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Everything You Need to Know About the Ecobank Virtual Card


In August, 2020, Ecobank added a virtual card feature to their Ecobank Mobile App.

The virtual card feature, made it possible for the Ecobank account holders to create virtual prepaid cards using the Ecobank Mobile App (available for downloading at the Google Play and App Stores).

Ecobank says the Ecobank virtual card (created by Ecobank account holders using the Ecobank mobile App) will enable account holders to make secure online payments since the Ecobank virtual cards are not linked to their bank accounts hence it gives account holders added peace of mind when shopping online.

Ecobank also revealed that the Ecobank virtual card can be created and sent as a gift to loved ones.

Lets take for example that your girl friend wants to buy a $200 smartphone on Amazon or eBay but don’t have a credit card to make the purchase. Instead of giving your debit card to your girl friend to make the purchase, you can instead use the Ecobank mobile app to create a $200 worth Ecobank virtual card and sent to your girl friend.

Your girl friend will then use the $200 worth Ecobank virtual card to buy the smartphone on Amazon without you risk losing the funds in your bank account (in case the virtual card get compromised) since the virtual card is not linked directly to your bank account (unlike your debit card).

For added security, Ecobank account holders are advised to always create Ecobank virtual cards and use them for online shopping instead of using their debit cards; which is directly linked to their bank accounts.

For those of you who don’t know, virtual cards functions almost exactly like the normal credit cards issued by Ecobank and as such can be used for shopping on any online shop, pay Apple Music subscription, Netflix subscription and many more.

Note: there’s a difference between Virtual credit cards and the physical/plastic credit cards.

The most apparent difference between the Ecobank virtual card and the plastic debit & prepaid cards issued by Ecobank is the fact that the Ecobank virtual card can only be used for online payments but they cannot be used to withdraw funds from an ATM machine. In other words, that means after you have created your Ecobank Virtual card, you will only receive your Ecobank virtual card details digitally via SMS or Email, but do not get the card itself physically (the plastic card) and therefore you cannot use it in traditional offline shops or ATMs.

After creating an Ecobank virtual card which takes less than 5 minutes, you will receive the following details by Email (or the recipient will receive the info by SMS):

*** Name of Cardholder
*** 16-digit Virtual Card Number (40XX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)
*** 3-digit Security Code (CVV/CVV2)
*** VCC Expiration Date (XX/20XX)

So after sending the $200 Ecobank virtual card to your girl friend, she can’t go to an ATM machine to withdraw the money. She can only use the virtual card to make online payments.

How to create Ecobank virtual card on the Ecobank Mobile App.

You can create an Ecobank virtual card by following the simple steps below

1) Download and install the Ecobank Mobile App (available for download at the Google Play and App Stores)
2) Open your Ecobank mobile App and on the Mobile App and select “cards” on the homepage (from your dashboard)
3) Select “virtual cards”
4) Select “create a virtual card”
5) Enter amount (select the amount you want to use to fund your Virtual credit card)
6) Select account
7) Select card type (gift or shopping card)
8) Add the recipient’s mobile number (if it is a gift add the recipients mobile number)
9) Review your request and proceed if correct
10) Enter your PIN, Fingerprint or Face ID to complete the transaction
11) Wait for your card to be created.
12) After few minutes, your card is now ready to use or to send if it is a gift.

Watch video below to get more information about how to create Ecobank virtual card.

After the Ecobank virtual card has been created, you will receive the card info via email or the recipient will receive the Ecobank virtual bank info via SMS (if you selected the gift option when creating the virtual card).

Like i mentioned earlier, you or the recipient will receive the following virtual card info…

*** Name of Cardholder
*** 16-digit Virtual Card Number (40XX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)
*** 3-digit Security Code (CVV/CVV2)
*** VCC Expiration Date (XX/20XX)

After your Ecobank virtual card info has been generated you or the recipient may use it for their online shopping needs.

With the above virtual card details you will be able to shop on any websites or online merchants with your virtual card details, in any web-based shops and online stores or services, in short, anywhere on the Internet where payments by credit card are accepted (e.g. PayPal, AlertPay, CCBill, iBill, eBay, Amazon, eFax, iTunes US, Mcafee, Moneybookers US, Norton Anti Virus, Google Checkout, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, GoDaddy etc.).

The Ecobank virtual card also supports recurrent payments and can easily be used for Apple Music, Netflix or other online subscriptions. You also use the Ecobank virtual card to pay for tickets and book hotels anywhere around the globe!

Whenever you buy you an item or pay for a service online with your Ecobank virtual card, your virtual card balance will be debited…till the fund in your virtual card gets depleted.

Users of the Ecobank virtual card also receive an SMS and email notification for every transaction done which enables easy tracking of transactions”.

Summarily, the Ecobank Virtual Card is a safe and secure way to make online payments without having to use your plastic debit, prepaid or credit card. Getting an Ecobank Virtual Card is also a very convenient process and does not require a trip to a branch to activate or pick up”. You simply create the Ecobank virtual card using the Ecobank mobile app and receive the card details by email or SMS (if its a gift).

Who is eligible/qualified to create an Ecobank using the Ecobank Mobile App???

To create an Ecobank virtual card, you will need to open a bank account with Ecobank. In other words only Ecobank current, savings and Xpress account holders are permitted to create Ecobank virtual cards on the Ecobank virtual card.

Origin of the Ecobank virtual card idea (for the curios people)

The virtual card idea is actually an old idea which has been implemented by Ecobank.

I remember back in my secondary school days, i registered my first domain name using my mum’s debit card.

She had to send me her debit card details (Card Number, 3-digit CVV security code and expiration Date).

It was extremely risky for her to do that (thank God nothing bad happened).

If the Ecobank virtual card feature was available bank then, she would have created a $12 Ecobank virtual card and send it to me rather than sending her debit card details.

Nowadays, cybercrime, identity theft and card fraud are all on the rise and valid cause for concern hence Ecobank has come up with a virtual card solution to enable their clients to shop more safely, securely, and privately online

In just few minutes, Ecobank account holders can use the Ecobank mobile app to create Ecobank virtual cards and protect their personal bank information and

Make Money Online by Selling Ecobank Virtual Card

Ecobank current, savings and Xpress account holders can make money by selling Ecobank virtual cards online.

There are millions of people around the world who wish to pay for products and services online but don’t have a bank cards. You can create Ecobank gift cards and sell to these people…and receive payments via Mobile Money or in cash.

If you wish to learn more about this business idea, contact me on WhatsApp. I can also design a website for you that will enable you to set up sell your Ecobank virtual card.

Update on this post…

In December, 2020, Ecobank released a new version of the Ecobank Mobile app and the Ecobank Virtual Card feature was missing from the dashboard. This ignited rumor that the virtual card feature has been roll out of the Ecobank mobile app; which is not true.

However, the bank in a statement said that all Ecobank current, savings and Xpress account holders who are onboarded on the Ecobank Mobile app can still access a virtual card for their online payment needs.

Unlike the previous version; where customers were expected to create virtual cards manually, in the recently released Ecobank mobile app, the Ecobank Virtual Card is stored on the mobile banking profile of each Ecobank customer who requests one and access to the card is password protected and encrypted for user safety.

The recently released version of the app also made deleting or blocking a virtual card very easy and can be done so at the touch of a button when logged into the Ecobank Mobile App.

Ecobank has also recently announced that the bank is “able to offer co-branded virtual gift cards to large e-commerce merchants which can be restricted for use on their websites or apps. We welcome them to contact us to discuss further.

Can the Ecobank Virtual Card be used to Verify PayPal account???

Some internet entrepreneurs have indicated that the Ecobank virtual card can also be used to verify a PayPal account. Others have also alleged that it can also be used for PayPal Withdrawal.

I haven’t tried to link the Ecobank virtual card to PayPal hence i can’t authoritatively confirm that Ecobank virtual card is compatible on PayPal.

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