for me with no issue. However, I would suggest for people with sensitive skin to use it less as recommended.

Unlike other butt acne treatment products, our butt acne clearing lotion has absolutely no smell to it. Yes, it doesn’t have a strong smell. Just like a normal smell to anything that you use for acne.

It easily absorbs in to the skin. Yes, it dries almost instantly so you can be able to put on your clothes and not have to wait for it to soak in. Its not sticky at all and leaves no weird residue.


Our Acne clearing lotion comes in a convenient pump style bottle and one pump is plenty for the whole backside hence this unit can last about a month. Def Less costly than salon laser procedures to save you thousands.

Apart from out butt acne clearing lotion, Benzoyl Peroxide is also a good remedy for those mild-acne problems. This magical ingredient works effectively in treating both acne and folliculitis due to its antimicrobial elements. After you come out fresh from the shower, gently apply the benzoyl peroxide to the affected area. Careful not to get them on damaged skin areas.

Butt is one of the most precious asset of a woman and any lady has an inevitable responsibility to keep it flawless.

Aside the insecurities and itchiness linked with butt acne, research shows that Butt acne is one of the top turnoffs for men when they have sex with a woman for the first time.

Your butt acne could just be the reason why your man’s s3x drive has reduced and what keep pushing him to that side chick.

Get our Butt acne clearing lotion today and get rid of that stubborn pimples on your butt within two weeks.

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