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One of the inevitable responsibilities that most parents in this 21st century face is the burden of purchasing disposable diapers for their babies as it is a necessity to every baby (gone are the days of Napkins). This may not seem like anything to the rich but its something that is giving parents in the lower class, sleepless night.

Your baby doesn’t have any business with your financial status…the little guy/girl will always poo and pee regardless and you have to buy more disposable diapers.

We can estimate that before a child turns 2 yrs old, over 500,000 Frs CFA must have been spent on disposable diapers.

If you are a first time father or mum (who just put to birth) you are probably terrified by that figure, scratching your head and pondering how to cope with the huge financial burden that you can’t avoid.

Luckily you no longer have to spend huge amount of money on disposable diapers thanks to the availability of the reusable/washable cloth diapers in Cameroon.


As the name suggest, reusable cloth diapers also called modern cloth nappies (MCNs) are Diapers that you can wash and use over and over again on your baby unlike the disposable diapers that you use just once and throw away.

Reusable diapers are almost similar in function to the old school Napkins used by our grand mothers but they are easy to clean, dry faster and feels better on infants sensitive skin hence your baby won’t have problems with rashes or irritated skin.

Wondering if reusable cloth diapers will fit your baby??

Our reusable cloth diapers are one size fits all (fits all babies) as you can adjust the diaper to your desired size (S,M or L) by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the diaper. So the variety of buttons on the diapers will make it easy to adjust the diaper to fit her size. They are surprisingly made well. None of the buttons will come off.

One of the reason why you should buy from us is that, you will get a durable reusable diaper unlike the cheap ones in the market with buttons that always comes off after few months of usage and this makes them unusable.

Each of our Reusable cloth diapers also comes with two cotton inserts that you can place inside the pockets of the cloth diapers to absorb urine so that the baby remains dry when she pee.

The two inserts that come with our reusable cloth diaper can hold about 4oz of liquid. Yes, they are extremely absorbent with zero leaks, no smells and a lot of flexibility with fit. So won’t have problems with leaky diapers especially out to the sides. They will fit tight enough around her waist and thighs to ensure there’s no leaks and weird smell.

Inserts are absorbent pieces that go in a diaper to soak urine up. These usually come in microfibre, hemp and bamboo materials. They are typically included when you buy a pocket diaper, but can also be bought separately.

Just make sure the insert is completely flat in the inside and you will have no leak…and for a baby that is a heavy wetter, double up the inserts to ensure that there’s zero leak (to make it leak proof). You can also use two inserts at night to prevent leaking since toddler sleeps 12+ hours.

Why not get our reusable cloth diapers and inserts that will last you for a much longer period of time and save you hundreds of thousands that you would have spent on the disposable diapers.

500,000k plus is a whole lot of money that you can spend on milk and other baby necessities to give your baby a better life.

Wondering how to wash a reusable baby diaper???

Due to your huge workload as a mum, you might be thinking that buying the reusable cloth diapers might add to your list of responsibilities as you will have to be washing the reusable cloth diapers (on a daily basis) after use unlike the disposable diapers that you just use once and throw.

The reusable diapers (and cotton inserts that comes with them) are very easy to clean and takes just few minutes.

Brand new inserts require multiple washes before use in order to achieve optimum absorbency…

When your baby poops, you can just shake off the poop in a toilet pot/bucket and steep the reusable diaper and the insert(s) in a detergent for few minutes to remove any stain, then you can wash and hang dry.

If you don’t want to spend money on detergents, I suggest soaking them in hot warm water and then washing them like you wash whites.

They dry really quickly and will look as clean as they were on the day you bought them. Plus there is no lingering smell.

If you have a baby diaper washing machine, just unsnap everything, put them in the washer and the inserts come out in the wash–so no getting hands dirty!. The poop mostly just plops right off.

Depending on the climate, it might take about two hours for the reusable cloth diaper and cotton inserts to get dry and ready for use again. Game changer!

You can also hang them in front of a fan or put them in the dryer especially during the rainy season when there’s little sun.

If you are a mum in the upper class with lots of equipment at home, getting the reusable diapers ready again would be a piece of cake. Just run them through the wash, then run them through the dryer and you are back in business!

Yes, you’ll use more water with cloth diapers but it still saves you tons of cash.

For the mum’s in the lower class, the amount of money you stand to save, makes the reusable diapers a must have.

It will definitely put a smile on your husband’s face.

Baby’s are a blessing from God and shouldn’t be seen as a burden due to the responsibilities associated with child care.

Get yourself Reusable cloth diapers and reduce the load of financial burdens that you have to face as a parent.

Reusable baby diapers can also make a great gift for the ladies who are expecting a baby or those who just put to birth.

Its also important to note that by purchasing the reusable baby diapers, you are indirectly protecting our environment as most of the disposable diapers are non-biodegradable hence not Eco-friendly.

Because they are made of plastics, they decompose very slowly. In fact, it can take up to 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. So when they are disposed, they either get pile up somewhere or end up getting burnt causing air pollution and climate change.

By using the reusable cloth diapers, you end up saving a ton of money and helping the environment!

Cloth diapers may require a bigger up-front investment, but once you  have a decent collection, they’ll last your kiddo till they’re potty trained. And you can then keep them for your next baby (so that’s one set of diapers for multiple kids!), or bless them to another mama. You’ll be contributing significantly less waste if you think about the number of diapers one child goes through each day!

Reusable cloth diapers are safe and  just as absorbent as the high quality disposable diaper.

So with Cloth diaper babies are less likely to develop diaper rash since a lot of cloth diaper interiors are made of natural fibres like cotton, hemp and bamboo, as opposed to chemical-laden disposable diapers which may irritate sensitive skin.  So no rash, no leaking and no environmental polution.

What are you waiting for???

Place an order now while stock last!

They’re incredibly soft and come in vibrant colors just as the picture depicts.

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