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Top 5 Best Dark Knuckles Removal Creams in Cameroon


Just like other skin issues (like Acne, dark spot on face, stretch marks etc), Dark knuckles can make one less confident, increase low self esteem and make you feel uncomfortable with your skin.

Do the dark patches on your knuckles bother you?

Are you looking for solution to your dark knuckles, elbows, knees and dark feet/toes ???

If yes, then this article was specifically written for you.

We have compiled the best dark knuckles remover creams in Cameroon; which can be used to lighten, clear or make your dark knuckles go away easily as these dark knuckles creams are very effective in lightening dark knuckles fast.

Somebody may likely want to ask, What really causes dark knuckles???

There are various reasons why people have dark knuckles. It is not only caused by bleaching (as most people in Cameroon think) but can also be formed due to accumulation of dead skin cells, exposure to excessive friction and activities by the bones of the fingers. For example activities such as washing, chemicals from detergents, bleaching creams are all part of the causes of dark knuckles.

Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis can also cause you to develop dark knuckles while sometimes it can also be hereditary i.e. the darker pigmentation on your knuckles may be inherited. Or it may be a reaction to a drug you’re taking, such as an oral contraceptive, a strong corticosteroid, or niacin.

Darker skin on your knuckles can also be a sign/symptom of an underlying health condition such as diabetes that needs to be treated (for it to go away) without the use of dark knuckles creams.

While anyone at any age can develop dark knuckles, they occur more frequently in people with a darker skin tone.

Nevertheless what causes dark knuckles is not our business as what we are concerned about here, is how to make your dark knuckles go away… and our recommended dark knuckles eraser creams will make your dark knuckles vanish from your skin like they were never there.

These are organic Cameroon dark knuckles creams that have been tested medically and would not damage your skin because they are not harsh.

Why you need to be very cautious when looking for a treatment in Cameroon for your dark knuckles???

Common knowledge may suggest scrubbing or bleaching as a direct solution to lighten dark knuckles. But these approaches may be contraindicative, as excessive scrubbing can remove the outer protective epidermal layer and result in increased hyperpigmentation. Also, most store-bought bleaching products for dark knuckles in Cameroon contain strong acids that only makes the darkening worse.

Here are some of the more effective options to treat dark knuckles in Cameroon without damaging your skin.

Top 5 best creams to remove/clear dark knuckles in Cameroon

1) The OZI Milk and Honey Darkspot Remover by Ozi Cosmetics

The number one dark knuckles cream in Cameroon for the removal of dark knuckles is OZI Milk and Honey Darkspot Remover.

One of the reasons why OZI Milk and Honey Darkspot Remover is currently the most sought after cream for dark knuckles in Cameroon, is the fact that it is an “all in one solution” for Dark spots on any part of the skin.

So if you have dark knuckles, dark inner thighs, dark knees, dark armpits or any random dark spots on your face etc, OZI Milk and Honey dark knuckles remover cream will make those dark spots to vanish from your skin like they were never there😉.You will be amazed at the efficiency of this product.

How to use

After washing your hand, apply appropriate amount to hand and skin evenly and massage gently to the hand.

2) Longrich hand cream for dark knuckles in Cameroon

Another very effective dark knuckles removal cream which is commonly used in Cameroon to lighten dark knuckles is, Longrich hand cream for dark knuckles.

Longrich hand cream for dark knuckles softens and lightens hard knuckles due to its rich Vitamin C content. Additionally, its very gentle on skin and makes your skin soft and smooth.

Longrich Cameroon hand cream for dark knuckles also contains vitamin A, E and natural
moisturizing factor with cutting edge technology which enables the Longrich hand cream for dark knuckles to be absorbed into the skin easily for quick result.

How to use Longrich Brightening hand cream to get rid of dark knuckles, elbows and knees.

Directions to use:

Apply appropriate amount on your skin after washing. Scrub your dark knuckles, knees and elbows evenly.

3) Betty Dark Knuckles removal cream and soap 

Betty dark knuckles removal pack (which consist of a dark knuckle cream and soap) is very effective in clearing dark knuckles as well as dark elbows, knees and dark feet/toes.

Just like Cameroonians often say, a photo is worth more than a 1000 words.

Below is a jaw dropping before and after photo which shows how effective Betty dark knuckles removal pack is.

If you wish to order Betty dark knuckles pack, WhatsApp me and i will tell you how to get it and the price.

4) MABSS Dark knuckles cream

MABSS custom made dark knuckles removal cream is highly effective in clearing dark knuckles.

For those of you who haven’t heard, MABSS LLC, is “arguably” Cameroon’s Number 1 organic skin care brand based in USA…noted for formulating very effective SPA grade skin care products which has produced many jaw dropping testimonies.

One of the reasons why MABSS products are very effective in solving complex skin issues (dark knuckles, stretch marks, acne, dark spots etc), is the fact that MABSS only formulates custom made organic skincare products.

Unlike other Cameroonian skin care brands, MABSS doesn’t store ready made products on their shelf i.e. they formulates products on demand.

In other words before they can sell you their dark knuckle removal cream, they first of all, need to consult you, to know your skin type and then they will formulate products that will solve your specific skin issue without you experiencing any side effect.

5) Kellie Peace Dark knuckles removal cream

Cameroon skincare brand; Kellie Peace Cosmetics formulates effective dark knuckles creams which clears dark knuckles like they were never there.

Below are jaw dropping before and after photos from a happy client.

If you wish to order MABSS dark knuckles pack, WhatsApp me and i will tell you how to get it.

Summarily, Darker skin on the knuckles is a fairly common skin issue in Cameroon.

While dark knuckles are harmless by themselves, they may indicate an underlying health condition that you may be having as dark knuckles is sometimes associated with other conditions, most commonly obesity and prediabetes.

If your dark knuckles aren’t a symptom of an underlying health condition, the darkened skin is likely not a cause for concern as you can opt for home remedies or store-bought products to lighten the skin on your knuckles.

However, if the recommended dark knuckles eraser creams don’t work for you, then your dark knuckles was surely a symptom of an underlying health condition (most commonly obesity and prediabetes). In this case, its a good idea to see your doctor and ask your doctor about prescription treatments.

Sometimes Dark knuckles can be a sign of a more serious condition that requires treatment and in this case even the best cream for dark knuckles in the world will not lighten your dark knuckles.

Below are few health conditions that might be the reason behind some stubborn dark knuckles.

If you can’t get clear your dark knuckles with the recommended creams for dark knuckles in Cameroon, then there’s a high probability you are suffering from the following health issue.

1. Acanthosis Nigricans (AN)

This condition causes thickening and darkening of patches of skin over different joints and folds in the body including the knuckles. Acanthosis nigricans can affect people of all ages, and is more prevalent in the African, Caribbean, Hispanic and native American populations.

While usually harmless by itself, AN is not infectious. The darkened patches of skin usually stay soft to touch and appear velvety. Some patients may develop a mild itchiness in the affected areas.

2. Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Darkening of knuckles can be an important external marker indicating vitamin B12 deficiency, which is otherwise not so easily detectable. In a 2016 case study, the presence of dark knuckles, along with pallor and tiredness led to the diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency.[3]

Vitamin B12 containing compounds, also known as ‘cobalamins’, are essential for the synthesis of red blood cells, nerve cells and DNA.[4] Deficiency in vitamin B12 can lead to megaloblastic anemia and neurological disorders, if left untreated.[5]

Knuckle hyperpigmentation due to vitamin B12 deficiency is usually reversible. Upon correcting this deficiency, the darkening of knuckles also disappears.

3. Diabetes

Dark patches of skin on the knuckles and other body parts may signal the development of diabetes, even before the disease has set in.[6] Prediabetes is a condition where you have higher than normal blood sugar levels, but there may be no other symptoms.

Knuckle hyperpigmentation can be a foreteller of diabetes. If diagnosed early, it can be managed better with lifestyle changes or medications, as deemed suitable by the healthcare professional.

In patients already diagnosed with diabetes, dark knuckles can indicate that the disease is not being optimally managed. Adjustments in treatment strategies can help regulate diabetes better.


PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome arises due to the imbalance between female and male hormones in women of child-bearing age. Presence of dark patches of skin on joints and creases adds to plethora of other symptoms.

5. Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders occur when your own immune system starts attacking the very cells and organs of the body it is supposed to protect. Several autoimmune disorders can cause skin darkening. Thus if you have dark knuckles it is advisable to consult your healthcare provider at the earliest possible.

6. Addison’s Disease

Darkening of skin, especially at the joints like knuckles, can be one of the first symptoms of Addison’s disease. This may be accompanied by severe weakness, weight loss, etc.

7. Dermatomyositis

This is an inflammatory disease which affects the muscle and the skin. The most common symptoms include red or violet rashes around the eyelids, in the joints of arms like the elbows and knuckles.

8. Drug Reaction

One can develop dark knuckles as a side effect of using certain medications. Few medications that may cause darkening of the knuckles are:

  • Protease inhibitors
  • Nicotine acid
  • Contraceptive pills
  • Estrogen therapy
  • Growth hormone therapy
  • Injected insulin
  • Glucocorticosteroids
  • Certain antibiotics and antiviral drugs
  • Anticoagulants
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Darkening of knuckles due to drugs usually stops when the treatment is over. But you may consult your doctor for alternate medications if it worries you.

Home remedies to lighten dark knuckles, elbows, knees and dark feet in Cameroon

Home remedies are the most desirable for lightening dark knuckles, elbows, knees and dark feet. For one, they’re relatively inexpensive. They also don’t pose side effects like medicated products can.

If you can’t afford a dark knuckles cream, try one or more of the following methods to clear your dark knuckles:

  • Aloe vera

One 2012 studyTrusted Source suggested that aloe vera can lighten the skin. This is because of a process called alpha adrenergic receptor stimulation, which occurs when you apply the product to your skin. Look for gels or lotions with aloe vera, and apply up to twice per day.

  • Baking soda

Baking soda has both exfoliating and skin lightening properties that may help treat dark elbows. Start by adding a teaspoon at a time with water to a bowl. Keep adding and mixing well until you have a desired amount of product. Then, apply directly to your elbows.

Treat the process as a face mask, where you leave the product on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off. Repeat twice per week. But avoid using baking soda on your face.

  • Citrus fruits

A 2014 studyTrusted Source suggested that oral supplements containing citrus fruit extracts were especially helpful in lightening dark skin patches due to sun exposure.

However, you can potentially reap some of the benefits by using lemons or other citrus fruits from your own kitchen without having to use supplements.

Simply squeeze the juices out of the citrus fruit into a cup. Then, use a cotton ball or wash cloth to apply the juice directly to your elbow. You may repeat this process daily.

  • Oatmeal and yogurt

Both oatmeal and yogurt have soothing qualities that can add extra moisture to dry skin. Like baking soda, these two ingredients work best as a mask.

Combine equal parts oatmeal and yogurt until mixed well, then apply to your elbows. Leave on for up to 20 minutes at a time.

  • Turmeric

This ingredient comes from an Indian root plant that’s like ginger. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative HealthTrusted Source, turmeric powder may help a variety of skin conditions when used as a paste.

Mix the powder with water, and then apply directly to the elbows. Leave on for up to 10 minutes and then rinse off.

Wrapping up!

Like i mentioned earlier, Dark knuckles can often be the foreteller of an underlying health condition, before other more serious symptoms have set in. So, if you have persistent dark knuckles that do not seem to improve with home remedies and with the recommended top 5 best dark knuckle creams in Cameroon, it is better to consult a doctor.

Also, if you wish to opt for a cosmetic treatment such as laser therapy, consult a dermatologist, who can decide if it is the right choice of treatment for you.

However Darkening of knuckles due to regular wear and tear of your skin should not be of much concern. It can easily be taken care of by routine cleansing, moisturizing and application of dark knuckles removal creams in Cameroon that suits your skin type.

Ok we have come to the end of this article, if you have any question or wish to buy any of the recommended dark knuckles cream in Cameroon, WhatsApp me.

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