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Why Every 21st Century Woman Needs Body Enhancement Products (WHY MEN CHEAT)


Just like i often tell most of my female friends, 80% of the time, men go out to look for what you can’t offer or what they can’t get from you.

So if your man is cheating on you, the first thing you need to do (before you start accusing demons) is to find out what is attracting him to the side chick(s)???

I bet you, it must be something that you are not offering or a feature (asset) that you don’t have.

We all know what is attracting them to the side chicks.

It’s nothing but those assets and figure 8 (which you once had).

Most of you (ladies) when people now look at your wedding photos, they find it difficult to believe its you.

Postpartum weight retention (Weight gain after pregnancy) has made you look far older than your age and your husband too.

Do you think your husband likes the protruding tummy???

And you are not doing anything to put your body back to shape.

Now the man is going out to look for a replica of the woman he got married to.

Prophet T.B Joshua always said… the best is yet come and that statement holds true even with the expectation of men as men always want the best and as such we the women should always make sure we look our best at all times.

Ladies always take note of the state you were before that man married you and try to maintain that shape or assets you had.

When those assets are no longer there or in good shape, your man will start looking for a girl that mirrors your pre-marriage appearance.

I repeat, protect those assets…in fact from time to time, its advisable to ask your husband to give you feed back about your appearance.

Use your husband as a mirror and don’t rely solely on the mirror in your bedroom.

From time to time, present the following questions to your husband or boy friend…

Baby do i look hot??? Do you think i should lose weight or increase my bhutt and booobis size???

Baby do you still love my booobis???

Those are the questions you should be asking your husband on a monthly basis.

Those assets or features could be the reason why he got married to you and the glue that is holding the relationship together.

Men get married or get attracted to women for various reasons.

If the husband of your bestie doesn’t care about those assets, it doesn’t mean yours will do the same.

Somebody may likely want to ask, but how do i know the assets that are pulling him towards the side chick(s).

You can get an insight into what your man wants by asking trickery questions.

You can ask, baby what do you think is attracting men to these Buea girls???

From his answer, you will know what will likely attract him to the Buea girls.

If he says because they look curvy, have perky booooobis, glowing skin, make up, their walkett is charmy, their grammar, human hair, dancing and singing skill etc.

Take note of the qualities and try to upgrade yourself to the UB girls standard if you want to prevent him from going towards the direction of the UB girls.

You can ask again….baby i intend to buy a weight gain pill so that i can put on weight, what do you think???.

He might say yes and the next day you will be shocked that he has returned home with a weight gain pill for you to start taking it immediately.

That clearly indicates that he wasn’t satisfied with your slim body and as such he was at the verge of cheating.

Always try to get feedback from your husband and don’t rely on your mirror.

There’s one thing i have noticed about the men in this 21st century and the ladies must know this.

Most 21st century men love curvy ladies i.e. ladies with those assets.

They call them the ladies with the banging body or slim thick figure.

The 21st century men are filled with so much lust and as such its very easy for them to cheat if their women haven’t upgraded to the 21st century standard. I mean the slim thick figure or hourglass shape.

Some ladies may brag that my husband can never cheat on me, i was with him when he had nothing, i treat him like a king and cook all kinds of delicious meals for him, i pray for him everyday etc blah blah blah…

Listen carefully Mrs Righteous, if your guy is filled with the spirit of lust, he won’t care about all those things you are doing.

Lust has a greater influence over a man than humility or a good cooking skill.

Your guy can even leave the house at mid night just to have sex with a side chick or even abandon the delicious meal you have prepared on the table just to honor a rendezvous he had with his side chick.

You might be thinking that the side chick is using a charm (Kayamata) on your husband, but that’s not the case. It’s just that what the side chick is offering has far more influence over the man than your good food and humility.

Listen carefully, the weakest point of most men lies in their lust (most Buea girls know this)

So if you can perfectly handle his lust, then you can make him yours only forever.

If you can perfectly handle his lust, then you can control him and make him do whatever you want.

It will surprise you to know that most side chicks are very arrogant and not loyal but they are still taking huge sums of money from men while you that is well behaved is finding it difficult to collect money for food from your husband.

One of my friend working in a night club in Limbe told me he witnessed a guy paying a lady 50k just to sleep with her. Why??? because the lady was well equipped with those assets.

The 21st century men are filled with so much lust which makes them promiscuous.

This lust I’m talking about is the reason why your husband isn’t faithful and not the side chick.

Shaving the hair of your husband’s side chick (s) will not make him faithful.

To make your husband to become as faithful as “some” pastors, you need to be able to handle his lust.

And you can keep his lust on check if you also equip yourself with those assets that attracts him towards the side chick (s).

Like i mentioned earlier, men go out to look for what you can’t offer or what they can’t get from you.

We all know that a banging body is all the side chicks are offering and what most house wives lack.

2 months after i started this Body Enhancement Cameroon shop, one girl (probably a Buea girl) sent me a message on my Facebook page saying (in pidgin)…AS YOU DON START THIS YOUR BODY ENHANCEMENT BUSINESS SO, I HOPE SAY YOU NO GO DI SELL FOR THAT HOUSE WIVES DEM OR ELSE YOU GO SPOIL THINGS FOR WE BIG TIME.

“If you be wise person” then you already know why the girl is afraid.

She knows with time, Body Enhancement Cameroon will balance the equation and when this happens you already know the end of the story.

In this 21st century having a slim thick figure and maintaining it is a responsibility of most ladies who wish to have a faithful husband or a stable home.

Shaving the hair of your husband’s side chick(s) will not make him faithful.

In fact, you will shave until people starts calling you a barber but nothing will change.

You must balance the equation by also equipping yourself with those assets that the side chicks have and your husband will repent without prayers.

So when you identify your husband’s side chick, don’t go and attack her (shave her hair).

If you know her name, search her name on Facebook and check her photos on Facebook.

Does she have a glowing skin??? does she look curvy, does she like make up, Brazilian hair ???

Write down all those features and when you are done, come to us for body enhancement and we will up grade you to the standard of the side chick.

Imagine Mrs Righteous will all those assets???

All side chicks their number go enter black list nah.

At Body Enhancement Cameroon our goal is to help women to look their best at all time and to solve issues that affects their self esteem.

Below are the list of Body Enhancement products that we sell…

*** Butt and Hips enlargement products (supplements, creams etc)
*** Boooobis enlargement and firming products (pills, creams etc)
*** Weight Loss Products (Weight loss pills, creams, slimming tea, equipments etc)
*** Weight Gain Products (pills, creams, protein powder)
*** Skin Glowing Products
*** Products for common skin issues (Acne, stretchmarks, dark knuckles, skin damage etc)
*** Pink Lips balm

If you are ready to upgrade yourself to the 21st century standard and make that man yours only forever, then you need to come to our arsenal and equip yourself with those assets.

That’s when the ladies in your quarter will start saying (in Aunty Felicia’s voice), NO TRY GO CLOSE TO THAT WOMAN E MAN BECAUSE YOU NO GO SUCCEED.


Contact us today for Body enhancement products because tomorrow might be too late.

Area Mama of Body Enhancement Cameroon.

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