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Best Sofa Covers in Cameroon to give your old worn out Sofas a brand new look & design


Does the sofas in your living room look old and worn out with lots of cracks & stains on the  faux leather/material from many years of usage, that sometimes makes you feel ashamed to invite friends over to your house for diner???

Are you tired of using same set of sofas for so many years and wish to have a new design??? if yes, then you are probably thinking of buying a new set of sofa for your living room right now…but that’s isn’t the best option to consider especially if you are cash-strapped.

For those of you who don’t know, a good set of sofa in Cameroon today, might cost you not less than 300k for the made in Cameroon type…and if you are thinking of buying the imported sofas, then be prepared to spend not less than 600k.

Taking the sofas to a carpenter for repairs/replacement of the torn/worn out faux leather/fabric is not an option to consider as the cost might exceed 150k which includes cost of new leather (material) and workmanship.

One of our satisfied customers said she went to see a carpenter to ask if it would be possible for him to replace the leather of the worn out sofas in her living room and the guy quoted her a whooping 200k for the job.

Luckily she didn’t have to spend up to 150k as a friend introduced her to Sofa covers and it was indeed a perfect solution.

If your sofas are old and worn out with lots of stains and cracks, what you need, is a set of sofa covers to give bring them back life.

What are sofa covers???

Sofa covers are high quality fabric that you can wear on your sofas to give them a completely new look in just 30 seconds. And Sofa covers come in various colors, designs and sizes that makes them suit everyone’s need.

Our Sofa covers are high quality, waterproof and anti-slip ,fabric is also good ,good elasticity, color is very good and won’t fade after washing unlike others in the market.

Our Sofa cover will fit so perfect on your sofas (be it 1 seater, 2 seater, 3 seater, 4 seater, sectional L & U shape sofa etc) that will make your friends think you have bought a new set of chairs.

Sofa covers turns any Sofa (no matter the condition) in to a brand new one. So its the best thing to buy and turn that old couch in your living room in to the most attractive seat in your living room that most people would be fighting to seat on.

One of the concerns that some people have about sofa covers is that they are skeptical that the sofa covers might come off from time to time, which is not the case.

Most Sofa covers  comes with 4 anti slip foam rolls that you can use to tuck in the sofa cover to make the fabric sit tight on your sofas and perfectly like they were designed with it.

There’s a video on our Facebook page that will guide you on how to effectively install the Sofa covers.

So after installing the Sofa covers, your children will still be able to play on your sofas without it slipping off.

Sofa covers are also elastic, waterproof and don’t get torn easily.

It is really comfortable to sit on and soft to touch and will be quick and easy to remove for washing.

We have been using our sofa covers for more than 6 months now with no issue…and this is what gave me the courage to engage in this business as i love selling quality stuffs that solve problems.

It should be noted that Sofa covers were not only designed for people who’s couches  are worn out or torn. So you don’t have to wait for your sofa to become as old as that of a grand mother in a village before buying a sofa cover. You can just buy a set of sofa covers to give your sofas a new look after many years of usage.

Sofa covers can also protect your sofa from daily wear and stains.

Summer holidays is fast approaching…most people will likely receive hyperactive children from relations who will come and spend the 3 month holiday in their house…and may end up damaging your luxurious sofas.

The best thing to do is to buy a Sofa cover for your chairs so you won’t have to worry about them jumping and running on your couch when you are not around.

Sofa covers were also formulated for those people whose furniture were made with very low grade quality faux leather or fabric that keeps peeling. Instead of cursing your carpenter, just get a set of sofa covers and give your chairs the desired design.

Are the chairs your parents are using look old, you don’t need to buy a new set of furniture for them, just get her an colorful sofa cover and give her living room a stunning look that will wow most people.

How to get the right Sofa covers for your sofas.

Sofa covers have been designed to suit various sofa types. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to sofa covers so you have to make sure to choose the right Sofa cover size for your sofas.

To get the get right sofa cover that will perfectly suit the sofas in your living room, the first thing you need to do is to figure out the type of sofas that you have.

There are 6 types of sofas which include;

1) 1 Seater Sofas (1 chair) – 90- 140cm
2) 2 Seater Sofas – 145-185cm
3) 3 Seater Sofas – 195-230cm
4) 4 Seater Sofas – 235-300cm
5) L shaped Sofas
6) U Shaped Sofas




Don’t know the type of Sofa you have in your living room???

To ensure that you don’t buy a small or an oversized Couch cover, its advisable to measure your couch, if the measurement corresponds with that of 2 seater, then buy the 2 seater cover

Simply measure the length of your sofa as seen in the photo below.

If the length of a Sofa is between 90- 140cm, then you should get the single-seater sofa cover

If Sofa length is between 145-185cm, buy the Two – seater sofa cover

If Sofa length is between 195-230cm, buy the Three-seater sofa cover

If sofa length is between 235-300cm, get the Four – seater sofa cover

How to get the right Sofa cover size for the L and U shape sofas (sectional sofas)

The L shaped and the U shaped Sofas are often described as sectional sofas. This is because there are often 3 combination of Sofas that form the L & the U shaped Sofas.

For example most L shaped sofas have separate 1, 2 and a 3 seater.

Most people who have U shaped and L shaped sofas often ask if we have 6 seater sofa covers as they are probably thinking that they need 1 single piece of Sofa cover for the entire set.

There’s no 6 seater sofa covers.

For section sofa(U shape,Lshape, 1 +2+3 shape),you need to measure each piece of sofa, and buy multiple sofa covers according to the length, not one sofa cover can cover the entire sofa!

You can also send us the photo of your sofa via WhatsApp and we will tell you the type of Sofa covers that will suit your sofas.

How to Install Sofa Covers

Sofa covers are very easy to install and take off.

Follow the simple instructions in the photo below or watch the video to learn how to install a sofa cover in 30 sec0nds…


Tuck it very well to ensure that the foam strips doesn’t comes out every time someone sits on it.

Sofas that are not compatible with our Sofa covers.

Our sofa covers are only compatible with sofas with gaps that makes it possible for the sofa covers to be tucked in to the sofas.

Like i mentioned earlier, our sofa covers come with 4 anti strips forms which you can use to tuck in the sofa covers to ensure that they don’t come off when someone sits or stands on it and to make sure that they sofa covers fits perfectly on the sofas.

So before purchasing our sofa covers, check to make sure that your Sofas have the gaps seen in the photo below.

If your Sofas doesn’t have the gabs, you will need a special sofa cover. Contact us.

Sofa Covers present an easy means to refurbish an old, peeling, torn faux-leather furniture. Just cover the torn faux leather couch with a gorgeous sofa cover and have a brand new set of sofas in few minutes.

The furniture is still comfortable, but the faux leather is peeling, just get a sofa cover instead of getting brand new sofas which may not be as comfortable as your old sofas.

Our Sofa covers is what you need to revive your sofas and transform your whole living room without going for a new set of sofas that may cost you more than 300,000frs CFA.

It will make anyone think you just bought a new furniture and an expensive one cuz the quality of our sofa covers is superb.

WhatsApp us today if you are interested in purchasing sofa covers or leave a comment below if you have any question.





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