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Learn 3D Epoxy Design and Installation in Cameroon – Best Online Course


If you are here today, then you must have heard about how Cameroonians are making tons of cash from Epoxy installations and made up your mind that you want to learn 3D Epoxy Design and Installation in Cameroon.

If that’s your goal, then it would be one of the best decision you will ever make in your lifetime as this skill will turn you in to a millionaire in Cameroon and any part of the world within a short timeframe.

And the most interesting thing about 3D epoxy design and installation is the fact that its very easy to acquire the skill and start making money with it.

I guess you must have seen attractive pictures and videos of 3D Epoxy Designs of floors, walls and ceilings (on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram) shared by the Epoxy design and installation experts in Cameroon and this must have made you think those Epoxy experts are genius and wondered if you would ever be able to become one of them.

Yes you can and it may surprise you to know that within 4 days, you can acquire this skill and start making huge amount of money from it.

For those of you who are hearing about this for the first time, you are probably wondering what Epoxy installation is all about???

Epoxy installations which include…

*** 3D floor Installation

*** Graphic Ceiling Installation

*** Flask Or Reflective Installation

*** Metallic Installation

And many more…are new innovations in floor, ceiling and wall designs that makes the floors, ceilings and walls of our living rooms, bed rooms, garage, restaurants, supermarket, office etc look super glossy and attractive.

In fact its hard not to enter a house with 3D floor Installation and not give compliments about the floor as it makes you feel you are getting a glimpse of paradise on earth.

Is this not a microcosm of paradise on earth???

Epoxy flooring greatly adds to the beauty of the interior of a building especially the 3D floor installation with images (SAV Vinyl) that looks soooo real.

Mind you, Epoxy flooring installation are not only attractive but are far more durable than the concrete floor and tiles that we often use for flooring in Cameroon.

Epoxy flooring is cheaper and far more better than tiles and concrete floors

Real Estate Investors in Cameroon are scrambling for Epoxy experts in Cameroon as Epoxy flooring and wall designs greatly beautifies a house and increases its market value.

What appeals most to epoxy flooring is it’s resistance to high levels of wear and tear, making it the most long-lasting flooring options.

Experts say a well installed Epoxy flooring in any environment can last for more than 30 yrs and it customizable and sustainable.

One thing which makes Epoxy 3D installation service very profitable in Cameroon and other parts of the world, is the fact that the materials needed for installation are very cheap as compared to tiles hence many people will likely go for the epoxy flooring option which is cheaper but far more durable and attractive than tiles and concrete flooring

The materials (Epoxy resin, hardener and other installation tools) are readily available in Cameroon or you can choose to import yours at very cheap price and sell to your clients.

Epoxy floorings are gradually gaining grounds in Cameroon as more people have come to realized the benefits of this new breath taking innovation in interior design.

Cameroonians with foresight are already equipping themselves with this skill as it would be the new standard of flooring in Cameroon in the nearest future.

The most interesting thing about Epoxy installation is the fact that it takes just 4 days to learn and become an Epoxy expert in Cameroon unlike the tiles and concrete flooring system which requires a higher learning curve and mental strength.

The core part of the Epoxy installation lies on how to mix the Epoxy resin and hardener (part A & B).

Once you have mastered the exact ratio of the two components (part A & part B to mix) applying the chemical on the floor takes just few minutes.

You can buy this chemicals in Cameroon at cheap prices

Epoxy installation is as easy as painting hence even the ladies can do it.

Yes even the ladies make cool cash from Epoxy installation in Cameroon

So you can simply dedicate 4 days to acquire this skill and start making money from it.

I mean easy cool cash (not chicken change)

Just imagine yourself getting a contract to install epoxy flooring in a 5 storey building.

Somebody may likely want to ask, how do i get clients after acquiring this skill???

Nowadays its very easy for one to advertise a service and get lots of potential clients.

Just simply publish photos of epoxy designs (that you can install) on a Facebook group or simply run a Facebook ad for your service and tons of prospects will flood your WhatsApp with messages.

Mind you, Epoxy installation doesn’t only end with Floor, Wall & Ceiling installations.

The knowledge gained from Epoxy flooring installation can also be extended to other domains like jewelry making, picture frame and countertop designs.

In fact if you are a very creative person, the sky would be your limit as there are tons of things you can do with Epoxy resin and hardener.

Epoxy can also be installed on table tops and chairs
Beautiful Epoxy installation on the ceiling
Epoxy Resin Jewelries

There are tons of Cameroonians who are already making adorable jewelries using epoxy resins and selling them at huge prices online.

With that said, somebody may likely want to ask, where can i learn 3D Epoxy Design and Installation in Cameroon???

To become an expert in Epoxy floor, wall & ceiling design and installation in Cameroon, what you need is our 3D Epoxy Design and Installation course.

The course covers a wide range of topics designed to make you become an Epoxy expert in just 4 days.

What you’ll learn from the course…

This course will discuss into detail the following:

*** Epoxy floor Installation Graphic wall Installation Flakes Or reflective.
*** You will learn about the 5 different stages necessary for epoxy installation
*** How to measure like a pro and will also learn in details not only how to measure but how you can convert from square meter to square feet, how you can calculate your project or space even if you have so many irregular shape in the location.

Measurement is one of the key aspect of Installation. At the end of this course you will learn how to measure accurately per square meter and per square foot. How to also convert per square meter (m²) to per square foot (f²).

*** How to calculate amount of chemical to use for a project and get to know exactly tools and materials needed for installation without wasting too much money on materials that are not necessary.
*** You will learn how to mix, how to add colours, pigments, giltters, pebbles and give you work glassy effect. Get to know tools.
*** You will learn how to charge your clients – This lesson discusses tips and tricks you need to know when charging your clients. This aspect of installation is very important, because your success in this job depend on.
*** An entire section of the course is focused solely on practical so that you can master the skill and start rendering services right away.

In the practical session, the instructor will demonstrate how to install the following:

*** Epoxy floor Installation
*** Graphic wall Installation
*** Flakes Or reflective installation
*** Metallic ceiling or floor Installation
*** Five different stages necessary for epoxy installation
*** How to measure like a pro
*** How to calculate amount of chemical use for a project
*** Profitable way to charge your clients
*** You will learn how to mix, how to add colours, pigments, giltters, pebbles to the components and what to do to give you work sparkling and beautiful effect.

*** In this Epoxy installation course, you will also see how epoxy installation of different designs are done step by step.
*** Finally, you will have an opportunity to take different Installation quiz to help you
determine if you remember what you have learnt and will also have privilege to show me your own work.

Who this course is for:

*** This in-depth course is appropriate for any level of 3D epoxy interior design knowledge

*** This course is for anyone who wants in-depth information on the main epoxy installations designs used today and how to mix and install those styles with confidence.

*** This course could also be a great choice for anyone who is new to the epoxy design field and would like more in depth information.

*** Both male and female with no previous skills, no special educational certification can take this course.

*** This course is also for those who want to try new ways to impress themselves and their friends and family.


*** Large canvas, wood panel, epoxy resin, glitter, acrylic paints or colour pigments, your favorite printed image(SAV Vinyl),small brushes, paint roller, stick mixer(wooden or plastic, or silicon)
*** Measuring scale, disposable transparent cups, sand paper and measuring tape.

Duration of Course!

This course is 4 days course that discusses how epoxy designs and installations are done step by step, using the latest Installation methods. Easy to understand even if you don’t have any knowledge about Installation before.

At the end of the course, you would be able to do epoxy installation as seen in the sample below…

Who is the Epoxy Course instructor???

The course instructor is Bidex Owel; an experience Nigerian epoxy design instructor who has trained lots of people who are currently making lots of cash from this skill.

Bidex Owel is the CEO of JBD Sparkle Homes of Decor, who has been in business for over six years. She has worked with companies like: Fidson Pharmacetical Company, Folben Limited, Rhino Linings Limited, Farmers Market Limited to mention the least.

She has a lot of experience and passion to help people in the area of interior and exterior design, especially in epoxy resin designs and installations.

She served as instructor to many professionals from various field of works at her monthly trainings. These students are not just trained and abandoned but are given all the needed support in carrying out their first contract until they become proficient.

With her exposure and vast knowledge in epoxy installation, her aim is to train and empower both male and female who are determine to learn interior and exterior design with the best and latest concept in 3D Epoxy Designs and Installations.

If you are interested in getting this epoxy design and installation course, WhatsApp us OR leave a comment below…


  1. Good morning. I am writing from Tchad, Ndjamena. I am interested in epoxyl flooring design. What is the cost of training?

    • Contact me via WhatsApp to get the price of the course. After you have purchased the course, i will send you links to suppliers of the chemicals and also guide on how to market your skill to get clients in your area. This is a very lucrative skill. Write to me via WhatsApp.

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