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Top 10 Black Skincare brands to get products for Acne,dark spots,hyperpigmentation, dryness and excess oil


If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars from over the counter to “clinically proven” lines to doctor prescribed medication but still haven’t gotten a solution to your skin issue(s), then black skin care line is the way to go.

What most black skin people (dark skin African-Americans) don’t know is that, most of the over the counter (OTC) products where formulated with the white skin people in mind and this explains why most African Americans spend hundreds dollars (on a yearly basis) on individual acne remedies and other skin issues but still can’t get rid of their acne or achieve their skin goals.

Let’s face it, the black or melanated skin is different from the white skin and comes with its own unique challenges that requires a customized solution. Some of these skin care challenges include uneven skin tones, Acne, dark spots/hyperpigmentation, eczema, dark knuckles, inner thighs, dryness and excess oil.

For example, people with dark skin are normally more affected by hyperpigmentation marks than those with a lighter skin tone as skin pigmentation is stronger in dark skin

So if you’ve tried just about every single over the counter products with very little luck, then what you need are products that were formulated with you in mind.

We highly recommend you give black skin care products a try, especially if you’re feeling hopeless.

One thing which makes the black skin care products better than most over the counter products is the fact that they are often formulated with natural ingredients hence you won’t experience any side effect…they are PARABEN free, doesn’t contain hydroquinone, mercury, No STEROIDS, No HYDROQUINONE.

Somebody may likely want to ask, where can i find these black skincare products???

When searching for Black skin care products, it’s a safe bet to look to Black-owned skin care companies.

Below are African American skin care brands (online shops) whose products have been tailored to suit the black skin hence you will surely find a product on their catalog that will get rid of that skin issue which you have been battling with for a long time and ultimately regained your self confidence within a short time frame as the recommended brands formulates highly effective organic spa grade skin care products formulated taking in consideration the common skin issues of the melanin skin people.

Below are top 5 black skin care brands that you should patronize when shopping for good black skincare products.

1) MABSS Skincare brand

MABSS is a black owned skincare brand founded by Elsie Nfor in 2019.

The black owned skincare brand specializes in the formulation of customized Organic Spa grade products for African – American, African, Asian and white skin with the black skin care being its core area of specialty.

On MABSS catalog, you will find various SPA grade black skin care products specifically formulated to solve common black skin issues/concerns like uneven skin tones, Acne, dark spots/hyperpigmentation, eczema, dark knuckles, dryness and excess oil.

MABSS also sells customize SPA grade product to meet the specific skin goals of their clients (majority of whom are African-Americans).

MABSS custom made skincare products are customize according to client’s skin concerns, skin types, skin tone, environment, and season hence detailed consultation is carried out between clients and the MABSS skincare specialist before custom products are formulated…and products are formulated with passion, in-depth experience with the common aim of tackling clients unique skin problem hence with MABSS, you are sure of achieving your skin goal.

MABSS skincare has been labelled by happy customers as the final bus stop for the dark skin people with complex skin issues due to its wide range of services and products tailored to suit the needs of the African Americans and Africans.

Shop MABSS products via their online shop:

2) Nyraju Black Skin Care Brand

Nyraju Skin Care brand is a black owned skincare company founded by award winning Esthetician; Juliette Samuel.

Nyraju Skincare brand prides itself as the first company to come to market, on line, with a Natural Skin Care line for African Americans gainsaying that before black skin care was a trend in Google, her company was already talking about the beautiful black skin since 2002.

As a matter of fact, natural skin and hair care products for dark skin beauties was so new, until Google told us that there were no searches for the phrase *Black Skin Care*…said Juliette.

When we started our company, from the very beginning, we’ve always been a company that believed in natural and organic ingredients for black skin and hair. No hydroquinone, no lead or heavy alcohol .
As an Esthetician and founder of Nyraju Skin Care, I understand that the Big Secret to Black Skin Care is to take a wholistic approach. Nurturing from within as well as using natural and organic products in your daily regimen so i had to develop and formulated a line of black skin care products specifically for you, the African American woman in particular says Julient.

On Nyraju Skin Care catalog, you will find black skin care products tailored to enable the dark skin people to achieve 3 main skin goals.

They sell natural body products for skin of color that:

*** Moisturize and Hydrate Your Skin
*** Exfoliate and remove dead skin cells
*** Make your melanated skin feel smooth as a baby’s bottom

Shop black skincare products at Nyraju Skin Care via

3) Shani Darden Black Skincare Brand

As the name suggest, Shani Darden is a black owned skincare branded founded by Shani Darden, who is the Esthetician to some of your favorite stars (Shay Mitchell, Kelly Rowland, Jessica Alba).

Shani Darden delivers results—and her products are no different. From the cult-favorite Retinl Reform to the Face Sculpting Tool, Shani Darden Skincare provides simple but effective products that enables the dark skin people to achieve their skin goals.

Editor’s Pick: Retinol Reform, $88

4) Whitenicious Skincare brand

Whitenicious is a black owned skincare brand founded in December, 2013 by popular African American artist and entrepreneur; Dencia.

What makes Whitenicious stand out from other black owned skincare brand, is that their main area of focus is skin lightening, which made Dencia to come under heavy criticism as pundits claim her products are encouraging the black people to bleach their skin which makes them inferior to the white skin people.

Speaking on BBC Focus on Africa, she insisted her skin whitening cream was not about skin lightening, but about tackling ”hyper-pigmentation”.

Whitenicious goes beyond ordinary skincare to intercept unwanted hyper pigmentation at its source.

However we can attest to the fact that Whitenicious is the No 1 black owned skin care brand where you can get organic skin whitenning products that will lighten your skin without you standing a risk of damaging your skin as Whitenicious by Dencia is one of the only brand whose product has no hydroquinone, no steroids and no mercury and other chemicals that are known to damage the skin.

Whitenicious products are organic and dermatologically tested safe products made with natural fruit acid extracts and will safely lighten your skin, get rid of dark spots,hyper pigmentation,hypo pigmentation and blotchy patchy skin.

5) Bolden

Bolden is a black owned skincare brand founded by Ndidi Obidoa and Chinelo Chidozie with an aim of solving one common skincare struggle Black women face, hyperpigmentation.

When it comes to healthy, clear, and radiant skin, Bolden has everything you need to fight hyperpigmentation as their product line was made with the melanin-rich skin of women of color in mind.⁠

From thoughtfully created products that do everything from cleansing and hydrating to clarifying and brightening, Bolden is the skin savior you never knew you needed.

6) Ayele & Co. Black Skincare Brand

Ayele & Co, is a black owned skincare company founded by licensed esthetician and makeup artist Danielle Bahi.

Danielle started Ayele & Co (formerly known as Bahi Cosmetics) from her college dorm room at the tender age of 21. Although the Ivory Coast native created the brand to provide affordable, plant-based skincare for all, it’s especially popular among acne-prone individuals for its cult favorite Sunflower Sweets Serum. The Before and Afters speak for themselves.

The best selling black skincare product in their catalog is their Sunflower Sweets Serum which has generated tons of positive reviews.

7) BLK+GRN Black Skincare Brand

BLK+GRN has been described by many skincare enthusiast as a mecca for black-owned products for skin, body, makeup, and hair.

This one-stop shop only houses clean, toxic-free beauty products to ensure whatever product touches your body is the best of the best—like Marla Rene’s Micellar Cleansing Water. Doubling as a makeup remover and cleanser, it’s formulated with cucumber, vitamin B5, and calendula to restore hydration to dry, damaged skin.

The best selling black skincare product in their catalog is their BLK+GRN which has generated tons of positive reviews.

Shop BLK+GRN black skin care products via their online shop

8) Rosen Black Skincare Brand

Rosen skincare is a black owned skincare brand founded by Jamika Martin in 2017 due to her own personal skin difficulties.

Fed up with the beauty industry’s lack of innovation and skincare products catering to Black skin, Jamika Martin found a way to simplify your routine by making clean + effective formulas for the 90% of us (the dark skin people) who deal with breakouts

Rosen Skincare develops products on the belief that caring for acne should be enjoyable and safe.

Rosen black skin care products work for all skin tones and textures.
Shop Rosen black skin care products via their online shop.

9) Unsun Cosmetics

Unsun Cosmetic is a black owned skincare brand founded by Katonya Breaux.

Like many Black people, Breaux was often left disappointed by the scarcity of clean sunscreen products for the black skin hence he created Unsun in 2016 to provide the often overlooked skin tones with clean, non-toxic, and non-ashy sunscreen.

10) Buttah Black Skincare

Buttah is a black owned skincare brand founded by in 2018 by Dorion Renaud.

As the name suggests, Buttah Skin’s products leave your black skin feeling as soft as butter.

Buttah Skin is built around shea butter to nourish your skin while proving feel-good ingredients for healthy, glowing skin.

Ok those are the top 10 black skincare brands that you should check out their catalog when searching for the best black skincare products.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and you have more melanin than other people on the planet. Melanin makes you a very special person. Your bronzed and beautiful skin makes it a gift and challenge to you.

When you approach skin care holistically with skincare products created with you in mind, you treat your skin from the inside and the outside…and you’re caring for the whole body, your own individual universe.

Dark spots, Uneven Skin Tones and Hyperpigmentation are part of the challenges you face with your beautiful black skin. Dry, brittle and sun damaged hair are also part of your daily challenges. But natural black skincare products with quality ingredients and great eating habits will win out every time.

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