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There’s nothing more terrifying than going to a hospital to consult and a doctor tells you that there’s nothing we can do to help you SIR or MADAM, its too late…if only you would have come earlier, i would have treated your disease with ease.

When you hear this statement, know that the doctor’s hands are tied… and at this juncture you will become a specimen in the Laboratories of the end time prophets and some quack herbalists that you never dreamt of having any business with them.

Negligence is what has killed most Cameroonians and is still killing many on a daily basis and not diseases (Malaria, HIV, Cancer etc).

Most Cameroonians will only go to hospital to consult after they have been incapacitated by a particular disease…and this particular habit is the cause of most deaths in Cameroon (and Africa at large)

Why are some Cameroonians reluctant to go to the hospital to consult???

Somebody would easily say POVERTY, but judging from the rate at which Cameroonians consume beers and wines, it would be illogical to attribute the habit to poverty.

The simple answer is hospital phobia (fear of hospitals)

The thought of going to hospital to stand in a long line in order to consult can aggravate one’s health issue coupled with the bad attitude of some nurses in the hospitals hence many prefer to look for a way round their health issue or deal with the roadside drug vendors till the disease has overpowered them.

To address the issue of hospital phobia, which is the cause of most deaths in Cameroon, certified pharmacist and nurse; Salice Ayuk has set up Cameroon online pharmacy; an online platform aimed at enabling Cameroonians with health issue(s) to easily consult and get a solution to their health issues before it gets offhand.

The main aim of the initiative is to bring hospitals close to Cameroonians.

That minor headache, itch, sharp pain, cough, fiver, vomitting, fatigue etc you are experiencing right now could be a symptom of a dire underlying health issue that may post a threat to your life in the nearest future.

Why not spare 10 minutes of your time to consult with Cameroon online pharmacy now that a doctor is as close to you as your Android phone.

As a certified health practitioner equipped with the ethics of the profession, you are rest assured that your info would be kept confidential and your case would be followed up till you become hale and hearty.

Even if she can’t handle your case, she will refer you to hospitals or specialists who will provide a lasting solution to your problem…and this will save you time and money you would have spent moving from one hospital to another.

So what are you waiting for, send her a DM right now and get a solution to your health issue be it minor or severe.

Remember one thing, when life ends, dreams ends and enjoyment stops forever.

So always put your health first before career, job, enjoyment etc

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