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Valentines day, is fast approaching! still wondering what to offer as a gift to your girl friend or boy friend in USA, UK, Asia etc. Are you worried that you might buy a gift that won’t be appreciated by him or her??? if yes, then the best gift to offer to your loved ones, is a gift card.

For those of you who don’t know, a gift card is an item (like a recharge card) which is used for shopping on the popular eCommerce websites.

A gift card is often pre-loaded with an X amount of money which is used to credit (add funds to) our accounts on the online shopping websites. .

Like i mentioned earlier, Gift Cards functions like the airtime recharge cards. Just like we buy airtime recharge cards from the MTN shops to credit our phones to make calls and buy data, Gift cards are also bought and used to credit accounts for shopping on specific online shops.

For example there are Amazon Gift Cards, Ebay Gift cards, Fashionova gift cards etc which can be purchased and used for shopping on the various online shopping platforms.

Gift cards are usually sold at various prices. For example, there are $20 Gift Cards, $50 Gift Cards etc. You can purchase gift cards for up to $10,000 in a single day.

Rather than sending your credit card details to your girl friend or boy friend to shop online, you can instead buy a gift card and send to your loved ones; which they can use to shop on their favorite online shop.

Your loved one can use a gift card to buy items which fall within the value of the gift card.

With a gift card, you don’t need to worry about what kind of items, color, size etc will be appreciated or suit your lover’s need. All you need to know is the online shop where he/she often shop online.

If your loved one is a Fashionnova shopaholics or have been fantasizing about a particular fashionnova item, then offer her a Fashionnova gift card as a Vday gift. If he loves shopping on Amazon, then offer him an Amazon gift card. If your boy friend is a Play Station lover, then offering him a PS Gift card to shop on the Play Station store will be a great idea.

By offering a Gift card to your loved one, you know you are giving them the opportunity to choose something they truly want from their favorite online shop hence it will be highly appreciated.

How to offer a Gift Card as a Valentine Day Gift Card.

1) Where does he or she usually shop online???

Like i mentioned earlier, the first thing you need to do, before gifting a Gift card, is to figure out where your loved ones (the person you intend to send the gift card to) often shop online.

If he or she hates shopping on Fashion Nova, a Fashion Nova gift card won’t make a good gift.

So you need to do a little bit of research to ensure that you get the right Gift card for him or her.

If your girl friend loves rocking sexy clothing, then a Fashion Nova gift card will be highly appreciated, If he or she loves handmade or vintage items and craft supplies, then an Etsy Gift card will make a good Vday gift etc…..the bottom line is, you need to do your homework first, before offering a gift card as Vday gift.

You know your gift card was highly appreciated by him or her, when he or she sends you photos of the items she bought with the gift card you sent to him or her. If he or she doesn’t send you any photo, then there’s a high probability that the gift card was later sold on Ebay (probably at a cheaper price) or gifted to another person.

2) Physical Gift Card VS e-Gift Card ???

After you have determined the online shop where he or she usually does her shopping, you then need to figure out which type of gift card offer to your loved one.

It should be noted that there are two types of gift cards; which include the physical gift cards and the e-gift cards.

The best type of gift cards to offer as a vday gift, is the physical (tangible gift card).

The physical Gift cards comes in various designs and are often packaged in very attractive envelopes which makes them more presentable and worth keeping even after use.

If you are shopping for a gift card to gif a lady, you need to go for the most attractive gift card to add an extra flair to your gift.

Unlike the physical gift card, e-gift cards are intangible i.e. when you buy an e-gift card, what you will receive is the claim code of the Gift card and not the physical gift card. You can then use the claim code of the e-Gift card to credit your account. The claim codes of the e-Gift cards are usually sent to the email of the recipient.

Like i mentioned earlier, e-Gift are not good gifting except the recipient is a techy.

Where to buy Gift Cards???

Like i mentioned earlier, gift cards are specific products i.e. they can only be used on a specific online shop. For example there US Amazon Gift cards, which can only be used on US Amazon, Fashion Nova gift cards which can only be used on Fashionnova, and so on…

Gift cards are sold on the various online shopping platforms (Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, Fashionnova etc) and nowadays, almost all the online shops sell Gift cards which their customers can use to buy items on their website.

To purchase a gift card, you just need to visit any online shop and buy it just like you normally buy other items.

To buy a Gift card on Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Fashionnova, Victoria Secret and other online shops, you will need a debit card or prepaid card. Some online shops accept PayPal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin and other e-currencies.

To purchase a gift card, just visit an online shop and search for gift cards.

Like i mentioned earlier, on the online shops, you will find gift cards of different face values which range from $25 to $10,000.

Once you find a gift card design you like and amount which suits your budget, simply add it to your cart and the proceed to check out. At the checkout phase, you just need to enter the address of the recipient and credit card details to complete the transaction.

After you have placed an order, the recipient will receive the gift card.

Note: If you intend to offer a gift as a Valentines day gift, it is important to place your order atleast 5 days before the Vday, to ensure that the gift card arrives on time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gift Cards in Cameroon.

What types of credit cards are accepted by the online shops???

Nowadays, all the credit cards (debit or prepaid cards) issued by the banks in Cameroon are accepted by the US and UK online shops. So you can purchase a gift card with any debit card or prepaid card with no issues. If you have a PayPal account, you can also use it to buy gift card.

Don’t have a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account????

Simply WhatsApp us and we will help you to buy a gift card on any online shop using our credit card and you refund us via Mobile Money.

Does Gift Cards Expire???

Gift cards doesn’t expire hence your loved ones can use it to shop on their favourite online shop anytime they deem it necessary.

Can i return a Gift Card after purchase ???

No, unlike other items, most online shops don’t accept returns for gift cards i.e. gift cards are non-returnable items.

Ok we have come to the end of this article, if you have any question, leave a comment below or simply WhatsApp Us for quick response.

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