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Online Shops that ship to Cameroon – How to Buy


Looking for list of online shops that ship to Cameroon, if yes, then this article was specifically written for you.

Online shopping in Cameroon is now booming thanks to the availability of affordable prepaid cards in Cameroon; which has made credit card accessible to Cameroonians of all walks of life.

For those of you who don’t know, it will cost you just 10,000frs to get a prepaid card from UBA, Afriland First bank, Ecobank and other banks in Cameroon. Yes! just 10,000frs…becuz you don’t need to open a bank account in the aforementioned banks, in order to be issued a prepaid card (unlike the debit cards). It may surprise you to know that most of the banks in Cameroon that issue prepaid cards, do so instantly. This means that if you have 10,000frs, you can walk in to a bank and get a prepaid card today.

Somebody may likely want to ask, why is it easy to obtain a prepaid card from the banks in Cameroon.

Prepaids cards were primarily designed to serve as online shopping wallet and so most banks don’t set a high requirement for obtaining the card.

Read the article titled How to get a UBA Prepaid Visa Card from UBA Cameroon (if you still don’t have a credit for online shopping) to learn more about prepaid cards.

Additionally, PayPal is now available in Cameroon. In other words Cameroonians can now create a verified PayPal accounts… and this has made online shopping safe and easier for most Cameroonians.

Due to the abrupt increase in the number of prepaid card holders and PayPal users in Cameroon, many US and European online shops have updated their international shipping policy in order to tap in to the Cameroon market.

Simply put, most US and European based online shops now ship to Cameroon and some of the online shops even go as far as making it possible for Cameroonians to pay custom duties for their items in advance so that they can easily collect their purchased items as soon as it arrive Cameroon.

In this article, i’m going to list 4 online shops that ship to Cameroon; which Cameroonians can shop on, from the comfort of their homes.

Without any further delay, let get down to business.

Top 5 online shops that ship to Cameroon


Amazon needs no introduction, except you are a Johnny just come in the internet community.

What i’m trying to say is that, Amazon is as popular as Facebook in the internet world. It is the world’s largest online marketplace where Cameroonians can find very affordable brand new products.

One thing about Amazon which makes it the best online shopping platform for Cameroonians, is their customer review.

Amazon customers are best known for their honest reviews hence its impossible to buy bad products on Amazon. Simply read the Amazon reviews to get the opinion of customers who have bought a product you intend to buy. This way you will never buy a bad product or product that won’t last long.

Another aspect about Amazon which makes it the best online for Cameroonians to shop online, is the fact that Amazon also makes it possible for its Cameroon based customers to pay custom duties for their purchased items in advance.

However, it should be noted that not all products on Amazon are eligible to be shipped to Cameroon.

If Amazon doesn’t ship a particular product to Cameroon, you will see a message on product page which says THIS PRODUCT DOESN’T SHIP TO CAMEROON. This simply mean that you can’t buy the product directly from Amazon, except with the use of a US freight farwarder. In this post i will also reveal how Cameroonians can buy items which Amazon does deliver to Cameroon using the service of the Freight Forwarding companies in the US.

On Amazon, you can buy the following items; Amazon Devices & Accessories
Cell Phones & Accessories, Books, Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry, Beauty & Skin Care products, Camera & Photo, Health & Household products, Movies, Musical Instruments, Office Products, Computers & Accessories, Video Games, Toys for kids, Handmade Products etc. As the world largest online market place, you can find virtually all kinds of product on Amazon. Its my number one online shopping platform.


Alibaba is a popular Chinese online marketplace where business men (entrepreneurs) around the world buy products at a wholesale price from the Chinese companies.

As a Cameroonians entrepreneur, you can source quality products on Alibaba and import to sell in Cameroon and make great profit.

In case you are skeptical about the quality of the Alibaba products, it will surprise you to know that some of the best seller products on Amazon came from Alibaba.

So many US entrepreneurs buy quality products on Alibaba to brand to sell on Amazon. Google “Product sourcing on Alibaba for Amazon FBA, to read more.

Its very easy find quality products to buy on Alibaba…simply look for a company with atleast 4 star rating and which has been in business for more than 4yrs.

I you need help, contact me. I can help you to find quality products on Alibaba which you can buy in bulk at affordable whole sale price. is another online market place like Alibaba; where Cameroonians can buy products at wholesale price to sell in Cameroon.

Almost all the companies on Alibaba and MadeinChine, ship products to Cameroon.


eBay is one of the most popular shopping websites where individuals and businesses can buy and sell new or used items.

There are two main ways to buy from eBay: either via an auction where individuals can place bids and the highest bidder wins or using “buy it now” where a price has been set for the item you wish to purchase and you buy in the same way you buy from any other online store.


Aliexpress is also a good online marketplace for Cameroonians to buy quality products online. Most of the items sold on Aliexpress are eligible for shipping to Cameroon.

How to buy online shops which doesn’t ship to Cameroon

Like i mentioned earlier, not all the products on the aforementioned online shops are eligible to be shipped to Cameroon. The best way to buy items (from Amazon, eBay etc) that are not eligible for shipping to Cameroon, is by using the service of the US freight Forwarders.

For those of you who don’t know, US freight forwarders are companies which assist the US online shops to ship items to countries they don’t ship products to.

For example if you wish to buy an item that Amazon ships only to US residents, the US freight forwarders will give you their US address; which you can use as your shipping address when shopping on Amazon.

When you buy an item from the onlineshops using the US shipping address provided by the US Freight forwarders, your purchased item will be shipped to the warehouse of the freight forwarders and when the freight forwarders receive your item from Amazon, eBay etc, they will ship it to your address in Cameroon via DHL Express. This explains why they are called Freight forwarders i.e. they receive items from Amazon, eBay etc and forward it to the purchasers in Cameroon and other countries.

In my opinion that best US freight forwarder is MYUS (US)…their shipping rates is very affordable.

The delivery fee you will be expected to pay for MYUS to forward your item to Cameroon depends on the weight of your item.  Very heavy items will cost more money to ship than light weigh products.

Below is a summary of How the MYUS Freight Forwarding Service Works.

  1. Visit MYUS.COM to sign up ( its free)
  2. After creating your MyUS account, you will find a unique US address in your MYUS account dashboard; which you can use (as your US address) to buy items which the US online shops doesn’t ship to Cameroon.
  3. When shopping on any US online store, make sure you enter the address when you are asked to enter your shipping address.
  4. After shopping with the address provided by MYUS, your purchased item will be shipped to their warehouse in the US.
  5. When MYUS receives your item from Amazon, you will be expected to pay shipping fee for MYUS to ship the item to your address in Cameroon. Like i mentioned earlier, the shipping fee charged by MYUS depends on the weight of the item. Additionally, there’s a shipping calculator on the MYUS website, which you can use to calculate the cost of delivery of your item (in advance).
  6. Once you pay the shipping cost, your item will be shipped to Cameroon…MYUS often ship items to Cameroon via DHL and items arrive Cameroon within 4 business days.

Ok we have come to the end of this article, if there’s any question you wish to ask, send me a message on WhatsApp.

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