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I’m Sabrina Gabriella; a professional freelance translator with a diploma in Translation and Intercultural Studies acquired from Cameroon’s prestigious Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters (ASTI) after a 7 months intensive training programme hence i believe I’m qualified to render a perfect English to French translation service (and vice versa) to the satisfaction of my clients.

In addition to being a certified translator, I’m also a prolific blogger with a good mastery of the art of writing hence i would be able to manually translate your posts, texts, Ad copy or any document from English to French in a clear/comprehensible manner such that your audience won’t know it’s a translation. Not just a literal “word for word” translation.

All my translations are proofread and checked for consistency. No Google translate, only concise manual translations. Automated translations is not an option here. I offer high quality manual translations which reflect the true meaning to the text. Free revisions and guidance from start to completion of the order.

I will translate from English to French text posts, documents, thesis, Ad copy etc

My translation service also encompasses, video games translation. ​

I’m passionate about computer games and know how to translate menu items or single words out of context, empathize with the characters in games and recreate the dialogues in my head.

I am native English and French and can translate from both languages perfectly and play with words skillfully to convey the author’s intentions and the atmosphere of the game in translation and also localize a game in such a way that the player will not notice that it is a translation.

So whether your goal is to impact knowledge, grab attention, arouse interest, evoke desire or get prospects to take a particular action, my translation service will enable you to meet your objective or preserve the vibe of your content.

Have been active in the field for close to 2 years.

I like working according to the pace of my clients and will never get tired of refining my work if my clients aren’t satisfied as clients satisfaction is my top priority.

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