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MABSS Skincare CEO Elsie Nfor reveals its possible to glow without bleaching your skin in 2022


Over the past 60 years, skin bleaching has been the misguided solution of most melanated people who desire to achieve a glowing skin as most people of color were under the impression that a lighter skin tone signifies glow and makes a person more desirable.

And this misconstrued notion of beauty, pushed so many dark skin Africans and African Americans to go for skin bleaching products in a desperate attempt to achieve a glowing skin but ended up with severe discolored/damaged skin far worst than their initial skin condition, a situation commonly described in Cameroon as NJANGSA.

Despite the great dangers (side effects) entangled with skin bleaching, Skin lightening products are unbelievably still popular in Cameroon and other African nations (and alarming in Nigeria).

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report in 2011 estimating that 77% of Nigerian women use skin lightening products regularly. This is in comparison with 59% in Togo, 35% in South Africa, and 27% in Senegal. In fact, bleaching products are reportedly the fourth most sought-after household item by African women, alongside essentials like soap, milk, and tea.

The global market for skin bleaching products was estimated at $8.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to exceed $12 billion by 2027.

The bleaching epidemic has its origin in cultural beliefs, stereotypes, and myths that help perpetuate the belief that lighter skin is a desirable trait, more desirable than darker skin.

The belief system has fueled a worldwide market for skin bleaching products, many of them unapproved or unregulated and potentially dangerous.

The million dollar question that many often ask is, MUST THE PEOPLE OF COLOR BLEACH THEIR SKIN IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE A GLOWING SKIN???.

Cameroon’s finest skincare specialist; Elsie Nfor has an answer to the controversial question.

As an accredited skincare specialist and the founder of the leading Cameroon skincare brand; MABSS ; Elsie Nfor has taken it upon herself the responsibility to educate the black community about skin bleaching and the right procedures to follow in order to achieve a flawless glowing skin without any risk of bleaching the skin.

In a video making rounds on the social media platforms; MABSS CEO, Elsie Nfor whose clients constitute (in majority) victims of skin bleaching products, revealed that based on her survey, most people who end up bleaching their skin, just wanted to glow with no intension of altering their skin tone…and contrary to popular opinion, Elsie Nfor also revealed that its possible to achieve a flawless glowing skin without bleaching…, and the jaw-dropping before and after photos from her Happy clients (found on MABSS skincare Instagram page) clearly attest to her assertion.

To add more flesh to to her assertion about natural skin glow without bleaching, Elsie further defined skin bleaching as a desperate attempt to alter ones dark skin tone in order to look lighter overnight by using harmful bleaching products (either intentionally or unintentionally) which consequently leads to severe skin discoloration as the skin bleaching products contains powerful bleaching agents like Hydroquinone, Mercury and steroid which tend to eliminate melanin and also limit its production leaving the skin looking discolored accompanied by other dreaded side effects.

Elsie further highlighted the fact that any skincare product that contains ingredients like Hydroquinone, Mercury and steroid is a skin bleaching product which can damage ones skin and urge the public to look out for those ingredients when searching for products that will make them glow.

She said “If the skincare product that you are using has a percentage of hydroquinone, mercury and steroid in it, you are bleaching, whether the product you are using is a Vaseline or whatever.”

However Elsie doesn’t seem to be against skin bleaching/lightening but strongly kicked against harmful skin bleaching practices used by most people to alter their skin tone.

Elsie justified that there are some people who have severe skin discoloration which has greatly reduced their self confidence and for such people, an accredited skincare specialist may prescribe products that will alter their skin tone without bleaching their skin and also indicated that MABSS products can correct severe skin discoloration and ultimately enable clients to achieve their desired skin tone without bleaching them.

“If MABSS products were bleaching products it would have been impossible for the products to be shipped to China, Europe and other countries that has placed a ban on skincare products that contains bleaching agents” said Elsie adding that when MABSS products arrives some countries, they are first taken to the lab where they are dermatologically tested and confirmed safe before they are released for final delivery.”

“If there were something harmful in them, they would have been destroyed, so we are assuring you that we can correct your skin professionally without you bleaching… she added.


With that said, Elsie went further making another startling revelation saying that bleaching is cheap, which came as a surprise to many Cameroonians who have spent hefty amount of cash on their misguided skin glowing journey but ended up joining the Njangsa club and feeling hopeless.

Elsie said and i quote “Bleaching is not expensive, so if you are out there spending a lot of money for somebody to make you lighter, you are just wasting your money. If you want to bleach, bleaching is very cheap because those ingredients (hydroquinone, mercury, steroid etc) are very cheap.

But when you come to MABSS, we will revamp and correct your skin using our method so that you can glow in your natural skin tone as our products will bring back what you already have…so MABSS focuses on treating the skin that has been damaged. We just make it flawless without bleaching you and if you have a proper skin but just wish to look younger, come to MABSS as our products are all SPA grade products…she added.

Elsie went further to reveal the dreaded side effects of skin bleaching that (we fear) may cause many Cameroonians to discard their OTC body lotions for fear of the unknown.

She said…”Bleaching will always bring to you side effects like dark knuckles, green veins, white patches, stretch marks etc and added that the stretchmark she is referring to, is not as a result of giving birth but solely due to the bleaching agents in the skin lightening products.”

MABSS CEO also revealed that when using a skin bleaching product, you also need to avoid walking under the sun and consistently apply the products on your body without missing a single day or else it would become something else.

Why would you apply something on your body that you can’t go under the sun with??? asked Elsie adding that it doesn’t make any sense.

And if her assertion about stretch marks being linked to skin bleaching products is true, then we at CameroonForSale can authoritatively attest that 40% of the over the counter (OTC) products in Cameroon contain either one of the aforementioned bleaching agents as we have received tons of messages from Cameroonians vying for solution to stretch marks.

MABSS CEO Elsie Nfor further corroborated our findings saying that most skincare brands will not indicate that there is/are skin bleaching ingredients in their skincare products but it is in it… there by paving the way for many unsuspecting Cameroonians to fall prey to skin bleaching.

“Most cosmetic formulators will tell you that their products doesn’t contain the skin bleaching agents but they are there…or else why are you getting the side effects asked Elsie

However the Cameroonian Skincare guru later rekindle hopes for the people with damaged skin saying “if your skin has been damaged by skin bleaching products, all hope of achieving a glowing skin is not lost as she advised them to contact MABSS for a solution.

Elsie said… If you have one or all the aforementioned side effects of bleaching, go to a specialist for solution.

Elsie also laid emphasis on the fact that formulating skincare products is not a piece of cake justifying that it involves chemistry, physics and biochemistry…and as such, only the certified skincare experts can help you achieve your skin goals without you getting any of the aforementioned side effects and also revamp your skin if it has been damaged.

MABSS CEO Elsie Nfor also casted blames on some victims of skin bleaching as she is of the opinion that some people found themselves in the dire situation out of desperation to glow overnight thereby pushing the skincare specialist beyond their limits.

She said “when you go and demand for something beyond what the person can give, they will end up giving you what will damage your skin adding that many people go to the skin care specialists demanding to glow before an occasion or event that is just around the corner citing cases like some victims vying to glow before their wedding, birth day, glow before baby shower etc.”

If you have all these events and don’t want anybody to destroy your skin, contact an accredited Skincare specialist to do it for you said Elsie adding that the risk of entrusting your skin to a skincare charlatan (the pro mixing gamblers who doesn’t know anything about chemicals) is extremely great and you will have yourself to blame…Elsie Nfor advised.

“Bleaching will always leave you with one problem or the other…it will never make you achieve an even glowing skin said Elsie adding that the “flawless glow” seen in the jaw-dropping before and after photos on MABSS Instagram page, can never be achieved with any skin bleaching product in the world.

Elsie further highlighted again that MABSS is not a bleaching company but a company that will correct a skin damaged by bleaching products and ultimately give you the glow you have been craving for.

You can bleach if you want, but i guarantee you with facts, MABSS is not a bleaching company. We only correct your skin. So if your skin has been damaged, we are here to correct your skin and bring it back to its originality…. giving you a natural glowing skin without blemish said Elsie Nfor.

However she further revealed that achieving a glowing skin following the right procedure(s) actually cost lots of money (as compared to the cheap means using the bleaching agents) and more so, if your skin has been damaged as repairing something is never easy as MABSS products will have to revamp your skin before giving you the skin tone & glow you desire…she added.

Elsie also revealed that to be able to glow naturally without blemish, you will also need to properly describe your skin issue, skin goal and strictly follow the skincare regimen prescribed by an accredited skincare specialist.

She said…

“When consulting clients some will say they have just minor skin issues but I’m seeing green veins, sun burns, white patches, stretch marks, dark feet and other signs of skin damage on their skin.”

“When you come to me and present a skin issue that is different from what you have or fail to explain better, you might receive the wrong products and end up not achieving your desired skin goal. But if you tell me the right thing, i will give you the right thing”…said Elsie.

But if you want to bleach (alter your skin tone) you have to tell the skincare specialist that you want to bleach said added.

The certified US based Cameroonian skincare specialist further revealed how the harmful skin bleaching products works, which many people may find disgusting.

She said…bleaching is when you suffocate your melanocyte cells and there’s no oxygen going through for them to breath and once they are not breathing, they go dormant and won’t produce melanin and when they are not producing the melanin. you will definitely have an uneven skin tone i.e. a skin where some parts are white and some parts are grey…and other type of color that come with skin bleaching.

And one of the reasons why bleaching has become a controversial topic, is because it usually don’t go well…she added.

Elsie Nfor further reassured the masses that MABSS skincare products doesn’t contain all the aforementioned bleaching agents adding that with MABSS, clients are sure of achieving their desired skin tone without bleaching as MABSS only sells customized organic SPA grade products.

The glowing MABSS CEO whose flawless skin speaks volume about her expertise in the domain, concluded his lecture reiterating that with MABSS, you can achieve a glowing skin without bleaching and pride her skincare brand; MABSS as the only skincare brand that has mastered the formulae which is not available else where.

It should be noted that “NOT” only the skin bleaching products damages our skin.

Other factors like constant exposure to sun (sunburns),piles of dead skin cells, Acne, lack of sleep, stress, age, and even what you eat can rob your complexion of its radiance (glow).

MABSS natural skin glowing products were formulated to transform a skin that looks dull, blemished and tired to a healthy, luminous and glowing skin thereby making it possible for your skin to glow naturally as the dermatologists always say, the best foundation you can wear is a healthy skin and a healthy skin is a natural glow. SO THERE’S NO NEED TO BLEACH TO LOOK ATTRACTIVE OR WEAR MAKE UP!.

It should be noted that every skin tone is beautiful in itself. However, we do want to get rid of dark spots, Acne, hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone and discoloration as these make our skin look unhealthy and dull.

Yes you can glow without bleaching your skin. She achieved her skin goal after 1 year of using MABSS customized Spa grade skincare products

Those products that brightens (not lightens our skin!) are designed to leave skin with a vibrant, “glow-from-within” look and prevents your skin from looking dull and dry. The treatments work to brighten skin through exfoliators, light-diffusers, antioxidants or a combination of these key ingredients, and they are appropriate for skin in every life stage.

Undoubtedly, we want to get glowing skin with the best skin glowing products for that (without bleaching) and MABSS products does exactly that.

And one of the reasons why you haven’t achieved your skin goal with the over the counter products found in the cosmetic shops in Cameroon and other parts of the world, is that, majority of the products were not formulated with the dark skin Africans and African Americans in mind.

Let’s face it, the black or melanated skin is different from the white skin and comes with its own unique challenges that requires a customized solution. Some of these skin care challenges include uneven skin tones, Acne, dark spots/hyperpigmentation, eczema, dark knuckles, inner thighs, dryness and excess oil.

For example, people with dark skin are normally more affected by hyperpigmentation marks than those with a lighter skin tone as skin pigmentation is stronger in dark skin.

So if you’ve tried just about every single over the counter products with very little luck, then what you need is a customized SPA grade black skin products that were formulated with you in mind.

We highly recommend you give black skin care products a try, especially if you’re feeling hopeless.


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One thing which makes the black skin care products better than most over the counter products is the fact that they are often formulated with natural (organic) ingredients hence you won’t get any of the side effects mentioned above…they are PARABEN free, doesn’t contain hydroquinone, mercury, No STEROIDS.

And one selling point of MABSS products which makes MABSS LLC stand out amongst the black owned skincare brands, is the fact that MABSS skincare products are pregnancy-safe. This simply means that not even pregnancy can stand on your way of achieving a glowing skin or mar your glow hence an added advantage of using MABSS products while pregnant is that, you won’t get the stretch marks, dry skin, darkening skin (a condition called melasma or cholasma), spider veins and Acne that are often entangled with pregnancy.

MABSS skincare products will leave your skin feeling healthy, moisturized and unblemished through out the pregnancy period. The photos below speaks volume.

Click here to see full size

The skin bleaching products contain harsh/harmful ingredients that will pose high risk to you and your unborn baby’s health hence its advisable to consult with your obstetrician before using any over-the-counter (OTC) body care products during pregnancy if you are not sure if its pregnancy safe or not.


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Tons of people have commended Cameroon’s finest skincare specialist; Elsie Nfor for summoning up courage and dedicating her quality time in addressing the skin bleaching issue, a topic that many of her peers find controversial and rarely talk about it thereby paving the way for many gullible people to fall victim to the skin bleaching products flooding the African skincare market every year.

She was also hugely commended for drawing clear a line between skin bleaching and natural skin glow.

Pundits say her lecture would no doubt serve as an eye opener to many people who now clearly see two paths, one leading to the Njangsaland and the other, leading to the natural glow without bleaching.

One path (skin bleaching) is cheap but is entangled with dreaded side effects but the other (natural skin glow) is expensive but leads to the ultimate glow that will turn heads and boost your self confidence.

Reacting to Elsie lecture on skin bleaching, Cameroon For Sale; CEO Solowayne Ayuk, commended Elsie Nfor saying that her lecture will no doubt boost sales for the legit skincare brands in Cameroon as prior to the lecture it was very common for Cameroonians to tag any skincare product advertised online, as a bleaching product.

You sure say no be Njangsa???? is a common question that you will find in the comment sections whenever a skincare product is advertised online indicating that many Cameroonians were not aware of the natural skin glow that Elsie lectured about.

Who is Elsie Nfor, MABSS CEO???


Elsie Ngani Nfor is a certified and accredited US based Cameroonian skincare specialist and founder of MABSS LLC; a black owned skincare company which specializes in the formulation of customized Organic Spa grade products for African – American, African, Asian and white skin with the black skincare being its core area of specialty.

Elsie Nfor became a household name in the Cameroon skincare industry in 2020 following a series of endorsements from popular Cameroonian social media influencers and bloggers who rated her skincare brand, MABSS as the leading brand in the Cameroon skincare market corroborated by jaw-dropping before and after photos from happy clients which went viral on the social media causing her to amass tons of social media following and clients.

Elsie Nfor ventured in to the skincare after battling with acne and other skin issues which robbed her of her glow and self esteem.

After trying many over the counter skincare products with no luck of getting rid of her skin issues, Elsie thought it wise to enroll in a Cosmetic Formulation School with the aim of formulating skincare products that will not only get rid of her skin issues but also to be able to formulate skincare products that will suit the black skin as her experience thought her that most of the over the counter skincare products found in our cosmetic shops were not formulated with the people of color in mind.


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Today she has succeeded to get rid of her skin issues with products she formulated herself and also helped thousands of melanated people to actualize their dream of achieving a glowing skin without bleaching.

“Looking in to the market we don’t have spa grade products for black skin so we are confident to say we are the first to produce spa grade products for black skin. Our stand out results, reviews gives us the confidence to say we are the best…Elsie Reveals adding that MABSS skincare products are all natural spa grade products customize according to client’s skin concerns, skin types, skin tone, environment and season…says Elsie.

MABSS products doesn’t bleach but works to enable you to regain your natural skin tone without blemish. In other words, MABSS products simply minus what the environment brings that’s not needed and reveals what’s suppose to be there.

MABSS Products gives you a flawless skin without altering your skintone

Skin-bleaching practices, such as using skin creams and soaps to achieve a lighter skin tone, are common throughout the world and are triggered by cosmetic reasons that oftentimes have deep historical, economic, sociocultural, and psychosocial roots. Exposure to chemicals in the bleaching products, notably, mercury (Hg), hydroquinone, and steroids, has been associated with a variety of adverse health effects, such as Hg poisoning and exogenous ochronosis.

In New York City (NYC), skin care product use has been identified as an important route of Hg exposure, especially among Caribbean-born blacks and Dominicans.

If your skin has been damaged by one of the harmful skin bleaching products out there, contact MABSS to get a customized Spa grade product that will get rid of your skin issues and ultimately enabled you to glow without altering your skin tone.

Interested in purchasing MABSS skincare products???

Below are MABSS skincare contacts:

MABSS SKINCARE PHONE NUMBER (WhatsApp): +1 (415) 513-6352

MABSS Skincare Facebook Page:

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MABSS skincare website:

MABSS CEO Elsie Nfor Official Instagram Page:


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