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Top 5 Cameroon Organic Skin Care Brands & Products for Perfect Glowing Skin


Over the past few years, Cameroon has witnessed a marked increase in the number of organic skin care brands and products with almost all the skin care brands claiming to offer products which purportedly treats all skin issues and ultimately enabled their customers to get a glowing skin without experiencing any side effect as their skincare products are organic (made with natural ingredients) and suitable for all skin types…. coupled with intriguing before and after photos as proof of the effectiveness of their products.

However judging from the words from the street, not all the Cameroonian skin care brands are what they claim to be.

Majority of the Cameroonian skin care brands are unlicensed and being manned by individuals without any formal or informal training in skincare (referring to the Facebook & Instagram based Njangsa brands).

Some who started as amateurs (mixing body lotions) can now boast of a quality product today after experimenting on the skin of gullible Cameroonians and refining their products (learning by experience).

Njangsa specimen

The aforementioned facts insinuates that the Cameroon cosmetic market is infested with fake/dangerous skincare products that may damage your skin and as such every Cameroonian in search of skincare products for glowing skin, needs to be very cautious to avoid buying the products from the Njangsa brands (joining the Njangsa club).

In this article, I’m going to list top 5 Cameroonian skincare brands that you should consider if you are in the market for the best organic skin care products in Cameroon that will get rid of your skin issues and give you a flawless glowing skin without you experiencing any side effect.

These are Cameroonian skincare brands that i have received tons of positive reviews about their products which gives me the audacity to endorse and recommend their products to any Cameroonian who is in need of quality skin glowing products for a glowing skin or get rid of their facial issues.

At this juncture, you may be wondering who are these Cameroonian skincare brands???

Without any further delay, let’s get down to business.

Top 5 Cameroonian Organic Skincare brands & Products for a glowing skin.

Note: The products formulated by these top Cameroonian skincare brands won’t bleach your skin but will only get rid of skin issues like Acne, dark spots, knuckles, rashes and skin blemishes like sunburns, wrinkles, age spots, stretchmarks to give you a flawless glowing skin (as it was when you came out of your mothers womb).

If money is not a barrier, then you should buy your skincare products from these top 5 Cameroonian skincare brands listed below…

1) MABSS Skin Care brand (MABSS LLC) – Number 1 Cameroonian organic skincare brand.

If you are a Cameroonian skincare enthusiast OR an active Facebook user in Cameroon, then the name “MABSS” needs no introduction as the skincare brand has been endorsed and recommended by almost all the Cameroonian social media influencers hence there’s a high probability that you must have read a post about MABSS skin products or seen their jaw dropping before and after photos from happy customers.

Cameroonian media personality and blogger; Mimi Mefo, recently endorsed MABSS Skincare brand as the number one skincare solution for Cameroonians.

For those of you who don’t know, MABSS (MABSS LLC) is a registered US based Cameroonian skincare brand which deals with the production of organic SPA grade skincare products for African, Africa-American (black) skin, Asian skin, and white skin.

MABSS skincare was founded by Elsie Nfor (CEO of MABSS LLC) based in the US; where she runs her business and ships products from.

One of the reasons why MABSS organic skincare products are extremely effective in solving complex skin issues, is due to the fact that MABSS formulates custom-made skincare products to meet the specific needs of each of their customers.

Unlike other organic skincare brands in Cameroon; which stock ready-made products on their shelf, all MABSS skincare products are custom made for your specific skin types, skin concerns and your specific skin goal to ensure that you get the exact result you want.

Simply put, to purchase MABSS skincare product, MABSS will need to consult you first, to determine your skin type, skin concerns and then designed effective products that will meet your skin goal. Consultation with MABSS LLC is free.

The only drawback of the MABSS skincare line (which many Cameroonians have complained about) is their hefty price tag.

However their products are still selling like hot cakes as their customers are very convinced that at the end of the day they will get the result they wanted hence won’t regret spending their money on the products.

If you really wish to give your skin that flawless/glowing look you have been craving for, without you falling prey to the Njangsa brands, then you need to save money to get custom made organic SPA grade skincare product from MABSS LLC (specifically made for you only).

Just like many people always say, pictures speaks more than a thousand words.

MABSS jaw dropping before and after Instagram photos from happy customers is enough reason to convince anyone to order MABSS skincare products (irrespective of their high price tag) as you are very sure of getting the result you want at the end of the day.

Below are jaw dropping before and after photos from happy MABSS customers who were able to solve their complex skin issues after using MABSS products. They can’t stop thanking MABSS for helping them to restore back their natural skin and confidence.

Its amazing to see photos of people who have lose self confidence/esteem due to complex skin issues or people with Njangsa damaged skinned, restored back to normal after using MABSS skincare products within a short time frame.

And if the jaw dropping before and after photos & honest reviews from the happy MABSS customers can’t cause you to patronize MABSS, the flawless/sparkling skin of MABBS CEO; Elsie Nfor, will erase every iota of doubt from your mind.

Photo showing the glowing skin of MABSS CEO Elsie Nfor

Its noteworthy that Elsie once suffered from skin issues (just like you). I mean skin issues that some dermatologists in Cameroon, describe as hopeless.

Her skin issues turned her in to a skin enthusiast as she was desperate to solve her skin issues.

Her desperation to solve her skin issues motivated her to pursue a career in skincare.

In one of the videos she published on her official Instagram page, Elsie revealed that she registered her brand; MABSS LLC while she was still in school.

To cut a long story short, today Elsie has solved her skin issues and has formuated effective skincare products that has helped hundreds of people around the world to solve their skin issues with custom made organic SPA grade products produced under her MABSS brand.

Below is another jaw dropping before and after photo published by Elsie on Instagram.

After reading about effectiveness of MABSS products and the intriguing before and after photos, you may pondering how to contact MABSS for consultation and get your product.

Contact the following number on WhatsApp for free consultation and to order for Your MABSS product.

Tel: +14155136352
Also like and follow Mabss on its social media handles.
IG: Mabss.official

Like i mentioned earlier, MABSS Skin products are produced according to skin type, skin tone and environment of the user. This explains why they are effective.

NOTE: MABSS is a US based Cameroonian skincare brand….this simply mean that MABSS produces her products in the US and ships to customers in Cameroon and other parts of the world.

MABSS has no distributor in Cameroon and other part of the world.

As a matter of fact, MABSS skincare products are produced on demand and can only be produced and sold to you after they have consulted you to determine the skin type, skin tone and environment of the user.

Hence anybody selling ready-made MABSS skincare products is an impersonator.

2)  Betty Organic Skin Care Brand (BOS) – Top Cameroonian organic skincare brand

Another Cameroonian skin care brand that i greatly admire their products is Betty Organic Skin Care.

Judging from intriguing before and after photos of happy BOS customers, its very clear that the main focus of Betty Organic Skin Care brand is to enable Cameroonians to glow in their natural skin tone without bleaching/altering their skin tone …and their skincare products does exactly that.

Betty organic Skincare formulates a wide variety of skin care products geared towards solving specific skin issues hence when used collectively enable you to get perfect glowing. Depending on your skin tone, they will recommend BOS products that will enable you to achieve your skin goal.

Products used include; Instant clear face cream, Blemish clear face soap, face mask and face cleanser

BOS has formulated highly effective skincare products like black soaps of all skin shades, body milks, body oils, body scrubs, face treatment products and much more…suitable for all skin tones.

Just like MABSS LLC, Betty organic Skincare consults and recommends products to her customers based on their skin types and skin tones. This explains why their products are very effective in enabling their customers get a perfect glowing skin without altering their natural skin tone.

Below are jaw dropping before and after photos of happy BOS customers.


To achieve your skin goal with Betty organic Skincare products, all you need to do is follow instructions and be consistent. It should be noted that you won’t experience any side effect as BOS products are natural bio and organic skin care products.

Contact Betty organic skin care for free consultation and to order BOS products.

Contact (WhatsApp) 653270252

Also like and follow Betty Organic skincare on its social media handles.
Facebook page link:
IG: betty_organic_skincare

3 Kellie Peace Cosmetics – Top Cameroonian organic skincare brand

Just like MABSS, Kellie Peace Cosmetics needs no introduction, if you are a Cameroonian skincare enthusiast (like me) as it’s arguably one of the pioneer Cameroonian organic skincare brands which paved the way for other organic skincare brands in Cameroon.

For those of you who don’t know, Kellie Peace Cosmetics is a registered skincare brand launched by Kellie Nayah; a certified Cameroonian skincare expert and therapist with vast knowledge about the formulation of skincare products for perfect glowing skin.

How ever my clients wants it I will give it to them, the most I can do is advise them on what to use cause their complexions is their personal decision…said Kellie

As a skincare enthusiast who had a golden opportunity to work with one of the largest skincare clinical companies in Kuwait as a personal secretary to the CEO, Kellie gained a wealth of knowledge about the formulation of effective skincare products and later enrolled at the KWT International Beauty Center, Salmiya to perfect her knowledge of skincare.

After 3 yrs of intense studies of natural skincare remedies at the institution while working part-time with a skincare clinic in Kuwait, Kellie was able to able to start producing her own skincare products; which worked so well on her skin and helped her to attained her utmost skin goals.

With a certificate in hand and years of experience working with the skincare clinic in Kuwait, Kellie’s taste for expansion started developing.

After serving my company for some time, I proposed the idea of starting up my own skincare line to my boss. He advised me to situate any African country, start-up there and then expand all over the world. I yielded to his advice and today, Beauty Care by Kellie Peace is legally registered in Cameroon and Ghana. My products are equally sold all over the world.” said Kellie Peace.

As a skincare guru, Kellie promises to give her customers whatever complexion they desire.

Your complexion is your personal decision!! However u want it I will give it to you dark, brown, light or mettise said Kellie Peace.

And indeed, the jaw dropping before and after photos of satisfied customers clearly suggest she meant business.

The products of Kellie Peace Cosmetics are medically tested and approved by a DERM in Ghana and it’s for skin care and body treatments.

As the mother organic skincare brand in Cameroon (pacesetter), Kellie Peace Cosmetics is working and also empowering many individual organic skincare brands in Cameroon who are rebranding under the company.

4) Remih Natural Organic Skincare & SPA Brand – Top Cameroonian organic skincare brand

Remih skincare is a Douala based Cameroonian organic skincare brand which has formulated over 38 hot selling skincare products.

CEO of Remih Skincare brand; Miss Remih says her skincare brand was specifically created to give people a genuine opportunity to experience natural skincare and achieve both beauty and health…and she pride her brand as the Number 1 natural skincare brand.

However with over 38 hot selling product in the market and tons of social media followers, its very hard to dispute the proclamation.

What really makes Remih skincare brand stand out, is their effective skin glowing product for kids; which makes Remih natural skincare brand the first Cameroonian skincare brand to have formulated an effective skincare product for kids.

Below are jaw dropping before and after photos of happy customers who have achieved their skin goals with Remih organic skincare products….

5) Flabelle Organic Skincare brand – Top Cameroonian organic skincare brand

Flabelle is a fast rising Cameroonian organic skincare brand founded by Miss Ndip-Agbor Flavine; a Skincare Expert and YouTuber. In 2020, Flabelle released her first skincare product; a Facial Glow Kit/Set, designed for all skin types (dark, brown, fair or Metis skin) which got the brand a great deal of recognition in the Cameroon skincare industry as many customers testified about how they got their desired result within a short time frame.

Miss Ndip-Agbor Flavine; the CEO and brain behind the fast rising cosmetic start up; Flabelle, says their Face kit was specifically designed to solve all facial issues and for  people who have damaged their skin with the wrong lotions or who complains of a dull complexion.

Flabelle skincare brand has also been endorsed and recommended by popular Cameroonian entrepreneur; Javnyuy Joybert; who labelled “Flabelle” as an amazing brand with incredible products.

Flabelle pink lip cream, skin repair lotion, stretch mark set  and their newly improved African black soap have also received positive reviews from customers.

The glowing black soap is effective in solving issues like acne, Hyperpigmentation, skin discoloration, eczema, skin rash, and many others. Its very anti-septic and good for both light and dark skin (and for daily use).

As the name suggest, Flabelle pink lip cream will enable you to get a soft pink lips.

The skin repair oil was specifically formulated for people with damaged skin i.e. if you’ve bleached your skin or used a bad lotion that damaged your skin and you now struggle with a bad skin tone or have so many skin care issues,
Worry not, Flabelle skin repair oil will reverse the effects of any bleached or bad cream.

Flabelle stretchmark set (which consist of a cleanser and cream ) help with existing stretch marks and effectively prevent occurring ones. Works even for pregnant women.

For those of you who don’t know, the CEO of Flabelle; Ndip-Agbor Flavine is a skin care enthusiast, who was inspired/motivated to set up the Flabelle cosmetic brand after battling with complex skin issues.

Ndip-Agbor Flavine said during her secondary school days, she had complex facial issues which lowered her self esteem/confidence owing to the fact that her face wasn’t pleasant to look at.

As a girl who loved beauty at its best, Flavine engaged in skin care research, in an attempt to find effective skincare products that would make her glow…i.e. from body lotions to facial cleansers and acne treatments.

After carrying out tons of research (with all enthusiasm and hard work), she was able to solve her skin issues and today, her body is as smooth and flawless like that of a newborn baby.

The great deal of knowledge gathered by Ndip-Agbor Flavine in the course of seeking solution to her own skin issues, motivated/inspired her to set up her Flabelle cosmetic brand and her first product was the Facial Kit geared towards helping people suffering from Facial issues (something she once suffered from);which sold like hotcake.

Apart from being the CEO of Flabelle, Miss Ndip-Agbor Flavine is also a skincare/beauty Youtuber and runs the YouTube Channel; Lifestyle with Flavine; where she has published tons of educational videos on Skin care, Beauty, Skincare Product reviews, Health, Fitness etc…

As a skin care enthusiast and YouTuber, Flabelle customers world wide, stand a chance of benefiting from free lifelong advice on skin care/beauty related issue.

Below are jaw dropping before and after photos of happy customers who have achieved their skin/beauty goals with Flabelle organic skin care/beauty products…

Ok those are my top 5 Cameroonian organic skincare brands.

If you have acne problems , fungi , darkspots, uneven face, sunburn or hyperpigmentation just name them! U must get a sulotion with the top 5 Cameroonian organic skincare brands except your village people are responsible for your skincare issues.

In addition to that, If you don’t want to be used as a specimen in the Njangsa laboratory, buy quality skincare products from the top 5 organic skin care brands in Cameroon.

Differences between skin bleaching, skin toning and Skincare

What is Skin toning/Lightening???

Skin toning/lightening is the act of adjusting the amount of melanin on the skin in order to achieve a desired complexion.

Experience organic skincare experts merely recommend skincare products which exfoliates/remove dead skin cells from your skin and adjust your melanin levels to give you the complexion you want.

Just like we often change/adjust the color settings of our TV to make images appear in a desired manner i.e. we can either increase or reduce the contrast or brightness level of our screen to make images appear the way we want.

If you want images on your TV to appear in black and white like the 90s you can do that via the color settings…this is exactly what the organic skin care experts does.

In other words they formulates organic skin care products which simply reduces or increases the level of melanin on our skin to enable us get the skin tone we desire (dark, brown, light or mettise).

Like i mentioned earlier, Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin (skin pigment) present in the uppermost layer of your skin.

Melanin is pigment, or color, in a person’s skin…which is responsible for the dark or brown skin complexion.

In general, people who have darker skin tones have more melanin than those with lighter skin tones. A person’s genetics determine their skin color and melanin level.

Since melanin determines our complexion, by adjusting our melanin level we can successfully move from dark to brown and from brown to light or mettise and return back to normal without damaging our skin.

Skin toning – from black to white

For example if your were born with a dark skin like Sama Tanya but wish to get a brown skin complexion, you just simply need to get organic skin care products that will reduce your level of melanin by a certain percentage to give yourself the desired complexion. And the Cameroonian organic skincare brands have designed ready made products that will reduce the Melanin level to the exact brown level.

Apart from determining our skin tone, Melanin also plays a very vital function in our skin hence we should tread with caution when reducing our level of melanin to get our desired complexion.

Melanin is a very vital component of the skin and shouldn’t be reduced to zero.

For those of you who don’t know, Melanin also serves as a natural protector against the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun; which is one of the causes of skin cancer. This explains why most light skin people who constantly work under sunlight will eventually develop a brown skin tone and subsequently becomes dark as their skin tends to produce more melanin to protect the skin against the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.

This also explain why the white people “occasionally” engage in “Suntan” by laying under the sun to give their skin a brown or darkened shade as their skin tend to increase level of melanin to protect them from ultraviolet sunlight. A suntan is a sign that the skin is releasing melanin and this is the skin’s way of protecting itself from damage.

Hence people who have more melanin in their skin have a lower risk of sunburn and skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Experts also link sun exposure, sunburns, and suntans to skin damage and skin cancer.

So we should be able to breach the gab between beauty and health in an attempt to achieve our skin goals i.e. do you wish to get that glowing body and later perish from skin cancer????

If you constantly work or trek under the sun (especially the footballers, farmers, bike riders etc), reducing your melanin level will put you in great danger as you stand a risk of contracting skin cancer.

The light skin tone (stage 7) is good for the office workers, car owners…in short people who rarely expose themselves to the sun.

Get a complexion that befits your status.

Blessed are those who were born with dark skin (high amount of melanin) as they can switch between the different complexion.

Summarily Skin toning is all about tuning your melanin levels to give your skin the tone/complexion you desire.

The main difference between skin toning and skin bleaching,  is the fact that, organic skin toning products gives you a natural light skin tone while skin bleaching products gives you a whitish skin tone; which many people can easily identify and describe as  a fake skin tone. If you have ever heard people make comments like THAT BOY DI BLEACH OR THAT GIRL DI BLEACH, then you are probably using the skin bleaching products.

What is Skin bleaching?

Skin bleaching, is the practice of using chemical substances in an attempt to lighten the skin.

Since melanin is responsible for the dark skin tone of the Africans, some cosmetic brands have released products with focus to eliminates melanin from the skin and also inhibit melanin production, in order to enable people with dark or brown skin tone to get a light complexion.

Unlike skin toning products, skin bleaching products do not give you a light skin by moving you from one skin tone to another i.e. from dark to brown and from brown to light or mettise OR by adjusting your melanin level (unlike the skin toning products).

With Skin toning skin goals are achieved by moving from one complexion to another. But with skin bleaching, attempts to move people from step 1 to 7 to enable people to get light skin complexion over night.

The focus of the skin bleaching brands is to enable you to get a light complexion by formulating products with harsh chemical substances which eliminates melanin as they believe with zero melanin in your skin, you will obviously get a light skin complexion as melanin is responsible for a dark skin shade. This explains why those who have bleached their body look whitish in color as the chemical substances (hydroquinone, steroids, mercury) in the bleaching product has completely eliminate melanin from their skin and inhibits melanin production.

NOTE: The goal of any dark or brown skin person who wish to get a light skin complexion, should be to achieve a “natural light skin tone” and not a whitish skin color… and for you to get a natural light skin tone, there must be a certain percentage of melanin present in your skin.

The skin bleaching products doesn’t give room for melanin.

Like i mentioned earlier, only the organic skincare products enables you get a light skin color by adjusting your melanin level till you get your desire result.

One big disadvantage of using skin bleaching products, is that you a stand a great risk of contracting skin cancer.

Like i mentioned earlier,Melanin also serves as a natural protector against the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun; which is one of the causes of skin cancer.

What is Njangsa???

Njangsa is a pidgin term which is 0ften used to describe light skin people in Cameroon with damaged skin (uneven skin tone) caused by the use of ineffective skin bleaching products.

While there are effective skin bleaching products (like Dencia’s whitenicious brand) which enables the black skin people to get an even light skin complexion, there are others (especially the ones from Nigeria) that will eliminate melanin unevenly causing the user to look like roasted plantain or khati khati chicken.

The fake bleaching products often fail to eliminate melanin on the knuckles, elbow, toes, knees etc….causing the body to look like rain bow.

have no hydroquinone, no steroids, no mercury

What is Skincare???

Skin care is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions.
According to Cameroonian skincare therapist; Kellie Nayah, good skin care is important for the following reasons:
  • It helps your skin stay in good condition: You’re shedding skin cells throughout the day, so it’s important to keep your skin glowing and in good condition.
  • An effective routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, gives u a healthy and younger skin.

Bathing is a common skincare routine done by everybody on a daily basis (some ladies bath 6 times a day).

However the common bathing soap that we often use with the aim of cleaning of our skin,  isn’t effective in getting rid of dirt talk less of getting rid of piles of dead skin cells from the surface of our skin.

For those of you who don’t know, the surface of your skin is the home to thousands of dead skin cells that continually shed… as our skin continuously loses dead skin cells and replaces them with new cells throughout the day.

Note: Just like the snakes, humans also sheds its skin.

When you are young, all of the dead skin cells shed or fall off in a pre-programmed fashion every 28 days.

That means that your skin isn’t the same as it was 28 days ago, which is a mind blowing thought on its own.

However, as you begin to age, some of those dead skin cells can stay on the surface of your skin for up to 80 days. And although the dead skin cells are invisible to the human eye, they accumulate on the skin surface, making your skin appear dull, discolored, and perhaps even broken out as a result of clogged pores.

As the dead skin cells pile up, they inhibit the absorption of nutrients and block sweat glands, often leading to the formation of acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

A persistent problem of dead skin cell accumulation can also cause flakiness, dry patches, and premature aging.

The piles of dead skin cells can also clogged your skin pores thereby prevent your skincare products (body lotions) from properly absorbing into your skin thereby rendering them ineffective resulting to waste of money.

Therefore, it is essential to exfoliate your skin regularly to help clear the skin of dead cells, dirt, and oil. It also enables the efficient absorption of skin products.

The dermatologist say as we grow older, our skin cells regenerate at a slower rate. Cells that don’t shed fast enough end up sitting atop the skin’s surface which creates a dull appearance.

Appropriate Skincare routine (with the right skincare products) can turn a skin that looks dull and tired to a healthy, luminous and glowing skin thereby making it possible for your skin to glow naturally as the dermatologists always say, a healthy skin is a natural glow. SO THERE’S NO NEED TO BLEACH OR ALTER SKIN TONE TO LOOK ATTRACTIVE!

In addition to using effective skincare products in your skin care regimen, its also important to live a healthy lifestyle as factors such as lack of sleep, stress, Ultraviolet sunlight and even what you eat can rob your complexion of its radiance.

If you sleep well, avoid stressful activities, drink lots of water, eat healthily, avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight and use the right skincare products you must glow.

Sunscreen is also a very important product in a skin care routine especially to people who have altered their skin tone or who usually walk or work under ultraviolet sunlight. Wearing sunscreen will do you so much good.

If you are using a lightening or whitening lotion, do yourself this favour and skip some days.
You can’t use a lightening lotion daily. That’s why you are having green veins, and many other issues, it doesn’t mean that lotion is bad, you’re abusing it that’s why LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE.

Note: if you want to be forever young and have a healthy skin!!!!! A good skin care is all you need.

An effective routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, gives u a healthy and younger skin.

The best skincare product in Cameroon for the removal of dirt and dead skin cells from the skin surface, is the Longrich Bamboo Charcoal black Soap.

The video below shows you how a lady got a glowing skin instantly by simply washing her hand with the Longrich Bamboo charcoal soap.

Lots of people still walk around with layers of dirts and dead skin cells compacted to form black in the name of natural colour. You can only determine your natural skin tone after you have effectively removed pile of dirt and dead skin cells from your skin, like the lady in the video did.

So, in addition to your regular bathing soap, use the Longrich Bamboo charcoal soap at least 2 times a week to get a natural healthy glowing skin (without bleaching or altering your natural skin tone).

WhatsApp me if you need the Longrich Bamboo Charcoal Soap.

Ok we have come to the end of this article, WhatsApp me if you need clarification on any topic related to this article.

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