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Best low power consumption USB fan in Cameroon for homes, office, Cars etc


Tired of paying huge amount of money to ENEO due to high consumption from your 110 volt AC Fan that often stays on 24/7 during this super hot dry season???

Wondering how to provide a low cost cooling solution for your workers during the dry season and cut cost on electricity bill??? if yes, then what you need is a USB Powered fan.

A USB Powered fan is an efficient low power consumption fan suitable for Cameroonians working in hot environments or people who want to cool themselves throughout hot days without paying huge electricity bills to ENEO at the end of the month.

You can simply connect a USB fan to your laptop or phone charger and enjoy 24 hours of cool breeze without paying more than 500frs as electricity bill.

YOU CAN EVEN USE A SOLAR BANK TO POWER A USB FAN and stay cool through out a hot day.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to our best selling 6″ USB FAN; The ultraportable CFS USB powered fan for adults and babies.

One thing you will love about our USB fan (and which differentiates it from others in the market), is the fact that it runs quietly i.e. people won’t notice that you have a fan in your room unlike the AC Fans. This feature also makes our USB fan suitable for cooling babies when they are sleeping as it is so quiet that your baby won’t wake up after falling asleep …and in addition to that you can adjust the wind speed to provide light/hair blowing breeze for your babies so they can enjoy the coolness all night from gentle breeze.

And if you prefer strong breeze, you can adjust the wind speed to suit your need.

The low voltage makes this USB Fan safe for kids room and easy for them to operate with an On-Off switch on the back.

We assure you that this Fan will serve you for a long time because it is made of metal including the fan blade (does not feel flimsy/fragile like some other ones I have seen around).

I have had this USB fan for long so I can testify about its longevity.

By mere observation, you can attest that the fan is great and it looks like it will last a lifetime real strongly made

The cage can be taken apart and the blade removed for thorough cleaning of dust buildup.

Its also very portable, so you can take it anywhere. Very light weight and blows good amount of air for cooling.

This cute little fan can also add to the beauty of your work space or house.


*** Anyone working in a hot environment and constantly needs cool air without paying huge amount of electricity bill.
*** Car owners or Taxi men who needs to keep cool during car rides.
*** Office workers i.e. keeps you cool down in a room that is warm in the daytime.
*** Perfect fan to keep baby cool during hot days…provides gentle wind for babies.
*** Suitable Industrial workers who wants to cool down their temperature after long hours of work and sweating.
*** This little fan will also rapidly cool you off after a long walk.
*** Suitable for those people like me who can’t go to sleep at night without fan. I use it at night cause I tend to get hot while I sleep! blows enough air to keep me cool.
*** Some customers have noted that this great little USB fan is perfect for drying nails (regular nail polish)
*** Its great for a small space or personal use. I have a small apartment and this fan works great to keep the air circulating. Provides plenty of air circulation from 10 feet away.
*** This is the perfect little fan for a desk as it’s small enough that it won’t take up much of your workspace. Perfect for bedside table or desk!.

Wondering how to power it???

It’s a USB powered fan hence either a 5W mobile phone adapter, car charger, power bank or a computer USB port will power this fan. Plus the USB cord is long enough to move the fan around without hassle.

Note: It doesn’t have an internal battery hence its non rechargeable.

Invest in a USB FAN and say Good bye to heat in 2021 and high electricity bills.

Bring a healthy and comfortable environment to your family and job site.

If you are interested in purchasing a USB Fan in Cameroon, WhatsApp me.

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