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List of registered Pharmacies in Limbe and their Locations (address)


If you have come here today, then you must have been given a particular prescription by a doctor in Limbe and asked to look for the drug in one of the pharmacies in Limbe.

And you must be scratching your head right now and wondering, how do i locate these pharmacies in Limbe.

I have been in your shoes, so i know how it feels.

Unless you know the locations of all the big pharmacies in Limbe, buying a particular prescription can be very difficult…and you may even end up getting a less effective alternative of the prescribed drug simply because you don’t know the location of the registered pharmacies Limbe.

Some people resort to getting the drugs from the clandestine pharmacies in the quarter out of frustration. After all, they say something is better than nothing. But this is not good.

Mind you, there’s a difference between a registered Pharmacy in Limbe and a road side drug store run by unlicensed individuals who have little or no knowledge about drugs. Not even a renowned unlicensed Pharmacy in Limbe like Bertrand’s Pharmacy is safe.


When doctors/hospitals in Limbe give you a prescription and ask you to purchase the prescribed drugs from a pharmacy, they are referring to the registered pharmacies in Limbe and not the quarter pharmacies that are known for selling fake and expired drugs…which may cause great damage to your health or that of a love one.

The price of drugs at the registered Pharmacy is obviously very expensive but medicines sold at the registered pharmacies in Limbe are very potent unlike the cheap drugs bought from the clandestine mini pharmacies in the quarter.

In this article, i will list all the registered pharmacies in Limbe and their locations to make it easy for you to buy a particular drug especially when you are in urgent need of drug for an emergency case.

Without any further delay, let’s get down to business.

List of Pharmacies in Limbe and their locations….

1) Rainbow Chemist Pharmacy in Limbe

If you are looking for a particular drug in Limbe, the first place to begin your search is Rainbow Chemist Pharmacy in Limbe.

Rainbow Chemist Pharmacy is arguably one of the oldest Pharmacy in the city of Limbe with more than 30 yrs of existence in Limbe…hence the founders of the Pharmacy by virtue of their experience in the business have a good mastery of the common drugs prescribed by doctors for various ailments hence there’s a high probability that you will find desired drug here.

Rainbow chemist pharmacy is one of biggest pharmacy in Limbe with tons of drugs in their shelf.

By mere observation of their huge catalog of drugs, it gives you the impression that its the final bus stop when it comes to drug search in Limbe.

The pharmacy looks classy and well organized with very friendly pharmacists ready to attend to you.

Rainbow Chemist Pharmacy Limbe, is located at Nambeke street, Just few meters away from Half Mile and on the road leading to the community field.

Due to their long presence in the city, almost all the taxi men and Okada men, know the location of Rainbow chemist. So if you want to go to Rainbow chemist, just simply tell a chaufeur or Okada man that you are going to Rainbow chemist….without any question asked, he will drop you at Rainbow chemist located just beside the road.

2) TAF Pharmacy

TAF pharmacy is also a popular Pharmacy in Limbe that has been business for more than 20 yrs in Limbe.

The pharmacy looks small but its jam packed with lots of drugs for various ailments hence you are sure of finding your prescription at the pharmacy. They also have knowledgeable staff who are ready to suggest an alternative if you can’t find your desired drug.

TAF pharmacy is located at half mile, beside the main road leading to gardens, Limbe.

Since its an old pharmacy in Limbe, you won’t face any difficulty trying to locate it since most Taxi men already know the pharmacy. Simply take a taxi to TAF Pharmacy, half mile Limbe.

3) Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Limbe

Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Limbe is a big pharmacy with tons of drugs located just few meters away from middle farms junction (Bota Hospital).

At Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy Limbe you will meet a fair in complexion pharmacist who will carefully listen to you and attend to your needs.

4) Prime Pharmacy Limbe

Prime pharmacy is a popular pharmacy in Limbe located at a strategic location which makes it the first choice for most inhabitants of Limbe.

Its located just at the new market entrance in Church Street, Limbe.

Prime Pharmacy Limbe is also loaded with tons of drugs mostly prescribed by the doctors in Limbe hence you are sure of finding your desired drug at Prime Pharmacy Limbe.

5) Rapha Pharmacy Limbe

Rapha Pharmacy is a classy pharmacy located just opposite the Botanic garden entrance in Bota.

The Pharmacy is big and loaded with tons of drugs mostly prescribed by doctors.

Its located just beside the road hence very accessible.

6) Fako Atlantic Pharmacy

Fako Pharmacy is a medium size pharmacy jam packed with lots of drugs.

Fako Atlantic Pharmacy is located just few meters away from the D.O office in Limbe OR opposite the Limbe community field. Its located just beside the road which makes it easy for people to locate it.

7) Limbe Pharmacy Mile One Limbe

Limbe Pharmacy is also an old pharmacy in Limbe located at mile one, just beside Express Exchange…and opposite Mother care shop. Its also situated about 100meter away from the Limbe regional hospital in Mile One.

Limbe Pharmacy is also big and loaded with tons of drugs mostly prescribed by the doctors in Limbe hence you are sure of finding your desired drug at Limbe Pharmacy.


There’s one Pharmacy at Mile 4 Limbe located just few meters away from the old road entrance.

The pharmacy looks small but is loaded with tons of drugs.

Its the only registered Pharmacy in Mile 4 and operates 24/7.

10) Destiny Pharmacy Limbe

Destiny Pharmacy is also registered Pharmacy located behind Espoir school at Mile one OR the road leading to middle farms.

The pharmacy is also loaded with drugs hence you are sure of finding your desired drug at destiny pharmacy in Limbe.

Their contact number is 233 61 24 64. If you are finding it difficult to locate the pharmacy, simply call that number and they will guide you.

 11) PCC Central Pharmacy, Down beach Limbe

PCC Central Pharmacy is a big pharmacy in Limbe set up by the Baptist mission to enable clients of the Manyemen Annex hospital (a sister institution) to easily get vital drugs.

PCC central pharmacy is loaded with tons of vital drugs mostly prescribed by hospitals in Limbe so you are sure of finding your prescription here.

PCC Central Pharmacy is located at Down beach Limbe.

12) CARE Pharmacy, Isokolo Limbe

Care Pharmacy is also a big Pharmacy loaded with essential drugs.

The pharmacy is located in the Isokolo district at a place called “Aminatou square”.

It is interesting in that it brings the surrounding populations closer to the drug that was once accessible after a trip to the city center. Its prices are acceptable and drugs are generally available.

Nice pharmacy, serving the entire Isokolo, Mokindi, Wovia and Botaland.

13) Mini pharmacie,  Limbe

As the name Suggest, Mini Pharmacie is a small but mighty pharmacy where you can find common drugs recommended by hospitals in Limbe.

Their contact number is 680511649

Mini pharmacie is located in Isokolo….just few meters away from the Marine School in Isokolo.

Ok those are the popular pharmacies found in Limbe, Cameroon.

It should be noted that the drugs found in the pharmacies in Limbe are not similar, so if you are looking for a particular drug, its important that you search in all the pharmacies in Limbe before considering buying a substitute.

If you are searching for a particular drug during the night, its important that you go to the pharmacy in Limbe that’s on call for the night.

A pharmacy that’s on call in Limbe, is a pharmacy that is open through out the night hence you can buy drugs from the pharmacies during that period.

Pharmacies are put on call to ensure that people can still buy drugs at night since drugs are indispensable.

The service is rotational i.e. during a particular week 3 pharmacies may be put on call while the rest shut their doors at night…and in the next week, another 3 pharmacies take over.

So if you wish to buy drugs at night in Limbe, the first question you should ask is, which pharmacies in Limbe are on call this week.

By simply doing a Google search, you can know the pharmacies in Limbe that are on call for a particular week.

Ok we have come to the end of this article.

If you have any question, leave a comment below or WhatsApp me to get a quick response.

If you are a pharmacy owner in Limbe and wants your Pharmacy to be included in this list, WhatsApp me.

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