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Blanche Mbeng & Abunde Food Allegedly defrauds Eric Tataw of the Sum of 100 million over a food importation deal that turned sour


A Cameroonian business lady in Maryland, USA is currently in hot waters after she allegedly defrauded Ambazonia Kingpin & CEO of National Telegraph news company; Eric Tataw of a whooping $150,000 (100 million FCFA) over a food importation transaction.

The alleged fraud was brought to the lamplight by the alleged victim, Eric Tataw who is also the CEO of Dimmples; a fast rising conglomerate in USA with headquarter in Maryland.

This is how the story unfolded…

On Monday April 11, 2022, Eric Tataw; CEO of Dimmples INC & National Telegraph, published a post on his National Telegraph news platform in which he alleged that Pascal Abunde (whom he identified as current president of PWD Social Football Club of Bamenda) has defrauded him of the sum of 100 million FCFA ($150,000)

Eric Tataw published the photo of Pascal Abunde and wrote…

“What do you do to someone who scams you of over one hundred (100) million FCFA? Over $150K. Those who know this scammer who passes for President of PWD Bamenda should tell Pascal Abunde that Eric Tataw is coming to get his money. Thieves like him don’t deserve to be on the streets.”

The post attracted lots of comments and quickly went viral with some friends of the alleged scammer labelling Eric Tataw a blackmailer as the post didn’t provide details about the alleged scam.

Its note worth that PWD is a division 1 football club in Cameroon and the alleged scammer; Pascal Abunde has recently been celebrated after his club won the Cameroon cup title.

Many found it hard to believe that a man who hold such a position could engage in a shady deal hence many gave Eric Tataw’s allegation a blind eye.

However the Ambazonia Kingpin (AKA Garri Master) who has expressed his zero tolerance for fraud via his Anti-Sako fraudulent fund raising campaigns, came back to add more weight to his allegation against the PWD Football club boss; Mr Pascal Abunde.

On the 12th of April, Eric Tataw published another photo in which he threw light on the alleged 100 million frs scam and went as far as labelling Pascal Abunde as a very dishonest and dishonorable guy.

He wrote…

“On Monday April 11, 2022, I wrote that a certain Pascal Abunde who passes for the President of PWD Bamenda stole my over one hundred million FCFA (estimated at over more than $150K).

A few of his groupies try to defend him while just a handful called it blackmail. Unfortunately, I’ve receipts, checks wire transfers, debit card payments and videos of cash being received by Pascal Abunde and his gang. We also exchanged messages.

Let me say this; you’ve the right to defend your feelings or partners or friends or peers. Another person also has the right to speak the truth and state the facts. And the fact of the matter is Pascal Abunde is a very dishonest and dishonorable guy, at least in this transaction with me.

I’ve been and still on social media and amongst one of the most-followed activists across all platforms in Ambazonia and Cameroun. I’ve never for once used my social media platforms to write that someone stole from me. I’m not vindictive! And of the thousands of people I know and do business with, I’ve never talked about anyone on social media or elsewhere.

There are many people reading this post whom I’ve done business in the past with, they still owe me but have never been discussed anywhere. It’s the first time in my entire life as social media influencer, one of the toppest in his country to name one person – Pascal Abunde.

I just feel terrible imagining if Pascal and his gang had done this sort of dirty business to someone or some of you without the power to speak out. It’s being a year plus that this #criminal got my money and is investing in his projects in Cameroon. As a hear, he says I can’t come back to Cameroon because I’m wanted by the Biya Regime.

I usually start talking backstage, then start writing and then I’ll act as if I were present in Cameroon or by Pascal Abunde’s bedroom or workplace. It’s in the best interest of those who know Pascal Abunde to tell him to bring back my money. He’s #phoney and his #phony stories wouldn’t save him when I start the hunt for my money.”

Just when many Cameroonians were about putting the final puzzles of the fraud together to get a perfect mental picture of how the PWD club president Pascal Abunde defrauded Eric Tataw of the the whooping sum of money, the matter took a new turn as the CEO of Dimmples took to the social media again to reveal that a lady in Maryland whom he identified as Blanche N. Mbeng has also defrauded his National Telegraph company of the sum of $21.5K.

According to Eric Tataw, the aforementioned lady fraudulently collected a loan of $21.5K (approximately twelve million FCFA) from National Telegraph via the Bank of America without his approval.

On the 13th of April, Eric Tataw published a photo of the stolen check and wrote…

“After inner investigation, we found out that this check was stolen by Blanche N. Mbeng amounting to $21.5K.
National Telegraph has never loaned anyone such amount to this person nor is that the signature of its CEO.”

Barely less than 24 hours after Eric Tataw published a post about an alleged stolen check, a Facebook user who goes by name Mbeng Bianka; alleged to be the sister of Blanche Nsen Mbeng (AKA Blanco Ladyb), went live on Facebook to debunk the allegations made by Eric Tataw against the president of PWD Football club and her sister Blanche Nsen Mbeng.

During the Live Facebook show, Mbeng Bianka, who is one of the Co-founders of Superstore international Food store in Maryland, refuted the allegation that the PWD Club president Pascal Abunde; defrauded Eric Tataw.

Below is her side of the story…

She said…

“I was approached by Eric Tataw. He wanted to start importing food stuff items from Africa and did not know how to…so he asked for help.

And me as somebody who love to help people…once you are hardworking person that wants to start business, i will help you if i can. A lot people knows me for that.

So when he (Eric Tataw) came, since my sister (Blanche Nsen Mbeng AKA Blanco Ladyb) is in that line of business (food business), i had to beg my sister to help him.

Eric Tataw said he had the money to start his own African Supermarket.

So i said why not, if he has all the facilities and everything to start his own African food supermarket, then it would be easy, he just needs to get the stuff from Africa, which we can help him. And When it gets here, we offload it and he picks them up OR he can just carry the container to wherever his warehouse is.

So that’s how it started. So he (Eric) sent down payments for his goods and our parent company; the company shipping for us in Africa; Abunde Food, which the owner will be coming up soon to explain what happened. I contacted him and asked that how can he help us…and he said he needed a list of all the food items.

During the Live Facebook show, Mbeng Bianka displayed (via his phone screen) the list of food items allegedly purchased by Eric Tataw and the bill of lading. And promised to publish the documents after the LIVE FACEBOOK show (but never did).

She continued…

I even sent him an invite for him (Eric Tataw) to be here to defend himself but he rejected the invite.

So when the goods got here (Maryland, USA), he actually came and inspected the goods and there’s a video of him inspecting his goods at the warehouse where the goods arrived.

Miss Bianca Mbeng made the statement while flaunting another video which shows the goods arriving at the warehouse.

Bianca also showed another video to his audience which shows Eric Tataw advertising food stuffs on Facebook and alleged that it clearly indicates that Eric Tataw actually collected all the food stuffs he paid for, from their warehouse.

Bianca went further to debunk a statement made by Eric Tataw in which he revealed that the food stuffs were shipped from his store in Cameroon. Bianca gainsaid that Eric Tataw has no store in Cameroon.

She said…

“When he said that he had a shop in Cameroon sending him all those things, i had to remain silent because i had already made my money from the transaction. But it was our parent company in Cameroon owned by Fabrice Abunde, that was sending the stuff over here.”

Bianca again flaunted a screenshot and reiterated that when the goods arrived Maryland, Eric Tataw went through the list of food items and inspected the goods one after the other before collecting them.

After providing the details about the transaction, she further revealed the reason why Eric Tataw is trying to defame Pascal Abunde and get his money back.

She said…

Eric Tataw thought after we have shipped the container from Cameroon to Maryland, USA, we will also help him sell the goods in the USA. But sweetheart, business doesn’t work that way. You did not pay for that. You only paid for us to ship the container from Cameroon to USA.

Bianka also provided evidences which depicted Eric Tataw as an ingrate who can’t appreciate what her company has done for him.

She said…

Eric Tataw didn’t even have a bill of lading as well as import and export license which warrants him to operate as an importer.

So i still had to put our import and export license on the ground in order for his goods to be shipped from Cameroon to USA. And when the goods got here, he carried them to his….i don’t know where he stored them.

Eric Tataw thinks its easy to get market for food stuff..but its not easy. You have to go out, meet people and ask them if they want what you have. But he didn’t do that. He sat. You know, most of this food stuffs are perishable if you don’t supply them or sell them fast to other shops.

I have been receiving a lot of calls from many PWD fans asking me if i did business with their president…and i’m here to tell you people that we did not do business with your president.

I did business with Eric Tataw and Fabrice Abunde; owner of Abunde Food in Cameroon.

Eric Tataw has been going around telling people that i defrauded him. I did not.

Bianca further displayed another screenshot of a receipt of a $15000 payment that Eric Tataw made to her company Superstore international for the clearing of his container of African food…adding that it’s a clear evidence that Eric Tataw collected his goods.

Bianca concluded his live Facebook show by challenging Eric Tataw to come forth and present proves that he was defrauded by her company (Superstore International). She also warned Eric Tataw to stop dragging the president of PWD Football club adding that he is just trying to gain cheap popularity.

Since you tried Ambazonia and it did not work, you are now trying to drag other public figures down said Bianca.

I’m tired of getting calls from PWD supporters asking me if we did business with their president. We did not.
I did business with Eric Tataw and all the money came in to our company’s account; Superstore international and he picked up his goods. So i don’t know how we defrauded him and he should stop dragging people who are not involved in this….said Bainka as she concludes her Facebook live show.

The statement released by Mbeng Bianka was well received by majority of her audience who labelled her a good entrepreneur owing to the fact that she was able to provide indisputable evidences of her company’s transaction with Eric Tataw, which convinced his audience that Eric Tataw actually received his goods.

However barely 24 hours after Mbeng Bianka released the statement and proves, Eric Tataw published a video on his National Telegraph platform which shows tons of Dimmples branded food stuffs on the shelf of Superstore international foods.

In the video Eric Tataw could be seen yearning at the salesman at Superstore international foods; who also repeatedly threatened to call the police as Eric Tataw could be seen parading the shop and filming dimmples branded items displayed for sale at the shop.

After Eric Tataw shared the video on the social media, many Cameroonians confronted Mbeng Bianka asking how come his company (Superstore International) had tons of Dimmples branded food stuffs on their shelfs when she clearly and repeated said during her LIVE Facebook show that Eric Tataw collected all his goods from their warehouse.

One Facebook user reacting to the video said it appeared like Vodafone company selling MTN Products in their shop.

Mbeng Bianka even revealed that the reason why Eric Tataw is trying to tannish the image of her company is because he thought they will help him market his food stuffs when the goods arrive USA but they didn’t do that because they had no marketing contract with Eric Tataw. And Eric Tataw is now mad cuz his food stuffs are getting bad cuz he doesn’t know how to sell his imported African food in the USA.

But the million dollar question that many Cameroonians are now asking is, how did tons of Dimmples branded foodstuffs ended up on the shelves of Superstore international???

A receipt has even emerged on the social media published by a Superstore International customer who bought Dimmples branded foodstuffs from Bianka’s shop.

Reacting to the video published by Eric Tataw, Mbeng Bianka tried to justify why Dimmples products are on the shelves and refrigerators of her shop saying that the Dimmples foods stuffs were labelled by her company Superstore international food; which is a blantant lie as we found out that the food stuffs were shipped from Cameroon already labelled by Abunde Food in Cameroon.

Meanwhile Mbeng Bianka has gotten an injunction from the court that prohibits Eric Tataw from coming close to her shop in Maryland; where she is currently selling Dimmples branded food stuffs.

We also learnt that Mbeng Bianka has deleted the LIVE Facebook video in which he revealed that he had no marketing contract with Eric Tataw. Unfortunately she deleted the video when we had already downloaded it. You can find it on our Facebook page.

Nevertheless, a handful of Cameroonians have reprimanded Eric Tataw that he didn’t use the right procedure.

According them, he would have stormed the business premise with cops who would have witnessed the presence of Dimmples products at the shop and taken Bianka for questioning as it was clearly an act of theft.

From the pieces of information we have gathered from both parties so far, we can authouritively say that Mbeng Bianka is not innocent of the allegations made by Eric Tataw.

The president of PWD Social Football club; Mr Pascal Abunde (Passy Abunde) is innocent and doesn’t have any business with Eric Tataw.

Mr Fabrice Abunde is the owner of Abunde Food and his company in Cameroon actually branded the Dimmples food stuffs and shipped them to Superstore International in Maryland owned by Mbeng Bianka and her sister Blanche Nsen Mbeng.

Mbeng Bianca (one of the co-founders of Superstore international and 5 Sisters Restaurant) has actually confirmed that he received the goods from Abunde Food in Cameroon. So Mr Fabrice Abunde is also innocent.

The Dimmples CEO must have thought that Abunde food was owned by the PWD president Pascal Abunde hence he hastily targeted Passy Abunde who is arguably the most popular of the Abundes when the business turned sour.

And this could land him in serious trouble in USA if he doesn’t retract his accusation as soon as possible as he could be sued for defamation of character.

Abunde Food in Cameroon is actually owned by Fabrice Abunde; the Junior brother of the president of PWD Bamenda.

During Mbeng Bianka’s live Facebook show, he revealed that Fabrice Abunde and a certain Dj Eric were to join her in the show to give their own side of the story but they never did.

As of April 18, Fabrice Abunde (who also goes by the name Abu Abunde) has not released any statement regarding the 100 million Frs Scam.

Meanwhile Eric Tataw has announced that he will go LIVE on Facebook today, April 18th to provide all the necessary details about the alleged scam adding that would be filing a case against Blanche Nsen Mbeng.

He wrote…

“It’s important to indicate to all those following this issue involving the theft of Dimmples Products by Blanche Mbeng that we’ve initiated legal actions. However, social media is a great court in itself. And, my reason for bringing it to social media is for others attempting to venture into such business or others to apply caution and keep track like I did.

Blanche Mbeng must understand that what she has done to others can’t be done to everyone. Dimmples owes Superstore zero dollar. All money meant for the purchase of Dimmples Products was paid before Abunde Pascal and his brother ever sent me the parking list.

When our container arrived on November 6, 2021, Blanche hurriedly opened our container in my absence and started parking our products into her shop. In my show tomorrow – Monday April 18, 2022 from 2PM Washington DC Time, I would share my messages with Pascal Abunde who’s my supplier and explain detailing why our products were dropped in front of Superstore not inside of Superstore.

Underline the words in front and inside. The email from Blanche Mbeng clearly shows she was never authorized to touch or store our goods. She only falsely tried to bring up stories about storage fees when we caught her red-handed displaying and selling our products. How did Dimmples products move out of their cartons to your shelves? We have it on record Blanche selling our butter to a certain businessman whose name we got as One Stop. That was on the very next day after the container arrived.

By the way, rents and storage are prepaid and are billed monthly after a lease agreement. Blanche herself clearly states that there was no agreement for her to handle or store Dimmples Products. Good enough Blanche didn’t want responsibility for storage, handling and damage, yet she’s talking of Dimmples owing her for storage for goods that she stole and distributed illegally.

She wasn’t supposed to open the container in the first place. In my next email share, you would see how Blanche Mbeng escaped from respecting any time she asked for us to pick up our goods. Goods that were not supposed to get into her store in the first place.

It’s clear that Pascal Abunde who’s supposed to be President of PWD used his girlfriend to scam Dimmples. But, one thing is sure; socal media will stay fully registered and engaged in this matter for the full duration of the legal proceedings between our company and Blanche Mbeng. As for Pascal Abunde, he will pay what he owes us the Cameroon way. There’s no doubt about that.
Eric Tataw.”

Eric Tataw has also debunked a statement made by Mbeng Bianka in which she alleged that Eric Tataw has no importation license.

He wrote…

“Blanche Mbeng and his group of cretins claim that Dimmples didn’t have documents to import into the US. That of course isn’t true. Below is the so-called importation licence Blanche is using her sister’s account to highlight.
The only reason Superstore International got involved was because giving the present crisis back home, I couldn’t use my name to do importation into the US. And the reason is simple. I’ll be live this Monday April 18, 2022 from 2PM Washington DC Time.

Let no one full you, importing food from Africa is the easiest business. No one should come on social media and start making it look like a mystery. It takes less than $300 to get the license of what the thief of Dimmples Products calls FDA. Dimmples had its license since September while our container arrived in November.”

In fact tori long but time short. We will continue after the Eric Tataw’s Live show.

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