How to Start an Organic Skincare Business in Cameroon

Do you wish to start an organic skincare business in Cameroon but don’t know where to learn how to make organic creams in Cameroon or get professional skin care training??? Have you Googled the “best cosmetology school in Cameroon” but didn’t find any result??? If yes, then this article was specifically written for you.

In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to do in order to become a certified/proficient cosmetic formulator in Cameroon…and you can choose to study either onsite or online from the comfort of your home.

Over the past few years, you must have noticed a marked increase in the number of organic skincare brands and products in Cameroon…and even though most of the skincare brands are run by uncertified cosmetic formulators OR people who acquired knowledge about skincare product formulation following DIY recipes found online/YouTube, their products are still highly sought after by Cameroonians… though most of the organic skincare products are sold at very expensive prices and some of the products often presents side effects like green veins, knuckles, white patches, stretchmarks and some may even lighten or bleach your skin to an undesired skin tone etc.

Looking beautiful is the preoccupation of the ladies and a flawless glowing skin contributes enormously to the beauty of a lady and boost their self confidence and self-esteem hence most ladies will stop at nothing to achieve their skin goals….particularly when society values smooth, unblemished skin as a sign of health and beauty. And this explains why most Cameroonians are ready to purchase any skincare product without bothering to know the source or look at its ingredients as long as the product promises to help them achieve their skin goals.

Owing to the aforementioned fact, skincare products (especially those from the certified cosmetic formulators) will always be of high demand in Cameroon and any part of the world.

So if you are planning to invest money in acquiring a professional skin care training or thinking about enrolling in the best cosmetology school in Cameroon or any part of the world, do not think twice, go ahead and acquire the knowledge as you are very sure of getting a return on your investment in no time after completing your studies.

Starting an organic skincare business in Cameroon (which formulates effective skin care products) will no doubt fetch you tons of money as there’s less competition in the skincare market in Cameroon.

As a skincare enthusiast, online marketer and skin blogger, i can authoritatively say (without any iota of doubt) that as of May 28th 2021, Cameroon doesn’t have more than 15 certified Cosmetic formulators and the few ones available are doing extremely well even though they sell most of their product at hefty prices.

So there’s still room for you to make millions of frs CFA per month from an organic skincare business in Cameroon.

But the fundamental question still remains….where can we learn how to make organic creams in Cameroon or get professional skin care training???

Unfortunately (as of May 28th, 2020), there’s no accredited beauty product formulation institute (cosmetology/skin care training school) in Cameroon where you can get professional skin care training or that offers organic skin care formulation courses.

In Cameroon, you can only find a handful of people who offer crash courses/recipes on organic skin care formulation that will enable you to formulate cosmetic products (like lip cream, nail polish, skin lotions, soaps, toothpaste and any other type of personal care product) but the crash courses won’t give you an in-depth knowledge about the skin, cosmetic ingredients and how to put them together in their right proportion to come up with your own unique product.

Just like learning how to make chin chin, doesn’t make you pastry chef.

NOTE: There’s a difference between someone who follows DIY recipes (crash courses) found online/YouTube or studied crash courses and a proficient cosmetic formulator.

A certified/proficient cosmetic formulator has the know-how, learning and ability to design a formulation that is both stable and effective. A good cosmetic formulator also knows what ingredients are necessary to create different types of formula such as emulsions, balms, gels and toners and understand what differentiates one product type from another. This is a key skill that distinguishes a proficient cosmetic formulator from someone who follows DIY recipes found online or the crash courses.

Summarily, the job of an organic skin care formulator involves working with organic ingredient and putting them together in proportion to create unique skin care products that works effectively with no side effects like green veins, knuckles, white patches, stretchmarks etc.

A certified/proficient Cosmetic formulator is just like a masterchef who has indepth knowledge about ingredients and know how to put them together to come up with unique product while the uncertified cosmetic form

Like i mentioned earlier, anybody can make a chin chin or any product by following a DIY recipe on YouTube but only the proficient pastry chefs can explain what makes a chin chin crunchy, what gives it a nice flavor and sweet taste OR can come up with his or her own chin chin recipe.

So how do you become a certified Cosmetic formulator in Cameroon???

Since there’s no accredited beauty product formulation institute (cosmetology/skin care training school school) in Cameroon where you can get professional skin care training or that offers organic skin care formulation courses, to become a certified cosmetic formulator, you will only need to travel out of the country.

Fortunately when doing my research on the best skin care training school, i found an accredited professional skin care training school in the neighboring country; Nigeria which offers organic skin care formulation courses.

If you are a skincare enthusiast, you must have already figured out the beauty product formulation institute (cosmetology/skin care training school) that i’m referring to.

Its no school other than the COC Beauty School in Nigeria; an accredited skin care training school founded by Ayo Bassey; a Nigerian serial entrepreneur, cosmetic business coach, certified cosmetic product formulator, perfumer and herbologist.

One of the reasons why the COC beauty school in Nigeria has become the core school for the beauty entrepreneurs in Africa, is the fact that they offer both online and on-site training which suits the needs of  lots of people.

It may surprised you to know that Cameroon Afropop queen; Blanche Bailly enrolled in COC beauty school in 2020 where she’s currently studying to become a certified cosmetic formulator.

Below is a video which shows Blanche Bailly revealing her experience while at the COC beauty school in Lagos. She would be graduating this year (2021).

COC beauty school offers a Skincare Product Development Course which has produced so many cosmetic formulators in Africa; who are now enjoy 7 figure businesses selling professional skincare products they made all by themselves, following their framework.

The Skincare Product Development Course is an online implementation program designed to show you the exact steps to creating professional skincare products.

The course offers a proven 5 – Step framework with additional formulas to enable you create professional and effective skincare products from scratch, all by yourself, in the shortest time possible.



It’s impossible to understand skincare without first understanding a bit about the skin and how it works. To understand exactly how beauty products work, why common skin problems occur and what happens to our skin as it ages, it is important to have a basic understanding of normal skin structure and its constituent components.

Step 1 of the skincare product development course focuses on knowledge of the skin.

It covers the following topics….

  • An in-depth study of the skin and how it works
  • The components responsible for the skin’s outward appearance
  • How skincare products interact with the skin
  • Types of Skin
  • Skin Type test
  • Skin Concerns & Solutions
  • Skin Management
  • Prescription per skin type


In step 2 you will learn about various ingredients used in skincare products.

It covers the following topics….

  • Ingredient Groups & Subgroups
  • Ingredient Functions & Side Effects (if any)
  • Ingredient proportions per product type
  • Ingredient Speed
  • Ingredient Shelf Life
  • Ingredient Layering – (How to blend ingredients for super effective products).


  • Cosmetic Science: Learn the science behind cosmetics
  • Product Forms: Explore the different forms of skincare products you can design
  • Product Anatomy: Dissecting the little bits that make up the whole piece
  • Product Structure: A build up of an effective product from scratch.


  • Understand cosmetic units of measurements
  • Convert between units
  • Perfect the basic cosmetics maths
  • Create a precise and replicable formula for designed products


At this phase, you are going to use the knowledge you have gained in the 4 previous steps to make organic creams and various skin care products.

COC Beauty school will teach you how to formulate all products listed below

  • OILS

So those are the 5 steps you need to go through in order to become a certified cosmetic formulator with COC beauty school. You’ll learn to create all the products listed from scratch all by yourself.

So after taking the course, you will be able to start your own skincare brand in Cameroon.

In fact that is what the course is all about.

How is the studies carried out???

Those enrolled in th physical classes will go through 5 weeks of live lectures and months of project work while online is a minimum of 8 weeks lectures and months of project work.

What’s the school fees charged by COC beauty school for their Skincare Product Development Course???

The fee charged by COC beauty school is $1000 (490,000 frs CFA).

One interesting aspect about COC beauty school is the fact that they offer, both online and onsite training for their Skincare Product Development Course i.e. you can either choose to study online from the comfort of your home or study at the COC beauty school premise in Lagos.

Somebody may likely want to ask, what are the requirements for enrolling at the COC Beauty School???

The requirements are pretty simple…

  • Basic Knowledge of Maths & English
  • Willingness to learn
  • An Internet enabled device such as a smart phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Fees paid

Will i be awarded a certificate after completing the Skincare Product Development Course???

Yes, at the end of the 2 years program, you’ll be awarded a certificate after you submit your final project.

What you’ll become after this programme:

  1. A certified skincare specialist
  2. A certified skincare product formulator
  3. A potential brand owner
  4. A beauty entrepreneur
  5. A potential role model

At the end of this programme, you will know EVERYTHING about Skincare, Skin Consultation , Product Formulation and Launching a Skincare Business. Learn to create cosmetic products, learn to design product formulas, learn the science behind skin treatment, learn to build a beauty company, learn so much in fun, easy to understand study modules. .

Have you finally decided you’d like to create all kinds Of skincare products but you don’t want to make substandard , ineffective products???

You’ve done some research and tried to figure things out however, they don’t quite meet up with the standards you have in mind???

You want to make professional and effective skincare products but you want a tested & proven framework that guarantees success, not trial & error solutions!???

If this sounds like you, then you should definitely enroll in the Skincare Product Development Course offered by COC beauty school.

After you have paid your fee, you will be offered the course materials and assigned a private instructor (for those who have chosen online studies).

Ok we have come to the end of this article.

If you have any question related to this article, just WhatsApp me or you can visit the website of COC beauty school for more information.


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