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How to make money online with investment opportunities in Cameroon – Investment companies & Platforms


*** Wondering how to invest in Cameroon???
*** Are you looking for investment platforms in Cameroon???
***  Investment opportunities in Cameroon???
*** Reputable investment companies in Cameroon to invest in???
*** Online investment in Cameroon???
*** Foreign investment in Cameroon???
*** Investment banks in Cameroon???

If your answer to the aforementioned question is yes, then this article was specifically written for you.

Investment platforms in Cameroon and the world at large presents a great opportunity for Cameroonians who wish to make passive income and become millionaires effortlessly (not overnight).

Nowadays, there are diverse ways in which you can invest your money and reap great dividends in the future.

Ever heard the entrepreneurs talk about making your money work for you???

They are referring to investment opportunities and its very possible.

How does it work???

You simply invest your money on a reputable company with quality/hot in-demand products/services and good business strategy… and you get a certain percentage of their profit depending on the amount you invested.

You may receive your return on investment (ROI) from the companies after a certain number of months, year or on a monthly/weekly basis depending on the policy of the company.

Have you been saving some money in the bank thinking you’re investing? Do you think saving your money in bank accounts is the right way to invest your money?

Not at all! All you need now is to get sensitized on where to invest money in Cameroon.

What you get from the banks is mere interest and can’t be compared to the dividend that you can get from investment.

Making money via investment is actually one of the oldest way of making money in the world.

And one common type of investment practiced in Cameroon and other countries, that many people are familiar with, is the buying and selling of shares.

If you are a fan of CNN, you must have heard about the stock exchange market as they often announce the opening and closing of the market.

For those of you who don’t know, the stock exchange market, is a market in which companies in the US, sell shares to investors. Tech companies like Facebook, PayPal, eBay, Amazon etc are currently selling shares in the stock exchange market to investors.

Those companies have quality products and services with a hardworking team…and with the money from investors (shareholders) they are able to expand the range of their services/boost production and the investors get their return on investment (ROI) without them doing any work or rendering any service to the company.

Tons of people in the foreign countries have become millionaires via investment opportunities (not overnight though).

The wisest people are the ones who invest their money in the right places while the unenlightened ones save money in bank accounts for the banks to run investment businesses with their hard-earned money.

The money you have saved in your bank account(s) is what the banks use to do their own businesses. They invest with the insurance companies, buy shares from giant companies like Dangote, as well as trade digital currencies.

Rather than keeping your money in a bank and receive very little interest rate (less than 4%) at the end of the year, the wise people rather prefer to invest their money in a reputable company and receive a high return on investment at the end of the year.

However in Cameroon today, the term “investment” will appear like a scam bait to many Cameroonians as lots of investment companies have come, promised a high return on investment and then vanish in to thin air with the hard earn money of Cameroonians.

Below is a list of investment companies/platforms in Cameroon that have vanished with the hard earned money of Cameroonians.

*** GNLD
*** TCM

TEKS GLOBAL, another popular investment company in Cameroon with focus on Agricultural products, which had promised Cameroonians that it has come to change their impression about investment, is also at the verge of crumbling as investors have dragged the founder; Mr Teke Samuel to court for failing to give investors the return on investment that they promised.

Somebody may likely want to ask??? Why do these investment companies in Cameroon fail???

The answer is simple!

Most of the investment platforms in Cameroon failed simply due to lack of a good marketing strategy, lack of a ready market for their products/service and failure to take in to consideration unforeseen circumstances.

When its come to business, there’s nothing like assumption.

You don’t start calling on people to invest in your company because you think people will scramble for your products/service when it gets to the market and you will easily pay the high ROI that you promised investors without stress.

Before you start selling shares in Cameroon, you must ensure that you have a ready market, quality product/service that you have already tested and a good marketing strategy with a credible team. And lastly the company has to justify their return on investment.

Those are are the qualities that every wise investor in Cameroon should look out for before investing your hard earn money on.

Below is a checklist that i often go through before i invest in any company in Cameroon

*** Is the company selling a product or service???

Most of the fraudulent investment companies that have disappeared with the hard earned money of Cameroonians were involve in risky businesses like forex trading and Bitcoin where one doesn’t have any control over the business. Its very hard to forecast trends in those businesses hence it would be better to gamble with your money than invest in such businesses.

Others were involve in network marketing in which they incentivize investors to bring in other members in to the business and make money.

For example MoMoPays (an investment company that vanished 2018) was just all about bringing people in to the business and get paid.

When you register and become a member, they will give you a unique referral code that you are going to be using to bring other members in to the business. There was no product or service.

With the network marketing schemes, ROI depends on the number of members you bring in to the business. With each member you bring in, you get a certain number of points.

Most of the schemers will set a number of points that members needs to accumulate in order to win incentives or get paid….and this captivates people to invest in the business and bring in other members.

After the schemers have made enough money, they vanish.

Before investing your money in any company in Cameroon, its important to find out the product or service that they are selling or rendering??? If you think the business idea isn’t feasible, don’t invest your money in the company.

Is the quality of the product or service rendered by the company good???

*** Is the product or service good???

If the company you want to invest your hard earned money in, doesn’t have good products, such a company is like a sinking ship. You don’t wanna enter a sinking ship right???

Is there any risk associated with their product or service (unforeseen circumstances)???

In any business domain, there’s risk but the schemers will never tell investors about the risks in the business cuz they know that it may scare some of the investors.

You are the one to carry out your own research about the company and its products and services.

Is there a ready market for their products or service in Cameroon???

Before investing your hard earned money on any company in Cameroon, you also have to check if they have ready market for their products and services in Cameroon.

For instance the company cannot be selling cassava flour with a small market in Cameroon and is calling on people to invest in the company and get a high ROI.

In USA, the reason why most companies start selling shares in their companies is because there’s high demand for their products but limited supply.

So they sell shares in their company in order to double their capital and boost production.

For example Mr Dangute has started a cement production company in Cameroon and business has started booming with thousands of people in Cameroon scrambling to buy Dangute cement but due to limited capital, Dangute can only produce a hundred bags per month.

For Mr Dangute to boost production to meet up with demand, he can start selling shares in his cement company to investors in other to boost his capital.

Mr Dangute can even promised to pay a high ROI to investors in Cameroon because there’s already a high demand for his products hence he is sure of paying his investors their dividends.

And wise investors would easily invest in Dangute cement company because they know he has a ready market hence they are sure of their ROI.

On the other hand if a company without a ready market is promising a high return on investment, that company is not a good company to invest your money on as there’s no guarantee that it would succeed.

A ready market is an important greenlight that investors in Cameroon should look out for before investing their money on a company.

There’s a friend of mine who always tells me that ITS BETTER TO BE DOUBLE SURE THAN TO BE TOO SURE. It simply means that do not assume that things will work out well. Always look before you leap.

However most good companies without a ready market, will start by selling shares to investors at very cheap price with very low ROI and when the demand for their products increases they increase the prices of shares.

Why do you think they start by selling shares very cheap with very low ROI??? This is because are still testing the market and running ads.

*** Is the competition in their niche very high???

If the competition is very high, it would be difficult for the company to thrive.

If its a cement company in Cameroon that you want to invest your money on, you should be able to know who are the competitors in the market???

Cimencam and Dangute are already in the market with quality products.

Will Cameroonians not give a blind eye to a new cement???

*** What is their marketing strategy???

If the company you wish to invest your money on, is actively involved in marketing i.e. social media marketing, TV publicity and radio ads, you can conclude that the company has come to stay.

In business quality products and a good marketing strategy go together like bread and butter.

If one is missing, the growth of a company might be stagnant and this may cause it to go out of business as they will find it difficult to pay investors their ROI especially if they promised a high ROI like what TEKS GLobal did.

It should be noted that most of the investment companies in Cameroon have vanished with people’s money not because the founders had ill intention but because their businesses crashed.

Consequently they have to run for their life as they already know their fate.

This is a key factor you should look out for.

*** Does their ROI appear like a bait???

If a company just got in to business without a ready market for their products but is promising a high ROI to investors, that’s a clear sign that the company was created by a schemer and the sole motive of the investor is just bait people to invest in the business and then vanish after 1 or two years.

A good company to invest on, will start by promising a low ROI but assure investors that their ROI would increase as the company grows which is very easy for would be investors to understand.

A company can’t be starting out and is telling people to invest 50k and get 100k R0I every month.

*** Does that not appear like a bait???

Even Braseries du Cameroon and ENEO can’t sell shares like that.

Is it Long Term or Short Term benefit???

Before investing your money in a company, you should ask when you expect to get your ROI.

There certain investment opportunities in Cameroon which investors can only benefit from after 3 yrs.

Some people will only know this after they have invested in to the business and start complaining.

Because Cameroonians love fast cash, most of this companies that promise ROI in a long run will likely crash when first investors start singing the “IF I BE KNOW SONG” on the social media.

Is there any work to be done by investors???

There are certain companies where investors needs to work extremely hard after investing their hard earned money on the company.

For example in Longrich, after investing your money, you would be given products to sell and also have the responsibility to bring in new investors in to the business or else you will not make any money or win their incentives.

So many people have invested their money on Longrich (hundreds of thousands) and later quit the business after discovering how long the journey to financial freedom with Longrich is.

*** Is the company registered???

If the company is registered, its a sign that the company founder could be trustworthy. But this is not something to depend on as most schemers can just register their company in order to make their business appear credible and conceal their ulterior motive.

MoMoPays (a network marketing company which was created in 2018 and vanished in early 2019) was a registered company.

How long has the company been in business and what are people saying about them on the social media??

If the company you wish to invest on has been in business for more than 3 yrs and reviews of customers are good, then its good company.

One thing i have noticed about Cameroonians is that, they are very quick to expose the bad side of a product or service but will never testify (tell people) about how a particular product or service has changed their life.

So by doing a little research on the social media, you will get to know many things that people don’t like about the company and this will help you decide on whether to invest your money on the company or not

*** Does it have assets???

If the company has assets then investors can be sure of getting back their money as the assets of the company can be liquidated and the money used to pay back investors.

If the company doesn’t have asset, the house and other personal properties of the schemer won’t be sold if the company was registered as a LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.

Don’t say that i’m going to invest in Mr Y’s company because he has so many properties. If he runs with my money, his properties would be sold.

If his Mr Y’s company is a limited liability company, his properties won’t be sold.

Most wise schemers will always register their company as a limited liability company to ensure that when they are caught, they will only risk losing their company’s asset (if they have one) and not their personal property.

So check the company’s asset and not the personal properties of the founders of the company.

How Cameroon government can prevent investment scam in Cameroon

1) There should be an article in the Cameroon constitution which stipulates that people who wants to investors to invest in their companies has to first of all seek authorization from the government to make known their intention and submit documents of their assets for precautionary motive.

2) Demand for a business plan from a company in Cameroon that intend to sell shares.

For those of you who don’t know, a business plan is a basic document that outlines the business model of a company and general execution strategy for the company in the near and mid-term future.

From a business plan, one can easily tell if a business would be feasible or its just a mere ponzi scheme.

3) Limit the number of investors that can invest in newly established company without a ready market for their products

4) The funds in the bank account of the company shouldn’t go below half the total sum invested by the investors.

5) The government of Cameroon should ensure that the total funds collected from investors should always be equal to the value of the assets of the company. This is to ensure that if the schemers vanished with the hard earned money of Cameroonians their assets can be liquidated and used to pay back investors.

How do i buy shares in Cameroon (are there any reputable companies selling shares in Cameroon)???

Unlike in the US, there’s no stock exchange market in Cameroon where Cameroonian investors can buy shares from Cameroon companies.

The Douala Stock Exchange was created in December 2001 but its still unknown to many Cameroonians and not even operational.

Lack of a government regulated stock exchange market in Cameroon where shares can be legally bought and sold, has created a fertile ground for the schemers to thrive with various kinds of investment scams.

Nevertheless there are few reliable investment opportunities in Cameroon that you can confidently invest your money on and sleep like a baby without you worrying about waking up one morning to discover that your hard earned money has gone down the drain.

Best investment companies (opportunities) in Cameroon

1) Buy Shares  from Cameroon Online Shop LLC (

Cameroon For Sale (CFS) is on the verge of launching an online storefront which we strongly believe would become the number one online shop in Cameroon in no time judging from our digital marketing skill and good mastery of the Cameroon market.

For the past 2yrs now we have been importing and testing various products in Cameroon.

Now we are done with our product research and want to get in to eCommerce in a massive scale.

However this vision can only be actualized with the help of investors who want to be part of this huge dream.

Mind you, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay and other tech companies started with a mere vision and today they have become multi billion dollar companies and those who believed in the vision and invested their money have all become millionaires today effortless. Those who gave a deaf ear to the vision are now singing the IF I BE KNOW SONG. is currently looking for 10 investors that can invest 200,000 frs on our online shop project so that we can come up with a 2 million frs capital.

Rather than keeping the 200,000 frs CFA in a bank and receive less than 8000frs as interest at the end of the year why not invest in a business that can fetch you half that amount per year.

If you have doubt about our business, you can simply come to meet us and we will explain to you how this money would be made so that you can invest your money without having any iota of doubt in you.

We will import quality products that solves the problems of Cameroonians. I mean products that we have tested and confirmed that there’s a huge demand in Cameroon with low competition.

Unlike the forex and Bitcoin companies, there’s little or no risk involve with eCommerce.

We don’t use your money to gamble. We import products that you can see and track how they are getting sold. We don’t import perishable products hence there’s zero risk involve.

The wisest people are the ones who invest their money in the right places while the unenlightened ones save money in bank accounts for the banks to run investment businesses with their hard-earned money.

The money you save in accounts is what the banks use to do their own businesses. They invest with the insurance companies, buy shares from giant companies like Dangote, as well as trade digital currencies.

Whenever you want to buy shares, keep yourself up to date by regularly reading newspapers like The Guardian Post, Cameroon Tribune, the Sun,  and others. This is where you can get the right updates about the companies that are currently selling shares to the public, how much they are selling per share, and every other detailed information about buying shares.

2)  Invest in Real Estate in Cameroon

Another sure and reliable way that most Cameroonians can invest their hard earned money is by investing in real estate.

The act of putting your money in land is called Land Banking. The same way you put your money in a bank and get 1 or 2% interest rate yearly is the same way you put your money in land and get significant interest.

Advantages of land banking…

– Land appreciates daily.
– Land can be used as a collateral to obtain loans.
– Land is a tangible, fixed asset. It cannot be broken, stolen or destroyed. Unlike most residential and commercial buildings.
– Land costs virtually nothing to own. No utility payments, no tenant problems, no termite infestations, no leaky outlets, no broken toilets.

Think about it. You can buy a piece of land today, walk away from it for 10 years and when you come back, nothing would have changed. Only an increase in value.

Can you think of a safer investment?

We offer land banking opportunities in Limbe starting from CFA 2 million for 500m2.
Invest now and thank us later.

3) Investing In Insurance Companies In Cameroon

When it comes to finding a great place to invest your money, insurance company is one of the most promising sources.

For instance, the investment opportunities at an insurance company, which is located in my hometown, were outlined for me some years ago. I was made to realize that if I invested with this particular insurance company, I will receive a 9% compound interest, meaning that interest will be compounded for me monthly and yearly, whereas, no bank will ever give a compound interest no matter how much you’re saving.

When interest is compounded, it simply means the interest and principal in any accounting year will be added together and forwarded as principal at the beginning of the subsequent year. That is what compound interest is all about.

Aside from getting a compound interest on the amount invested, if I want to be receiving the interest monthly or yearly, it’s feasible. If I don’t ever default in sending in the exact amount I promised to be remitting as additional principal to what I have in account at stipulated periods, I’ll be paid back, in full, both the total interest earned as computed for the periods of investment and the total principals invested so far.

In case the investor deceases long before the expiration of his investment plan with the company, the total interest he should have earned if he had been alive for the whole of the investment period will be paid to his family together with the total principals he would sent in for the whole of the investment periods provided he didn’t default through the periods in which he was with the company before his death.

Looking at these dividends, it’s far better saving or investing with an insurance company than keeping money in bank accounts only for the banks to get something to use for business.

To start investing with an insurance company, just walk into any of the insurance companies located near you. Disclose your intention of investing money with them and ask for details about the dividends accrued to you.

4) Investing in crypto currencies

This is a common way that most Cameroonians invest their hard earned money and get a high ROI and its very simple.

You simply buy an X amount of cryptocurrency and sell later to new investors when the value of the cryptocurrency increases.

Nowadays, there are lots of cryptocurrencies that Cameroonians can invest their money on which include, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin etc

However before you start engaging in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you must understand that there’s risk involve with cryptocurrency investment.

These are the things you need to know before engaging in this type of investment in Cameroon…

*** The number one thing you need to know about cryptocurrency investment is that, cryptocurrency trading has not been approved by the Cameroon government. In other words it is an outlawed business. This simply means that if you trade with a scammer and you get scammed, you can’t take the person to court even if you catch the person.

And once you have been scammed, your money is gone except you intend to put a gun on the person’s head.

Secondly, you need to understand that the value of cryptocurrency do fluctuates hence there’s a possibility that you can buy Bitcoins today and after a few days, the value drops making it hard for you to sell and make profit. And when it drops, you just need to wait for the value to increase again. Nobody can tell when the value will increase or decrease hence there’s a little bit of gamble in it.

Cameroonians who find it difficult to trade Bitcoin by themselves, can trade through the experienced Bitcoin brokers who will use their money to trade in cryptocurrency and they get paid an X amount of money per month or weekly.

But this Bitcoin brokers can easily vanish with your money.

Most Cameroonians would easily remember how a Bitcoin Broker called Bitworld made them cry in 2016. Infact the head of state would have announced a national morning day when Bitworld crashed.


If you want to invest in cryptocurrency in Cameroon, its better you learn how to trade by yourself. The same rule applies to FOREX. Do not give your money to any Forex broker.

There are courses that will guide you on how to master cryptocurrency trading within a short time frame.

Ok those are some of the investment opportunities in Cameroon and qualities that you need to look out for before you invest your money on any company.

The ball is now in your court.

If you think investing your money on Cameroon Online Shop and other investment platforms won’t be a good idea, you can look for a good investment bank in Cameroon and save your money and receive 2% interest per year.

Bank interest rates in Cameroon varies hence you might get a higher interest rate with some banks.

Money is such an instrument that makes you live the kind of life you want to live. But if you’re not conscious of how you spend it, you may be spending extravagantly which may lead to losing a lot of money in no time.

Because money is like a visitor which must be well-kept, you need to learn how to invest it in order for you to prepare greatly for the future.

If you are interested in investing in Cameroon Online Shop, WhatsApp Us or Simply leave a comment below.

You can also WhatsApp us if you have any question related to this article.

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