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How to Lose Weight in Cameroon with Fast Weight Loss Products




Wondering how to lose weight fast in Cameroon??? if yes, then this article was specifically.

Having a slim (sexy) body with six packs (for the guys) and maintaining it, is the dream of almost every Cameroonian but only 30% of Cameroonians are able to achieve their body goal.

Keeping fit in Cameroon is not an easy thing as mother nature has blessed Cameroon with lots of delicious meals that has made fasting a nightmare to even the diehard Christians.

Not to mention the quality drinks from Brasseries du Cameroun and quality pastries from our bakeries. All these goodies have made weight gain as easy as breathing for most Cameroonians.

It’s quite frustrating especially when you try to eat right, become more active, yet your body and legs aren’t fitting into your jeans.

Weight gain after child birth also comes with its own wahala to add up to the ones some ladies already had with postpartum weight retention.

Six months after giving birth, women retain an average of 11.8 pounds, meaning that they weigh almost 12 pounds more than they did before they were pregnant and this makes them insecure.

Whatever be the case, the fear of gaining weight shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your hard earned money or scare you from having children as there are tons of effective weight loss products in Cameroon today, that can help you keep your body on check and also detoxify your system to ensure that you maintain a slim body and stay in good health while enjoying life to the fullest.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to loss weight fast in Cameroon using potent weight loss products and effective techniques that will burn down excess fat within a short time frame and enable you to get the sexy body that you have been fantasying about.

Before I get into the core of this post, I’d like to tell you to grab some coffee or tea.

This is quite a long educative post and if you’re really serious about getting your beautiful shape back in weeks to come, you’ll definitely read to the end.

Also, you might as well share with your friends and loved ones if you find it interesting.

Are you set? Let’s go!

What You Need to Know about Weight (what is weight)

Weight measures the mass of a body under gravitational force.

Everything on earth has it weight likewise man, and it’s an essential parameter in HEALTH.

An “unhealthy weight” – also referred to as obesity – is caused by excess fat in any part of the body, and has an adverse negative effect on an individual.

Anyone can have an unhealthy weight, either:

*** Man
*** Woman
*** Children

And this excess fat put an individual at risk of:

*** Obesity
*** Diabetes (Type 1 & 2)
*** High Cholesterol
*** Hypertension
*** Heart Attack
*** Infertility
*** Stroke
*** Metabolic Syndrome
*** High Blood Pressure
*** Heart Diseases
*** Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
*** Osteoarthritis
*** Mental Health Conditions
*** Low self-love, image esteem and confidence

When you pay attention to your weight and make conscious efforts to keep it within the healthy range, it would help slow down the progression of such health conditions or even prevent their development. And this is when weight loss (slimming comes in the scene)

What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss in medicine, health or physical fitness, refers to the total reduction of body mass through loss of fluid, body fat (adipose tissues), or lean mass (namely bone mineral deposits, muscle, tendon, and other connective tissues).

Weight loss can occur unintentionally because of malnourishment or an underlying disease.

Intentional weight loss is what is referred to as SLIMMING and this is what this article is about i.e how to intentionally lose weight in Cameroon and keep fit.

The trending word, Slimming is the action taken to lose weight or make oneself thinner, especially by dieting or using weight loss products or a combination.

We all can agree that the primary treatment of overweight or obesity is weight loss.

Aside obesity, the benefits of losing excess fat and keeping fit, are enormous

Below are some of the benefits of weight loss in Cameroon

When you lose weight….

*** You will fit into those clothes you’ve kept in your wardrobe awaiting the day that your body will fit into them.
*** “You are looking sexier”. Those would be the EXACT words your spouse/partner will say to you when they see your body transformation.
*** Your fear of losing your spouse to that younger, slimmer sexy, attractive man/woman will be gone forever!
*** You will wear those short sleeve tops that draws attention to you and makes you feel like a show stopper!
*** You will wear any “body hug” dress without worrying if your belly is protruding or not!
*** Your complaints about your fat thighs, big tummy, Christian mother arms, will be gone forever and become a thing of the past!
*** You won’t be at risk of high cholesterol, hypertension, heart attack, infertility, stroke and excess body sweating.
​*** When next you attend a function, your friends, colleagues, extended families will be overtaken by surprise at your sudden body transformation and ask you… “How did you do it?”
​*** You will never ever have to shop for a bigger or plus size dress ever again!
*** You will look a lot younger and fitter and have a super attractive, perfect hour-glass figure that will make everyone who walks past you to turn around for a second look.

Another reason why weight loss is extremely important is because excess fat veils the beauty of a a human (especially the ladies) and make one look older especially the belly and face fat.

Tired of hearing girls far older than you call you mami or grand soeur??? Do people often think you are lying about your age??? do you get upset when people make fun of your belly…calling it pot belly, pregnant man etc. Weight loss is the ultimate solution to body shaming.

And if you still haven’t gotten the hour glass figure after weight loss, you can get our body enhancement products to put an icing on the cake.

With that said, let’s get down to business.

Best Weight Loss Products in Cameroon for super fast result

1) 14 days detox slimming tea

This particular weight loss product is getting popular in Cameroon due to its effectiveness.

Its arguably the best and most trending product for weight loss in Cameroon as countless Cameroonians have achieved their fitness goals with this potent tea effortlessly.

So if you knew somebody who suddenly lose a significant amount of weight overnight, there’s a high probability that the person was taking this 14 days detox slimming tea. Its very effective.

As the name suggest, 14 days detox slimming tea is a potent weight loss tea made from natural plant extracts that burns down fat within 14 days. This doesn’t mean that you will become as slim as a mannequin after 14 days.

After 14 days, you will lose a significant weight and as you continue taking the tea, it will eventually burn the fat and ultimately enabled you to achieve that dream body effortlessly (without you going to the gym or doing any exercise).

With that said, somebody may likely want to ask, how does the 14 days detox slimming tea work???

The 14-Day Detox Tea is designed to speed up Weight loss by boosting metabolism in the body which leads to increase in energy levels thereby enabling you to burn calories without you doing any weight loss exercises.

Its often said that we eat to live and this is because food provide our body with calories to enable us carry out our daily activity (for metabolism).

For those of you who don’t know, calories are the energy we get from food and “FAT” is excess calories stored in the body.

When we consume more calories than our body can use for energy, the excess calories get stored in our body in the form of fat in your arms, your belly, your hips, your neck etc causing an increase in the size of those areas. So we can also describe fat as calories stored in the body for future use.

Eating lots of high calories food like carbohydrates and engaging in little exercise will cause fat (calories) to keep accumulating in your body till you become Obese.

Most Cameroonians faced with unnecessary weight gain, register with the gyms where they are engaged in routine weight loss exercises designed to boost metabolism and burn the excess calories fast. However some people are still unable to loss weight because they are unable to control their food intake and diet.

So how does the detox slimming tea makes it possible for you to loss weight without you engaging in any physical exercise???

The detox weight loss tea contains plants extracts which signals the body to produce two hormones’ (Epinephrine & norepinephrine)  metabolism. These two hormones are often release by the body naturally during stressful situations and they work together in to increase blood flow throughout your body and they break down fat and increase blood sugar (glucose) levels to give your body more energy when doing high energy consuming activity like running, pounding, climbing etc.

The presence of the two hormones signals the system that the body needs more energy and this stimulate the breakdown of fats stored in the adipose tissue and this leads to reduction in excessive fat in the body (weight loss).

As you keep taking the 14 detox slimming tea, it will keep boosting metabolism and you will end up burning more calories than you take in thereby leading to reduction of the stored fats.

Another feature which has made the 14 days detox slimming tea the Number 1 weight loss products in Cameroon is the fact that, its the fact that it also suppresses appetite.

One mistake that people who are trying to loss weight often make and which makes it difficult for them to achieve their body goal, is inability to control their food intake.

Consuming high fat diet (like Carbohydrates) on a daily basis and engaging in 2 hour weight loss exercises at a gym per day, will yield no result.

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in.

Going to a gym every day for a 2 hour exercise and coming back home to consume tons of biscuits and other fatty food will render your gym sessions useless.

For example a 2 hour weight loss exercise at a gym might cause Madam X to burn just 8 calories and if madam X returns home to consume a 4 packs of biscuits or 4 scoops of ice cream you she will get 15 calories. A gram of fat has 9 calories.

15 – 8 = 7 Calories in excess which gets stored as fat.

You can see that Madam X would still be gaining weight rather than losing it since her rate of calories intake is less that calories loss.

The 14 days detox slimming tea suppresses your appetite to ensure that the rate of calories intake is less than the rate of calories loss.

If madam X is losing 20 calories and taking in 5 calories, it will result to weight loss.

How much you weigh largely depends on the choices you make about food and how much physical activity you get.

The weight loss tea boost metabolism without you engaging in physical activity and suppresses your appetite to reduce food (calories) intake during your weight loss journey.

The 14 days detox slimming tea also detoxify and purify the body by eliminating toxins that causes diseases bringing a feeling of lightness and well-being to the body.

In fact some women buy the 14 days slimming tea specifically due to its detoxifying feature as it balances their hormones and treats infertility issues in women. So this is a plus for women seeking fruit of the womb.

Summarily these are the functions of the 14 days detox weight loss tea…

*** Burning calories by increasing metabolism & increasing energy levels
*** Detoxify (clean)
*** Suppressing the appetite

How to use 14 days detox weight loss tea

– Place 1 tea bag in a cup of water and let it brew for 3-5 minutes, remove the tea bag and enjoy (hot or cold).
– Add honey or lemon for extra flavor.

Take 1 tea bag in the morning and 1 at night.

A pack of 14 days weight loss detox tea contain 28 tea bags hence a tea bag can last for 14 days.

14 days as one course of treatment. It is better to keep using till you get your desired result.

One frequently asked questions about the detox weight loss tea that i often get from customers is, IS THERE ANY SIDE EFFECT ASSOCIATED WITH THE 14 DAYS WEIGHT LOSS TEA???

14 days detox weight loss tea has no side effect. It 100% natural & made from plant extracts that are safe. It doesn’t contain any chemical or preservatives.

Unlike other weight loss tea in Cameroon, 14 days detox weight loss tea doesn’t have any laxative effect. So it won’t cause you to purge.

-Shelf life: 24 month and should be stored in a shady, sealed, dry place.

Ingredients: Moringa, lotus leaf, cassia seed ,oolong tea .

14  days detox tea is not suitable for children or pregnant women as well as breast feeding mothers.

14 days detox tea presents the best solution for Cameroonians who wants to lose weight without doing physical exercises.


CFS weight loss cream is good for people who wish to lose weight in specific areas of the body.

For example if you just wish loss weight on your belly, arms, thighs, butt, face etc, you just need to apply our CFS weight loss cream on the specific area(s) of the body that you wish to loss weight.

Before buying the CFS weight loss cream, its important to note that it was designed to serve as a work out enhancer hence it goes with exercise.

So to get result with our CFS weight loss cream, you will need to do a little exercise daily after applying the cream on your body.

When you engage in any exercise, after applying the CFS weight loss cream on your body, you will notice that you are sweating a lot. This is because the weight loss creams speeds up metabolism leading to fast weight loss.

Because our weight loss cream work from outside, it also be used by nursing mothers who can’t use our 14 days slimming tea.

Our weight loss cream is extremely effective and enables you to give your body the desired shape as you can loss weight in just the desired areas while the other areas remain intact.

For example you may want to loss weight without reducing the size of your butt and hips. In this case the best product to use is a weight loss cream.

3) Belly Slim Patch

Just like the 14 days detox tea, this Detox Slimming Belly Pellet will also enable you to lose weight without you engaging in any weight loss exercises (physical activity).

It was designed especially for people who have no time on exercise or diet.

It is a Special Weight loss Supplement formula that aims to help you get rid of that stubborn fat (gained from eating/ drinking alcohol/ inadequate exercise) while preventing your body from storing additional fat in the meantime.

Belly Slim Patch is very easy to use and this is one of the selling points that gives it an upper hand over the 14 days weight loss detox tea. It works best during the night when you are asleep.

Just stick  the belly slim patch on your belly button before you go to bed and have a sweet dream while the belly slim patch burns fat by stimulating metabolism.

Belly Slim Patch effectively stop fat accumulation by blocking the absorption of grease, sugar & starch and helps balance one’s excess appetite to ensure that the rate of calories loss is less than calories intake.

When you get up in the morning, you can then tear-off the belly slim patch and go about your activity. If you do this consistently you will see results within the first 3 to 4 weeks of daily use.

As the name suggest, belly slim patch works effectively on the stomach hence its very suitable for people who would love to reduce their stomach and waist line.

For people who want to lose weight fast, we always recommend that they use the belly slim patch together with the 14 days weight loss & detox tea.

During the day, you can take your weight loss tea and when you about to go to bed just stick the belly slim patch on your tummy.

Some of our customers have noted that the belly slim patch yields fast result if you also do exercises and eat healthy for faster results.

And if you are willing to do a little exercise, you can apply the CFS weight loss cream on your body and do a little exercise.

4) Tummy wrap waist trainer 

Tummy wrap (also known as instant body shaper) is a popular weight loss product in Cameroon often used by people who wants to flattens their tummy and reduce waistline.

It’s often recommended for postpartum recovery i.e. for ladies battling with big tummy after child delivery or hanging belly fat after C section.

Tummy wrap is also highly sought after by women who wish to give themselves that hourglass figure for an event. Tummy wrap waist trainer will instantly flatten the abdomen, back and waist line to improve body will posture making you look sexy and ready to storm any party and get heads turning.

So a tummy wrap waist trainer can also help with your self esteem while you work to get the weight off during your weight loss journey. It gives you instant waistline.

One of our customers testified that she bought a dress for her daughter’s wedding and was not going to wear it as it was not flattering, so she got this belt, put it on and this made the dress fit well and was able wear the dress for her wedding!

It is a good buy to keep the mummy tummy in check.

The stitching is secure and the elastic is durable and well made. I love the length as it can wrap around several times and adjust to your comfort. So you can wear it all day without a care and undetected underclothing. You can also wear it under your gym attire. It does not fold or move during exercise, the velcro is very strong, and it snatches everything! It is flat under clothing and is beyond comfortable.

One of the questions about the tummy wrap that i often get ask is, how does it burn down tummy fat and reduce waistline???

Tummy wrap waist trainer tightly compresses the abdomen thereby reducing blood flow to the tummy and this prevents fats from getting stored at the tummy.

Like i mentioned earlier, its the blood that carries the excess calories that get stored as fat in your arms, your belly, your hips, your neck and other parts of the body.

When blood flow to your tummy is reduced by the tummy wrap, the excess calories meant for your tummy would be diverted to other parts of the body.

The compression applied to the abdomen, back and waist line will help burn down the existing fat while preventing accumulation of fat at those areas thereby shaping your body or get you looking snatched till the fats gets burn out. Hence consistent use of the tummy wrap will result to a flat tummy and reduce waistline.

Tummy wrap waist trainer will also warm around your waist to increase your body temperature and burn extra calories.

Tummy wrap works wonders in burning tummy fat if used together with the CFS weight loss cream.

Just apply a weight loss cream on your abdomen and wear the tummy wrap. After that you can do a little exercise. When exercising you will feel your core being more activate with it than without it. Creates perfect sauna effect.

Tie your stomach atleast 5-8 hrs a day, during some activities like chores , sports , walking and you will get a fast result

Available in 3meter, 4meter and 5 meter so you can choose one that will give you a perfect fit.

Key features of our tummy wrap that makes it the best in Cameroon

*** Our body shaper tummy wrap is made of comfortable and breathable elastic material, which has a strong wrapping property and can firmly flatten the abdomen and smooth out backrolls.
*** It is VERSATILE i.e. it helps flatten your abdomen, reduce waistline, support your back, improve posture, and helps with postpartum recovery.
*** Its a one size fits all – Our wrap allows you to snatch your waist according to your comfort level, can be worn under your dress and it’s seamless and very comfortable. You can adjust to loosen or make tighter.

I have had 4 different waist trainers and all of them have a flaw either the bones poke my back, or they roll up when I sit or even become loose after so many wears. But this one right here! Literally sucks you to the gods! it doesn’t roll up at the bottom or roll down at the top when you move around and bend over. It stays put.

*** Easy to wash : Hand wash only, air dry by hanging in cool place

One thing you need to know before buying our Tummy wrap waist trainer is that it does have a vinegar smell, so make sure you wash it first before you use it.

And make sure you wrap it smooth because if not it’ll keep bunching up or not lay right (smooth). So practice before you wear it. And don’t wrap it too tight or you won’t be able to breathe.

It can be uncomfortable if you make it to tight by accident but you instantly know that you need to loosen it up.

I also saw some reviews saying it dug into there skin.

Wraps or waist trainers are not meant to be worn straight against the skin. You need to have some kind of coverage under it especially if you have a sensitive skin. If you wear it with a spaghetti strap you will have no issues.

Wondering how to use the tummy wrap waist trainer???

There are tons of videos on YouTube that will guide you on how to use the tummy wrap.

Just simply search for tummy wrap videos on YouTube.

Ok those are the top 4 weight loss products in Cameroon that will burn down that stubborn fat overnight and get many people wondering how you miraculously turned in to a mannequin without going to a gym.

Cameroonian foods to avoid when trying to lose weight

Like i mentioned earlier, one thing that everybody that’s trying to lose weight must do (especially those who rarely engage in physical activity) is to control the rate of food intake during your weight loss journey.

This is what most Cameroonians who are trying to lose weight don’t know and this explains why they have been drinking lime water for years now but still haven’t achieved their body goal.

After you have initiated your weight loss journey, its very important that you monitor your food intake.

If you are losing 7 calories per day but also consuming fatty foods that gives you 14 calories per day, you will instead find yourself gaining weight instead of losing it.

To lose weight you need to be losing more calories than you are gaining it to ensure that there’s always a deficit of energy in the body and this will cause the system to break down the stored fat in the adipose tissue.

Mind you, I’m not indirectly saying that you should starve during your weight loss journey.

You just need to establish a diet plan that focuses on lean protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables.

Weight loss is achieved through a combination of a healthy exercise, weight loss products (metabolism boosters & appetite suppressants) and a diet plan that focuses on lean protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables.

This combination aids the body in burning stored fat for fuel and energy and preventing the body from storing excess fat that you continue to consume.

Below are some high calories Cameroonian foods that you should avoid when trying to lose weight…

Fufu corn
Soya Beans
Chin Chin
Ice Cream
Fanta (and other juice made by Top, Planet and other brands)
Pounded cocoyam (achu)
Puff Puff
Starch with banga soup

Sometimes, for you to burn off excess tummy and body fat from your body, you have to completely eliminate fat storing meals out of your diet.

Final Words

Being overweight comes with different side effects.

Apart from the unhealthy side effects on the physical body, it may affect how you perceive yourself and how people perceive you.

Losing weight is good for your health.

Weight loss lessens the risk of many internal diseases like diabetes and arthritis.

Aside the weight loss products in Cameroon, healthy weight loss or weight maintenance starts from what you put in your mouth.

You can eat healthy and lose weight using Cameroonian diet and little exercise even while breastfeeding or after childbirth.

Your eating habits and lifestyle amounts for 60% of your weight loss, while exercises share the remaining percentage.

“Do you eat because you are hungry or you eat because you just want to eat or you eat because you haven’t eaten and you must eat?”

Correct answers to these questions gives you insight on how to deal with the whole situation.

People don’t understand that, sometime the body need to go through sobriety from food.

Sometime, all what your body need is liquid (water or apple juice), but my African brothers and sisters will not listen to the cry of their body.

The rules for weight loss are not complicated. However, often, people find it difficult to follow through with the rules.

Weight loss entails discipline, commitment, patience and consistency.

By being consistent with the weight loss products, a sustainable dietary plan, lifestyle changes, and physical activity, you can attain a safe and fast weight loss.

The key is to find what works for you and stick to it so you don’t go back to being overweight.

Stay healthy and be safe. I wish you the best.

Please share this post for your friends and loved ones to see this.

It’s very important we all get educated on this.

And if you are interested in purchasing any of the weight loss products recommended in this article, you can simply WhatsApp me or leave a comment below….



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