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Best studio microphone in Cameroon for vocals & Rap – Affordable recording studio microphone


Gone are the days when booking a recording session with the professional recording studios in Cameroon, was the only option for an independent (unsigned) artists in Cameroon to record a song or an album. Today you no longer need to go to the professional recording studios as you can now set up a broadcast-quality home studio with a small budget and record your songs at the comfort your home.

For those of you who don’t know, making music as an independent (unsigned) artist in Cameroon is often costly due to the huge amount of money you have to pay to record a song with the professional recording studios in Cameroon.

And before an upcoming independent artist can get a hit song and build a huge fan base, he or she must have recorded tons of songs and spent lots of cash on studio sessions.

This hefty amount of cash involved in the music business, has been a dream killer to most Cameroonians who aspire to become musicians.

However today the situation has changed as recording a song with the professional recording studio is no longer a necessity.

Wondering why???

Nowadays with a small budget, you can set up a broadcast standard recording studio at home and record countless songs (albums), thanks to the availability of top quality low price recording studio microphones now available in Cameroon today, that has presented an opportunity for every independent artist in Cameroon to set up his or her own recording studio at home and start recording songs and uploading them on YouTube…this explains why there are tons of independent artists in Cameroon today.

With your own personal recording studio, you can record countless freestyles and keep horning your song writing skills till you become a pro without you spending a dime. You can also record covers of your favorite songs, release mixtapes or do whatever you want in your home recording studio including selling recording sessions to other upcoming independent artists.

In fact the advantage of having your own home recording studio in Cameroon, are endless.

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the best low budget home studio microphone for vocals & rap that have paved the way for many independent artists in Cameroon to set up a home recording studio in Cameroon.

Its no other Mic than the BM-800 condenser studio microphone set.

If you have ever searched for the best home studio microphone in Cameroon for vocals & Rap, then you must have come across the photo of the BM-800 condenser microphone.

The condenser microphone set is highly sought after by independent artists world wide because it’s cheap but offers an all in one solution for home recording studio. You can start using the Mic kit to record top quality vocals right out of the box.

BM-800 condenser studio microphone set includes;

*** BM-800 condenser microphone
*** Shock mount
*** Pop filter
*** Mic adjustable suspension scissor arm stand
*** Anti-wind foam Cap
*** Power cable &
*** Live sound card.

Yes, you will get all those items (the BM-800 condenser mic and accessories) for just a small amount of money and with the BM-800 condenser mic kit, you can set up a top notch home recording studio at home and start recording professional standard vocals right away with Audacity, FL Studio and other song recording software of your choice.

The cardioid condenser capsule offers crystal-clear audio for communicating, creating and recording which makes it ideal for project/home-studio applications with rugged construction for durable performance.

You can also use if for audio recording for audio books and You Tube videos through your laptop with Audacity, Filmora and Camtasia. You can also use for Pod Casts and Facebook live shows through your phone.

It features high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) that means less distortion to be caused on the process of recording and its unique 3-layer protection system prevents unwanted pop noises—providing singers with a clear, plosive-free vocal performance.

The microphone is very stable and does not produce any self sound from a stand or table.

BM80O microphone does have a flat frequency response of 70H7 to 7OKH7 which is ideal for any
condenser microphone, and the microphone can easily handle any sound that is up to 132dB The
frequency range of this microphone is ideal for all kinds of studio recordings i.e. both vocal performance and instrumentals as well.

It is a mic that was designed with the novice in mind…that why it comes with everything necessary for one to start recording clean and clear vocals right out of the box without you going left and right to get other accessories to make it work.

However when using the mic, it’s important to note that BM-800 condenser studio microphone is cardioid mic, so to get quality vocals ensure that you point it at your mouth so that noise from the opposite direction are reduced and your voice comes through completely clean and clear without any issues with feedback or hearing yourself breathe or anything else like that.

Wondering how to set it up???

The BM-800 condenser studio microphone set is really easy to setup.

Turn on board, then hook up the microphone and cables. After everything is turned on, test the distance by speaking into the mic, if too close it will have a distorted squeal coming from the speakers. Once your all set, make a few sample recordings until all settings are where you like them and your all set.

There are also tons of videos on YouTube that will guide you how to set up BM-800 condenser studio microphone if you can’t figure out how to set it up.

Another thing you will love so much about the BM-800 condenser microphone is that it isn’t a huge or large thing that needs a lot of space when it comes to setting it up hence its a perfect mic set for one to record vocals at home.

And when it comes to mounting this, you are able to mount it to almost anything that you have. Whether it’s a foldable table, TV tray, desk or using a stand that you have.

Wondering how songs recorded with the BM800 Microphones sounds like???

Below is a video of upcoming artists using the BM800 Microphone to record songs in their home recording studio.


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In this 21st century a BM-800 condenser studio microphone is a must have for independent artists in Cameroon who wish to succeed in the music business without spending tons of money on studio sessions.

BM-800 condenser studio microphone gives you the freedom to freestyle and record countless songs without you spending a dime and without anyone timing you.

And with your own BM-800 condenser studio microphone set, you can even set up your own commercial recording studio.

You don’t need to wait until you get signed by the record labels in Cameroon before you can start releasing songs.

One thing every independent artist in Cameroon should know is that, the record labels owners in Cameroon are entrepreneurs whose primary motive is to make money from the music business hence they will only signed artists that people have started developing interest in their music.

This explains why once the song of an upcoming artist goes viral on YouTube and the social media platforms with lots of likes and shares, the recording labels immediately come knocking at the door of the artist. This is because they are confident that they will make money from the artist.

To really stand out as an artist in a competitive music industry and gain the attention of the record labels, you need to record tons of freestyles, covers and your own personal songs in order to build a huge fan base.

YouTube and the social media are there for everyone to easily market their music free of charge and if you are wise enough to do paid Facebook ads, you increase your probability of succeeding overnight. Do not underestimate the power of the social media.

Once you record a song, just publish it on those platforms and if people like it, they will share with their friends. And if your music is really good, radio stations will play it without you going to their studio to give them your CD.

Have you ever asked yourself why the radio stations in Cameroon keep playing the songs of Stanley Enow, Jovi, Mr Leo, Salatiel, Davido, Burna Boy etc. The reason is that their music is good and they know their audience would be entertained. Does 50 Cent even knows the name of any TV or radio station in Cameroon??? Good music is what people want.

With a good studio recording microphone like the BM-800 condenser studio microphone set and the social media platforms, the sky will become your limit.

Contact me today to get a BM-800 condenser studio microphone set and start recording music in your bed room.

Other Items Needed to Set up a complete home recording studio in Cameroon include;

1) Laptop

For you to be able to use the BM-800 condenser studio microphone set, you will obviously need a laptop that you can can connect the mic to and that can smoothly run your audio recording software. If you don’t yet have a laptop, do contact me.

You can also use your laptop to make your own beats using beats making software’s like FL Studio.

If you need an FL Studio course that will guide you on how to make your own beats, let me know.

In addition to the software, you will also need a MIDI keyboard to be able to make beats like the pro.

And if you don’t like making beats yourself, you can buy beats from Soundclick and record songs.

2) Audio recording Software.

The best free audio recording software commonly used in the professional recording studios around the world to record vocals is Audacity. You can easily download and install Audacity on your laptop and start recording songs today.

3) Studio monitor speaker headset…

You will need a studio headset to listen to you voice and the beat while recording.

4) Studio monitor speaker

If you intend to make your own beats in your home recording studio, you will need a pair of studio monitor speakers.

For those of you who don’t know, studio monitor speakers are speakers that are designed to produce clear, precise, and dynamic sound mixes, enabling you to identify any flaws in audio quality and correct them.

Unlike the common HIFI speakers found in our living rooms, Studio monitor speakers don’t boost bass or color sound.

Music producers and sound engineers use studio monitor speakers because they know that if they can get their beat to sound good on the studio monitors speakers, it will sound good on every speaker.

So if you intend to make your own beats then you must get a pair of studio monitor speaker to ensure that you make beats that can blow a speaker.

If you can’t afford a studio monitor speaker, you can get a pair of headphones.

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