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Best Chebe Hair Butter for Fast Hair Growth with Good Smell, Softens & Moisturizes SUPER DRY 4C hair

Are you looking for the best Chebe hair butter for fast hair growth with good smell and which also softens & moisturizes SUPER DRY 4C hair??? if yes, then this article was specifically written for you.

In this article, i’m going to introduce you to Ella’s Chebe hair butter for fast hair growth; which is currently the most sought after organic fast hair growth product world wide.

As the name suggest, Ella Chebe hair butter was made from Chebe powder; which is considered as the most effective natural ingredient for fast hair growth product.

For those of you who don’t know, Chebe is the hair care secret of an African Ethnic group in Chad known to have very long, naturally coarse hair that famously goes past their rear ends. They cover their hair with this mixture that keeps their hair super moisturized and lubricated which is the reason given for why their hair never breaks, even from childhood.

With Chebe as the active ingredient in Ella Chebe hair butter, you are sure of getting your dream hair within a short time frame.

Somebody may likely want to to ask, what is the difference between Ella Chebe hair butter and other Chebe hair butter (Chebe hair growth products) in the market.

The difference is clear!

Ella Chebe hair butter has a nice texture and feel which makes it easy for it to absorb into hair and moisturizes it. You will feel the stimulation as soon as you massage it into your scalp.

It also grows hair tremendously and makes hair look smooth and beautiful.

After three weeks, you will noticed a major improvement in length and thickness.

You will also noticed significantly less shedding when you wash your hair as it keeps your hair healthy and growing steadily without a lot of breakage.  This simple mean less hair in the sink and more hair on your head.

And if you have a hair that usually feels dry and brittle after washing it, Chebe hair butter is the solution to your problem.

Its shea butter content will make your hair so soft and easy to deal with. Even after several days of applying Ella’s Chebe hair butter on your hair, it will still remain SOFT.

You’ll also love the way your hair smells as well and always get compliments about it.

Ella Chebe hair butter has an interesting natural/earthy mint smell (unlike others with a strong smokey/pungent smell and become repulsive after wearing it in your hair for more than a few hours.

Unlike Chemical treatments that irritate your scalp and leave hair brittle, Ella Chebe hair butter has no side effect as it’s made with all-natural ingredients.

The bottle is filled to the top hence you definitely get bang for your buck since a jar can lasts 3-4 months. So no more complain about ​a half filled jar (as with Chebe hair butter from other brands).

Ella’s Chebe hair butter is definitely something you will continue to buy for yourself and your family.

Click on the link below to order your Chebe hair butter and get that hair you have been craving for.


Chebe Hair Butter for Hair growth is an ultra-nourishing treatment for dull or lackluster hair. The magical combination of Ostrich oil, Peppermint Oil, Chebe powder, and Shea Butter can help soften, strengthen and rejuvenate your hair. A deeply hydrating treatment, made from all-natural, and only available from plants in this remote part of Africa.


  • Helps Strong hair growth
  • Helps with Long Hair
  • Helps build Dandruff free hair
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Helps with Hair breakage correction


Ostrich oil, Peppermint Oil, Chebe powder, and Shea Butter, Neem leaves, Moringa leaves, Cloves, Ginger, Garlic, Avocado seed, Guava leaves.

5 KEY FEATURES (Why Our Chebe Hair Butter is the best you will ever find)

  • NOURISH AND GROW strong, healthy hair with this 100% Natural African Chebe Powder. The healing properties of this hair growth powder enhance follicle and shaft strength, resulting in long tresses.
  • NICE SMELL – Unlike other Chebe hair products, you won’t quickly washed it out because of the smell.
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS in our Chebe hair butter includes Ostrich oil, Peppermint Oil, Chebe powder, and Shea Butter. These ingredients aid in moisturizing and lubricating hair to deter breakage and promote growth.
  • ANTI-FUNGAL PROPERTIES deter bacteria that can lead to female hair loss. During its’ long history as an African hair growth fertilizer, Chebe Powder (the key ingredient) has been crucial to growing long, black, nourished locks.
  • EASY TO USE: Our Chebe hair butter is very easy to use.


Apply a pea sized amount to damp hair, spread through hair until it has fully absorbed.

Repeat this regimen every 3-5 days to nurture strong, long tresses that grow to any length you desire (according to your needs).


Unlike Chemical treatments that irritate your scalp and leave hair brittle, our Chebe hair butter has no side effect as it’s made with all-natural ingredients.

It WON’T DISCOLOR SKIN or fabrics the way henna treatments do. Because our Chebe hair butter contains no dyes, you won’t have to replace clothing or furniture due to stains, and you retain the ability to color your hair.


Please perform a patch test on a small section of hair prior to use. Any irritation please cease use.

Disclaimer: ***Usage Precaution*** EXTERNAL USE ONLY Wash hands thoroughly after usage. Avoid contact with eyes. Do a test on a small section of hair for 48 hours to test for possible allergy.
Can be left in hair or rinsed out. Combined here with powerful and sought after Ostrich Oil help provide your hair one of natures most powerful healing combinations and Shea Butter. Can also be used to help dry hair and split ends. Helps breakage. All natural, and only available from plants in this remote part of Africa.

Whats the difference between our Chebe hair butter and Chebe hair greese???

Ella’s Chebe hair butter differs from the Chebe hair greese in that (apart from growing your hair) it also keeps your hair moisturized and soft! hence it is good for extremely dry, brittle, breaking, hard to comb hair. This is the added advantage that the Chebe hair butter has over the Chebe hair greese.

So if you have a dry 4C natural hair, then you should buy this Chebe hair butter as it locks in moisture and improve on hair texture.

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