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Cameroon juju hats for sale – wholesale Bamileke juju feather headdress for wall decor


Looking for an authentic beautiful handmade Cameroon juju hat for sale on whole sale??? if yes, then you are at the right place. Cameroon For Sale (CFS) connects people searching for Cameroon juju hats with the best Cameroon Juju hat  artisans in Cameroon.

We exclusively work with individual artisans in Cameroon who have a reputation for making the best juju hats, using only sustainably sourced local chicken feathers, fine fabric wrapping, and higher quality cord finishing.

We have invested years into our relationships with artisans in the Bamileke tribe, and the resulting pieces we bring you are exquisite and made with great care.

It is used for interior wall decor all over the world but originated from the Bamileke people in Cameroon

Cameroon juju hats (a Cameroonian ceremonial feather headdress which was primarily designed to be worn by royalty in the Bamileke tribe of Cameroon, as a symbol of prosperity) has now become one of the most sought after Cameroonian ethnic product for wall decor worldwide…. And top rated Cameroon Juju hat artisans have tailored their art to make the Cameroon Juju hats more suitable for wall decor.

The top-rated natural tan and white juju hat designed by JujuArthouse brand, has (over the years) become one of the most « must have » decor object from Cameroon; which is used as a spectacular eye-catching wall decor object by interior designers worldwide. They add such a beautiful texture on our walls.


Frequently asked questions about Cameroon Juju hats

What is a Cameroon Juju Hat?

Juju hats, or Tyn hats as they are traditionally known, are ceremonial crowns of great cultural significance to the Bamileke people of Cameroon used by royalty and important dignitaries of the tribe. These intricately created pieces are worn during meetings of the King and royal council. Along with Tyn crowns, ornately decorated masks are worn at these ceremonial meetings. Most commonly these masks and juju hats are worn together, but occasionally the hats are worn alone. In every instance, the juju hat brings with it a great sense of honor and royal dignity.

Juju hats are created by tying bundles of feathers to raffia sticks, and then sewing the raffia sticks together in a circular pattern to create the round shape. The outer layers of raffia are covered with dark fabric to protect the juju hat and create a clean, beautiful appearance. Each hat is hand made and hand woven and takes about three days to make by two artisans.

The Bamileke people (known for creating some of the most intricate artwork associated with royal and societal ceremonies) are a diverse ethic group that struggled through centuries of war and oppression during the colonization era in the 20th century. Their cultural traditions, many languages, intricate costumes and styles of dance are a source of great pride and serve as an important connection to the past.

By adorning your home with one of our Juju Hats, our Bamileke artisans invite you to share in the honor and prestige of royalty.

Why are Cameroon juju hats so expensive ???

Cameroon juju hats are VERY expensive i.e. price range from $100-$800 or more depending on size and color sometimes. And one of the reasons why I think they are expensive is because they are handmade out with natural/authentic african feather as they were primarily designed to be worn  by royalty as a symbol of prosperity. They were traditionally worn by the royal dancers in the Bamilike tribe of Cameroon during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief.

As a product which symbolizes prosperity and are believed to posses the positive qualities of birds and the beauty as well as fragility of life, you don’t expect it to be cheap.

Cameroon juju hats are also expensive because of the craftsmanship i.e. takes about three days to make by two extremely talented and experience juju hat artisans to come up with a single juju hat as they are obsessed with creating the best juju hats on the market- from the feathers to the fabric wrapping and cord closure, you will notice their attention to detail!.  Feathers are cleaned and sanitized locally before being sewn into juju hats.

In addition,  we only work directly with artisan producers who take great pride in their work.

One of our top rated Juju hat designer; Emmanuel Tambike; CEO of Juju House Brand,  is a descendant of the first juju hats family and all his Juju hats are handmade in a traditional manner. Owing to his extreme inherited talents, specialization and longevity in making juju hats, no two juju hats can be the same.

It is these differences that we at Cameroon For Sale (CFS) cherish most. Each headdress is truly unique.

Why JujuArthouse Cameroon Juju Hats are very expensive but still highly sought after by interior designers worldwide???

  • Handmade in Cameroon by respected and well paid Bamileke artisans known for creating the best quality work
  • They are made from natural chicken feathers sourced sustainably from local farms in Cameroon
  • Feathers are individually hand stitched onto a raffia support structure using traditional methods
  • Cameroon juju hats folds neatly into a compact, drum shape that protects the feathers
  • Easy to hang and sturdy
  • Please note: each one of our juju hats is made by hand, and slight variation in color and texture may occur. This is part of what makes them special and unique. No juju hat will be quite like yours!

What type of feathers are Cameroon juju hat made of?

The feathers used to make the Cameroon juju hats are natural chicken feathers – a byproduct of the meat industry. And come from small local farmers who are committed to the well-being of the birds.

In addition,  we only work directly with artisan producers who take great pride in their work, we carefully check each one before shipping to ensure our quality standards are met.

Our juju hats come directly from the source – the Bamileke artisans themselves. The Bamileke culture in Cameroon is the only African culture to have juju hats as part of their history – therefore only juju hats made in Cameroon are authentic. You can be confident that your Cameroon juju hat is an original work of art made by a respected and well-paid Bamileke artisan in Cameroon.

What makes Cameroon Juju hat unique? – There are very few indigenous Bamileke artisans who weave these beautiful decorative wall decor hats. The quality of workmanship is reflected in each of our authentically made juju hats.

Unwrapping and Hanging

Juju hats are designed with the ability to fold inward into a drum shape, which protects the feathers. Your juju hat will arrive folded inward, wrapped tightly with string, and encased in protective wrapping.

When your juju hat arrives, untie the outer strings – but do not cut them! Once you do this, the juju hat will loosen, and you can gently open it outwards. At the back base of the juju, there is a tab you can use to press the center of the hat inwards. Gently press the tab all the way in until it pops into place. Some juju hats are woven more tightly than others – this pop may or may not be noticeable. You’ll know your juju is fully open when the center of the hat is even, and the feathers don’t lean one way or the other.

Once your juju hat is open, it will need to have its outer edges straightened out and made even. Gently use your fingers to reposition the feather bundles on the outer edges, and finger comb the interior feathers until they even and in place. For particularly troublesome areas, like the outer edges, you can use a blow dryer on cool to fluff them up.

Your juju hat has a string loop built in to the back support rim to make hanging easy.

Does this hang flat on the wall?
No, it will protrude about 6” or 7” inches from the wall when hung

How do you care for/clean Cameroon juju hats?

Because feathers are a natural material, moths can become attracted to them. To protect your Cameroon juju hat, we recommend placing a small amount of cedar or lavender near the back. Additionally you can spray it periodically with a moth spray, available online or at your local hardware store.

We recommend using an anti moth spray every 2-3 months.

Cameroon Juju hats also attract a surprisingly little amount of dust, especially on the feathers  hence they will need a dusting from time to time. We recommend using a blow dryer on cool.

Every few weeks you can gently pat the hat in a circular motion to get rid of dust buildup.

Materials: gray color dye, cotton strings, vegetale fibres, raffia palms, ropes, natural feathers.

Interested in purchasing authentic hand made Cameroon juju hats??? Contact us via WhatsApp and we will connect you with the best Juju hat artisans in Cameroon.










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